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Bayonetta 2 US Website Shows That You’ll Be Getting Two Discs In One Case


The official North American Bayonetta 2 website has been updated and shows that Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 will come in the same box. For those unaware, the the Japanese version is 2 cases in a box. The US version includes the original Bayonetta for free while Europeans will have to pay more if they want the original included.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

87 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 US Website Shows That You’ll Be Getting Two Discs In One Case”

                      1. That was only asshurt DMC fans that complained about it. XD never played any games, but I tried the demo of the reboot and it’s freaking epic. Besides, I like badass IDGAF type Dante more than the other one. But he’s badass too. Lol this reminds of when Metroid fans were complaining about Other M Samus. XD

                        1. They were complaining about the reboot being unnecessary plus with (what’s his name) looking radically different like he’s on meth or some shit. lol

                          As for Other M, the hate behind it is legit. It’s trying so hard to be like Super Metroid, Fusion, Prime and Ninja Gaiden altogether and failed hard instead of being a Metroid game of its own ideals. The story is too familiar with Fusion, the Wii Remote only controls is a terrible idea, the FP mode mimicking Prime by standing one spot to shoot like RE until 6 is very laughable, the portrayal of Samus is what also killed it for the fans. Look at the scene with Ridley’s 7th fucking return and she undergoes an episode, a complete opposite of what and who Samus is. She’s a badass and fearless space bounty hunter, not some whiny ass blonde pussy having a BS mid life crisis. The game has no single original enemy design, gameplay is “fair” but again, flawed with its stupid Wii Remote restriction and the “permission” upgrade system is downright fucking dumb. I wanna discover new powers and feel rewarded for my progress.

                          Other M is not Metroid at all and shouldn’t have happened. A grand step down from Metroid Prime trilogy and it’s why I want Retro to do Metroid again and not Team Ninja who hasn’t designed a decent working game for over 5-8 years.

        1. It was just the opposite with me. The demo convinced me NOT to buy it. This game feels way too Playstation to suit me.

          1. How does a game feel too Playstation? Are you implying Playstation games aren’t good? Well, anyways, your loss. You’re about to miss out on an amazing game.

                      1. Nintendo Commander isn’t from US. That’s what people in US have to pay. The article says Europeans have to pay more for the original to be included while we get it for free. #Strangacantread

                        1. The thing is that while the double package costs more, it’s still only 549 SEK, compared to the 599SEK a usual full price game goes for here.

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

          I Keep forgetting that you’re not American. Not that it makes any difference, you have the support of the American space division within the Metroid Universe Commander. And it stinks that you have to pay more to get both games,

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

                I just realized that I don’t actually have a name. I’ve always just been a rank like Cadet until I was promoted to Lieutenant. I’m feeling kind of flustered… I HAVE NO NAME!!! XD

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          You must prove your worth in Smash Brothers Wii U, if you manage to win once against my weakest character, you shall be given a title…

                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    Well its a random assortment of unbelievably disgusting/outrageous/inhumane/stupidly hilarious tasks that need to be accomplished for you to be accepted(which you are probably better off being a civilian instead) to test loyalty, determination, strength, eyesight, immunization to retardation and hypocrisy, speed, agility, and most importantly, personal value. So you can’t complain or cry due to the strictness.

                            1. You should have preordered with Amazon. They upgraded people who preordered the game before Nintendo announced Bayonetta 1 would be extra.

                                    1. Your Amazon must really suck because I usually get my physical orders a day or so sooner than the expected arrival date.

                        2. Ugh i really want to buy this game, but due to budget issues and other games coming out next month it’s gonna be a while :(

                        3. Don’t know about this “more” you are speaking of, I’d say less, if you do not want the full package.
                          But I’m paying 47€ for Bayo 2+1, only 2 option was 44€ or something.

                        4. Since when Europeans have to pay more for the two games? Everywhere else it’s the two games for the price of one, and it’s Europe who has the Special Edition with the book and everything. Last time I checked everyone is getting both games for the price of one game. They said it in all Directs.

                        5. I don’t need to play a demo to convince me to buy a game I’m already sold on.
                          But I can tell you that I’ve already used 5/15 of my demo tries since its availability, so that should give you a general idea of how I feel about the game alone. :)

                        6. I have to wait for Halloween to get my copy. Hopefully the Gamestop closest to me will have unopened cases of Bayonetta 2. If not, I’ll have to resort to ordering online. I refuse to buy opened games from Ubisoft!

                            1. I was hoping for separate cases, to be honest, packaged together as a box. Oh well. Least I don’t have to worry about getting screwed out of the first one because Gamestop fucked up & didn’t have an equal amount of both Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 cases.

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