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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Won’t Include Trainer Customisation

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has confirmed that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire won’t feature the recently introduced trainer customisation. Masuda says that the introduction of customisable trainers in Pokemon X & Y was a special thing for the Kalos region. With this game Masuda says that the team is currently focussed on the adventure elements. Here’s what he had to say.

“In terms of the customization of the trainer, that was really kind of a special thing for the Kalos region, which featured this kind of motif of France and really focused on this beauty and fashion aspect, which is why it was a prominent feature in that game. For this game, we’re focusing on adventuring elements, so we don’t have the actual free customization of the trainer, but you’ll see the items you use throughout the game visually represented; for example, when you’re underwater, you’ll have this little mouthpiece that lets you breathe. So there’s some cool stuff for how your trainer changes clothes and puts on accessories throughout the game.”

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and Portal Dark

110 thoughts on “Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Won’t Include Trainer Customisation”

    1. If you were a true “Grammar Nazi” you would know that there are two different ways of spelling Customisation. The Z replaces the S if the person is from the U.S

        1. And besides… Even if it was supposed to use the “z” worldwide, it wouldn’t be a grammar error but a spelling error…

        1. No but for not recognizing that English is used in several countries, but each type of English has slight differences. The same goes for Spanish and Chinese.

  1. huh…. Well that kinda sucks. Being it a “french motif” is a crappy excuse to exclude customization from ORAS.

    1. Exactly. Last time I checked, New York is one of the leading cities in America in the fashion world, yet I didn’t see customization in Black, White, Black 2, & White 2. Probably would use “But that game was in 2D!” as an excuse even though everyone knows there are a number of 2D games with customization. This is just GameFreak being their usual tradition obsessed selves.

    2. Exactly, and being from the country of France myself, let me just say that how dare they use that stereotype to justify their actions. France is much more than just the clothes on people’s backs! I doubt they’ve even been to Paris! If so, then they probably haven’t even been past the major attractions and gone around and seen the actual city.

      Plus, customization is a good idea. I personally don’t care if the region is based on New Zealand! Customization is a fantastic idea and they need to get over themselves and put it in!! You gotta be real with this stuff. It shouldn’t matter if there is a french motif or not, it doesn’t give you (Gamefreak) an excuse to take away our right to identify with our characters! It’s a damn good idea and, french theme or not, it MUST be a permanent part of the series!

      “But jeremy” They’ll say, “You don’t have that right. We’re the developers, we make the decisions, it’s our material and our right to work with that material however we wish”.

      Not if we customers decide not to buy the games anymore you don’t. Our money talks. And without your fanbase you’d be absolutely nothing! So if you so desperately want to make more sales than you’ve made thus far, stop trying to be cute, and start being real with the facts! RE-ADD character customization!!!

    1. It’s not a really big deal for me, since I liked that they included customization for the characters, but I never really used it often.

    2. I know right?
      I loved how u could add your own presonallty into the character by buying different cloths and hair styles. I was looking forward to some different costomazation in ruby & shaphire but it looks like we won’t be.
      Maby in a futer game?! Or a remake in dimond & preal if theirs one!
      (Sorry for spelling errors I’m bad at spelling )

  2. Wow fuck you, you piece of shit I fucking hate Masada hes such a godman stupid piece of shit, You cant just fucking introduce something that big and say no in the new versions especially when the new trainer designs are fucking garbage. And I love how he tries to be cute at the end and justify it. Man fuck him! He deserves a damn good kick in the fucking face.

    1. What are you going on about? You should be thankful we’re even getting this game. Complaining about the simplest things. *facepalm*

      1. “You should be thankful we’re even getting this game”

        lulz.. why exactly? This game’s existence was inevitable, regardless of if anybody here wanted it/cared.

        This is just a sign of how unprogressive and stale GF are as delvelopers. Fanboys really need to stop buying every entry of this predictable shit.

        1. It’s just character customization. It’s not that big of a deal. I changed my clothes a few times in X and Y, but I don’t really care about it. I’m happy that we are even getting this game. One stupid feature shouldn’t be a reason against buying it. Would you prefer if they didn’t make it at all? It’s a remake anyways. They could’ve left it exactly the way it was with just a visual upgrade.

          1. I wasn’t buying this anyway, (full priced remakes of lone game are rip-offs, imo). But i can understand why people would be pissed at how such a basic and desired (overall) feature is just getting cut, instead of improved upon. GF are crappy developers.

            1. I just want them to make a full fledged console Pokemon already. I don’t know why they keep making similar games every single time and then remaking others.

              1. you do know what pokemon stands for right? pocket + monsters, i dont see a fucking console you can stuff in your pocket, do you? pokemon’s key selling point has always been (since red, blue/ green) that you can take your pokemon anywhere, and trade them/ battle them with friends wherever that may be. putting a pokemon game on a console forces the seperation of you and your friends, making you connect to them via a consule/ the internet.

                1. WHO CARES? Don’t give me that sales crap. A fully fledged HD console game is way overdue. With the handhelds, all they ever do is add the same stuff. It needs to get a change anyway.

                  1. Don’t worry, his argument is moot because of the existence of Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Colosseum.

                    1. I remember playing one of the Pokemon games on Gamecube and it was so much fun. It was a long time since I played it but it still surpasses the amount of enjoyment I get from any of these newer games. Maybe someday we will get console ‘mons again. *sigh*

                  2. exactly what game changing new stuff can a console pokemon offer huh, better graphics (ok how does this change the game exactly?). internet? oh wait you can do that with handhelds. open world? they can do that with the new 3ds, i mean it can handle monster hunter 4 and xenoblades extensive worlds so why couldnt it handle a theoretical open world pokemon game? it doesnt offer anything we havent seen before with stadium/ Colosseum games, which are just 3d ports of the handhelds with less features imo. tell me what a console game can offer that a handheld cant and i will accept defeat.

                2. Hey dumbass, it’s Pocket Monsters for capturing and containing monsters. Its name has nothing to do with the hand held.

                  1. i like how you completely ignore the rest of his comment. and you do know that they took the gameboy itself into consideration for the pokemon name right, i know that they were inspired by the capsules in japan and named capsule monsters, so why did they change the name then huh, i have been a fan of pokemon for almost 20 years and i can safely say that it is named pokemon both for the fact that it on a handheld and theoretically you have 700+ pokemon in your pocket, and yes they also are like this in the game with the pokeballs, it can be both, you are ignorant if you think otherwise

          2. I personally WOULD prefer they didn’t make it at all, I would rather they made entirely new games instead of Ruby and Sapphire Remakes (don’t get me wrong I love some of the new megas being introduced in these games, but they could’ve just as easily been introduced in the next entirely new games so it’s not like we would be missing out on them if ORAS wasn’t a thing). Gen 3 was always my least favourite gen, and gen 6 is easily my favourite, so the only things about ORAS I’m super excited for are the features introduced in X and Y that are returning in ORAS and the removal of X and Y features such as trainer customisation just makes me less and less happy with these games. Less gen 3 features and more gen 6 features please game freak!

            1. People have been asking for it for years, so now they have it. I never got to play the older Pokemon games, so this is good for me. And good for fans of gen 3. And good for GF since they’re about to make millions off of it. Everyone wins.

            2. so you like a generation that introduced half the amount that gen 1 / gen 5 provided? i would have loved x and y if it had more than just 75(give or take a few) new pokemon, and dont say that mega evolutions count as new pokemon, because they arent.

          3. Not that big of a deal……. NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!? First, customization was a HUGE deal for a lot of people, including me. Second, its not just the customization, its everything else they neglect. I loved walking with typhlosion in HG/SS, The Pokeatholon, trainer customization, SKIN TONES!!!! FUCKS SAKE! I’M BLACK! My point being, I could care less about the game. give it a visual upgrade, i dont fucking care anymore. The game is gonna be shit-ville without the features we all love anyways. idk about you, but im not just into the story, i like playing online, and feeling different from others, but now were all gonna look like the same faggot playing online

      2. “You should be thankful we’re even getting this game”
        Not to start a war here but this game is being made to get Nintendo money, It has nothing to do with kindness on Nintendo’s part there a business not a charity.
        Don’t get me wrong I’m really happy its coming out but to say this is Nintendo being charitable is a little odd.

        1. you do know that nintendo would have never made these games if absolutely nobody had asked for them right? many, many fans have been asking for this remake for years, just as they did for gold and silver, and red and blue. nintendo did take notice of all of the fans pouring their hearts out on how they wanted these remakes and fully pounced on the opportunity.

          1. Don’t be stupid. They would have made it regardless if 50 or 500 fans asked for it. They don’t had to do any serious overhaul of the (new) graphics or game engine, and just have to tweak a few things. The story is already written, and hundreds of dumb retards will buy any iteration at full price. It’s basically a way for them to com another $40 out of a few million people for basically no work. Of course they’re going to do a remake. Maybe they chose this game over another one, but they would have done it anyways. Nobody is screaming for X/Y, and even if they were, it wouldn’t change the fact that GF will still make it because = easy money. Don’t go licking the balls of these shitty companies just because you liked the games they made when you were a decade younger

            1. you do know that they still have to pay a ton of money to get the game made, and all the publicity and whatnot, they would lose quite a bit of money if no one would buy their game. and before you say “oh but they will buy the game regardless”, people have been asking for this game ever since heartgold and soulsilver (some even before that), this is not a new fad, people have been begging for this game for about 6 years. if you really think gamefreak would risk thousands of dollars to make a remake that wouldnt sell then you are ignorant, if they would have made these remakes regardless if fans asked for them why didnt they release it in gen 5 and keep the trend of releasing a remake every generation since gen 3 huh, they just didnt want to release another remake when there really wasnt any level of advancement in the game, they wanted to release the remakes when they would be really different from the originals. and im not licking the balls of this amazing company, i am just mature enough to realize that they are a COMPANY and their number one priority is to make money. i am grateful that pokemon was my childhood i have spent many years watching/ playing pokemon and i feel like i am one of the few fans that understands the decisions they make, and i am not one of the spoiled brats like you that goes absolutely stupid just because they are releasing a remake for a game that thousands of fans BEGGED for.

              1. Make up your mind. You said it can’t be on consoles because of the name and that you are supposed to have the Pokemon in your pocket. And then you try to bring up sales and say they’re a company that needs profit. Pick one or the other.

              2. That’s the problem. Fans need to stop begging and need to start demanding! If GF does one more thing that isn’t what the fans want, there should be overwhelming threat on the part of the fans to stop playing. I can guarantee you they’d listen. They’re not completely like EA. We can force them into bringing back customization if we really made the effort, and doing it in a way that doesn’t give them leeway. We gotta be the ones in charge. Personally, I don’t believe in the free market. Politically I don’t agree with half of the stuff I’m saying, because despite what us 1st world players want, Nintendo makes money off of the backs of exploited people. So I have zero sympathy for Nintendo on this one. They exploit thousands of people to make their games, so they sure as hell better get it done right. (<< I don't agree entirely with this statement either, because the exploitation overall should just come to an end…but I'm still trying to make a point that we (the players and fans) can control much more (not all) of what the developers do if we just made the effort). The least they could do is give blacks and whites and latinos the ability to create the characters they can identify with.

            2. How do you know? Do you have proof that GF is doing that? If not, then shut the hell up. You’re the dumb retard here. Let them do what they want instead of ranting like a shithead.

            1. Are you stupid? If you were head of a large company and were unsure if your product would even sell would you still take a risk and still sell it? No you fucking wouldn’t. Game freak heard the outcries of thousands of fans and took full advantage and made the game, gamefreak will absolutely not make a diamond and pearl remake unless fans ask for it.

        2. I don’t know what world you live in where you can only be thankful for charity. Do you not say “thank you” to your waiter for handing you your food, just because you’re paying for it?

      3. Thankful that we’re getting a (barely) polished version of an already awesome game? Pffft. Cuz my slowbro being completely consumed by his tail parasite is worth being thankful over…

  3. Well that’s a major bummer.
    So I take it the customization was a one-shot deal?
    The trainers are supposed to represent us “the players”. So it’s a bit of a letdown not having the option to make them look anywhere close to yourself. :/

    1. I agree it sucks, I did really like the feature in X and Y, but the trainers aren’t supposed to represent us, they are their own characters, yes they are silent (at least in the games) but they are still their own characters. When I see a picture of Dawn I don’t think “that’s me” I think “that’s Dawn”

      1. Well just as your name says. You’re ‘that one guy’ who thinks “that’s dawn”

        The reality though is that the players have also shaped the game, and the players have shaped in a way that they’ve made it clear that the trainer they play as, is them. Heck, why do you think so many people name their characters after themselves.

  4. It’s a shame that they decided to leave it out.. especially as it was a really awesome part of XY and a step forward in bettering pokemon.. then again.. they had an awesome day/night cycle that they left out in R/S/E and was barely noticeable in 6th gen games.. Call me selfish but it’ll be nice if they continued things that buyers actually enjoyed instead of making it a one time gimmick..

    1. the day/noght cycle in gold and silver were pretty original, i really liked that you can find some pokemon at certain hours.

  5. It’s always two steps forward and one step back with Gamefreak. I’ll never understand what possesses them to remove features.

  6. I have a proposal to all 3ds owners on behalf of all wii u owners, if you get smash for 3ds, we get pokemon for wii u, none of that rumble crap either! XD

    1. Look at how the main series has progressed over the years. Do you really believe GF has what it takes to make a proper console game?
      They’ve just about reached N64 level graphics with these latest releases!

      1. yeah but there working with the 3ds of course the game is not going to look console worthy , i’m not talking about porting a pokemon game to wii u, that would look terrible. i’m talking about making a pokemon game specifically for wii u.

        1. Game freak have little/no experience in making console games. They won’t bother expand and hire experienced people, because they know they can just shit out some more low effort handheld games, and still rake in the cash regardless.

          1. Gamefreak wouldn’t have to “hire” people to make a console game. For one, they are great game developers, for two they have Nintendo (the greatest game developers of all time) in thier back pocket! That was such an uninformed statement you just made.

            1. Look at all the games GF have ever developed… They definitely couldn’t handle a full scale HD console release, they are content with making handheld titles. It would have to be given to another Nintendo developer, but then that wouldn’t be a mainline game because Masuda (who is opposed the idea) is the one who calls the shots this series. There’s no hope.. you’ll never see a main game on Nintendo’s home console.

  7. The only reason I can see this being left out is to stay true to the original games, otherwise I have no clue. But it doesn’t really matter to me because I never really used that feature, the clothes were to overpriced in X/Y.

    1. I like to see it has customization was a Gen VI (specifically in Kalos, XY) thing. Likewise, having a Pokémon follow you around was a Gen II thing (HeartGold and SoulSilver).

      1. Pokemon yellow was the first game to have a pokemon follow you (only pikachu). Gen2 was gold, silver, and crystal and you did not have a pokemon follow you. pokemon followed you in the gen4 remakes of th Johoto region, but were absent from the 1st gen remakes (leaf green and fire red) so from your logics stand point, you have no fucking logic.

    1. Yes and no, if you go to you’ll see stuff like the leaked contest information and pokeblocks (pokepuffs) are true. Not to mention we’ll find out much more solid information as time progresses. :)

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    1. So you downloaded a file a little bit over a year ago called “maintenanceservice.exe”? You need help with it or something or…?

          1. Trolls live under bridges, so the best way to go about this is to lend them your 3DS with LZ:ALBW abd let them fly around and chase the cuckoos on there.

            Or just take them to the nearest Popeys, Churches, or KFC.

  9. I’m fine with the lack of customization (though I will miss it ;( ) because BASES ARE BACK!!! Decorating you’re own base was really fun, and now bases can be anywhere in the region! I do hope skin color can at least be changed though, or do an Animal Crossing and tan over time. :P

  10. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this is something that would change my opinion of the game and instantly eliminate my purchase. Because that would just be plain silly.
    I’m just saying that it’s a slight disappointment to see something popular in the previous installment get removed suddenly in the next upcoming game.
    It has no impact on my purchase for the game.

  11. Honestly it could be hardware limitations. When a game is already pushing the hardware to the limits, features have to be minimal, and sometimes certain features are swapped for other. This is a possibilty to think over before just ranting and raving.

  12. Eh, kind of a bummer, but I didn’t care about customization that much considering it wasn’t that great in X and Y. It may be because of hard ware limitations. From what we’ve seen, ORAS is probably pushing the 3ds as far as it will go.

  13. If you dont like it… Don’t get it. Simple as that. But please, for those of us who do want this game, please let us enjoy it. I do think it would be nice to have some sort of customization, but it does not ruin the game for me. I mean, by god, version mascots from gen 2, 3, 4, and 5, ability to fly on latios/latias in free roam, expanded contests amd post game, and the badassery hoenn DID have just aint enough for you guys?

  14. Didn’t really care for it in X and Y anyway. If they want to do trainer customization they have to go ALL out and not just rinky dinky stuff. Then it just becomes something you really don’t care about trying.

  15. But the weird thing is when you watch the last few seconds of the gameplay, a few articles after this one, you can see the trainers are wearing a dress or a suit. But this could just be what happens in one instant of the game, considering the hair styles aren’t changed at all.

    Take a look for your self right at 19:04

  16. Interesting logic… I guess it’s a reason to keep promoting sales of X and Y if people haven’t purchased the game already?
    Still, I would have preferred the customization aspect. Even if this is a remake, there have got to be some new additions!

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  18. well. while it sucks i can’t set up my charater how i did in my Y, least now we get secret bases (and not those lame underground ones from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum) along with that new flying option…. still keeping my Y and downloaded X too though. no sense tossing a good tame.. same goes with my DS Chrono Trigger

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  20. Ugh! If character customization is a one time deal within the series, I’ll be pissed. I’m sick of GameFreak adding awesome features like this & one of your Pokemon following right behind you and then removing it in the next fucking generation.

    That aside, I’m still getting Omega Ruby because there are still a couple of Gen III Pokemon that I don’t have yet like the Regis.

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