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New Nintendo 3DS Allows You To View Videos In 3D On YouTube

There’s plenty of interesting things about the New Nintendo 3DS but one of the smaller features is the ability to view YouTube videos in 3D with glasses. You can also view them on YouTube 3D without the need for 3D glasses. Pretty neat.

55 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS Allows You To View Videos In 3D On YouTube”

        1. Xbox *WON
          Don’t you already know that Xbox One is the perfect all-in-one console? It has better games like Battlefield and Call of Duty and they look way better than crappy Mario games. Mario is milked and rehashed, nobody cares. Xbox One has the better controls than crappy Gamepad. Wii U can’t even run CoD BO2 without frame rate drops. LMAO. WII U SUCKS.
          ~ typical Xbot fanboys

          1. Now you’re just trolling. XD

            Battlefield and COD being “better games” and not rehashed and crappy like Mario? You’re on crack. XD Xbox DOne has better controls? Then why the joysticks feels crappier to 360 and why the Kinect ripped off Wii/PSEye and was forced to fail..twice? Wii U can’t run those games..because they were never thoroughly build but they were tested and deemed compatible for the system, Frostbite and Unreal Engine 3/4. Try again. XD

                  1. Right. lol With the Wii U being a lot cheaper and has more better games like Bayonetta 2, Sonic Boom, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8 and especially Smash Bros. 4 hype near Black Friday? Not a damn chance. lol

                    1. Except most people still don’t even know what a Wii U is. Lol. They’re gonna walk straight pass it into the PS4/X1/360 and PS3 section. I know I was only trolling before, but honestly, what if it actually DID outsell it? I personally wouldn’t really care.. But it would be hilarious as hell to see Nintendo fans’ reactions! Boy, if that every happens and Sickr writes an article about, I’m grabbing some damn popcorn and coming to the comment section. LMAO! Truth be told though, I really want the Wii U to succeed. It’s struggling right now because it hasn’t found its true fanbase yet due to losing a lot of casual fans to smartphones and shit and most other core gamers switching to the other two consoles. A lot of Nintendo fans along with some Microsoft fans jumped ship to Playstation 4 and honestly, I probably would’ve been one of them if Nintendo didn’t have such a good lineup for Wii U. Hell, after the Rayman Legends delay, I almost sold my Wii U. I didn’t have shit to play. Lol.

                      1. What do you mean a lot of Nintendo fans and only “some” Microsoft fans ran to PS4? lol After Xbox DOne fuck up reveal, not only most of them ran away to PS4 in fear of Microsoft playing dictatorship on gamers with DRM but have you forgotten that Xbox DOne reveal also help spiked Wii U sales up by nearly 500% at the same time? lol Look up the article. It actually happened and their reveal gave Nintendo a boost in Wii U sales as well as Sony/Nintendo stock. I just saying fanboy. XD Keep defending your failed I.E.D for a Betamax box.

                        1. An I seriously the only one on this site that likes all 3 consoles? I would buy them all if I had the money. Right now I’m looking at the Destiny Playstation 4 bundle along with this sexy Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One bundle. XD

          2. Ya sounds like a Easter egg like function, but at the same time I’m thinking this is still a rather big deal. Now if only we could get this with Netflix?

            1. Yes, it is! I can’t wait! I’m definitely gonna buy the faceplate for it. And I love the colorful buttons. Man, this thing is way better than the original and the XL. So many features! Nintendo was smart to do an upgrade. It makes me happy. Lol. And to think that I used to be angry at Nintendo all the time… They’ve improved Wii U to the point where there’s more games I want than I can count. And with Amiibos and all the tons of 3DS games I still need to get, I couldn’t be happier. Nintendo rules! I will be purchasing another Wii U in the future too. The console is just too good to miss out on now! On another note, I’m sitting here patiently awaiting the Mario Kart 8 DLC. ^_^

                          1. I really am not surprised anymore by the fact that you are so deluded when it comes to Nintendo, because it’s not just Nintendo, it’s everything. I literally destroyed you in that argument and you somehow still believe that you are right when it’s obvious how big of a hypocrite you are.

                            I’m sorry, you are a sick person and I don’t mean this as an insult. You should sick help, I can’t imagine a person like you functioning in a real world environment.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              -Subject Donko: I literally destroyed you in that argument and you somehow still believe that you are right when it’s obvious how big of a hypocrite you are.-

                              The word irony itself…

                            2. Are you saying that if I posted the comment again, you could create an actual response instead of insults? Could you not avoid it like you’ve done there and actually address all of the points I made?

                              I mean, I’ll post it again. I’ll just copy it, it’s not a big deal.

                    1. To be honest, I haven’t had any issues with Nintendo lately. Other than the lack of third party on Wii U. There are a lot of games I plan to get and right now I’ve currently stopped buying any games in order to save up for a PC. That’s why you haven’t seen my usual complaints about Nintendo all the time because I was already disappointed about it and figured I couldn’t just game on a Wii U alone. And I’m glad because along with 2 platforms (Wii U and PC) and including the 3DS, It makes me really glad. If it turns out that I can’t save up for this PC, I’ll just settle for a PS4. I’ll be less happy than if I got a PC, but some third party is better than none. Lol.

                      1. So it doesn’t bother you that they decided it was a good idea to divide their entire 3DS user base with a semi-successor? It doesn’t bother you that Wii U still lacks a ton of features? The lack of online in their games doesn’t bother you? The lack of unified accounts doesn’t bother you? The fact that they kept delaying Bayonetta and that they delayed Xenoblade to 2015 doesn’t bother you? The fact that they are selling Mario Maker, something that should’ve been included in NSMBU doesn’t bother you? Also it won’t have online mp….of course. The fact that Nintendo mostly does platformers and has a lack of diversity doesn’t bother you? The fact that 3DS still doesn’t have a messaging system doesn’t bother you? The fact that N64 and GCN games still aren’t on the virtual console….N64 games were even on the Wii, so they made a step backwards. The fact that they price games like NSMBU 50$-60$ doesn’t bother you? It’s made like a happy wheels level…Now you’ll see how easy it is when Mario Maker comes out. They make those models of enemies, characters and then just assemble that into a level. Compare that to AC or COD, any of those hated games….it’s much easier to make Mario titles and then those Mario titles don’t even have features that anyone with a drop of intelligence would put in, like level editor or online mp. The fact that we still haven’t been surprised by something new, something we didn’t expect and can’t wait for it. Like a new Metroid, new Star Fox (yes, we know it exists, but it hasn’t been shown, it could be a goddamn Gamepad centric piece of shit.) New F-Zero. Nintendo knows that those games don’t sell huge numbers like Mario. That is why they don’t make it. The best selling games on Nintendo platforms are always platformers, look at the Wii Don’t include these shitty Wii style games, and you’ll see what the top games are. Platformers. None of that bothers you? The fact that Nintendo is only taking the safe route of making platformers doesn’t bother you? Well then, I guess gaming is in trouble when gamers don’t even want more, but always shit on others.

                        1. Actually, all of the things you just said do bother me. That kind of explains why I’m saving for another platform. Nintendo alone doesn’t offer me everything I want and I got sick of their decisions. So I stopped buying their games (except Smash) so I could save up for a second platform. I’m too busy focusing on saving up and all the third party games I had in mind made me just not care about what’s going on Wii U related. Lmao. But I’m glad because by the time I get this second platform, there’ll be tons of games for me to get. If I could only afford to keep just a Wii U, I would still be complaining. I got a 3DS like 7 months or so and I enjoyed the games, but it just did not fill that third party gap. And I have issues with how slow it is sometimes and the 3D kind of gives me headaches sometimes, but that’s why I’m really glad about this New 3DS ’cause it fixed most issues I have with the regular model and it has exclusives as well so it won’t feel like I’m buying it for nothing. Anyways, I’m glad I can afford more systems and games, because back when I couldn’t, I almost sold my Wii U. I was THIS CLOSE to getting rid of it for a PS4. Lmao. But now I don’t need to make sacrifices and instead, keep it and have more gaming choices. Feels good to be unbiased. I can’t wait to get another platform and enjoy the games and sit back and watch fanboys fight. XD

            2. lord ghost : king of the federation

              before back in 2012 i wanted youtube on the dsi and 3ds. now that i have my wii u. i dont even care about youtube in any portable device.

            3. The YouTube channel on the regular 3DS pretty much sucks. It always crashes after so long and returns to the home screen. Hopefully THAT’S improved as well.

            4. Sounds cool, I hope they improved the YouTube app…Nintendo needs more app in general, like Facebook app, Twitter app, amazon app, eBay app etc…

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