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Sakurai Explains Why They Released The Nintendo 3DS Version Of Smash Bros First And More

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has explained to Famitsu why he decided to release the Nintendo 3DS version of the game first. He stated that the Wii U version is the bigger of the two and has taken more time and therefore more work. Sakurai also explained why some characters received new Final Smashes and some didn’t. Here’s what he had to say in the article.

What was the reason to make the Nintendo 3DS [version of Smash Bros.] before the Wii U [version]?

Compared to the 3DS [version], the Wii U [version] is larger in scale and also has many modes so the production takes time. It is that simple.

There are fighters that got their Final Smashes changed and fighters that didn’t; what is the reason for this?

It differs depending on the case. Lucario[‘s final smash changed] because Mega Evolution was introduced in the latest installment [of Pokemon]. Pit because Palutena turned into a fighter. Moves, too, were modified due to balancing and elements of the new game were factored in.

Thanks, Ahmad

136 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why They Released The Nintendo 3DS Version Of Smash Bros First And More”

    1. It really shouldn’t have been released for the 3DS at all. This should’ve been the killer Wii U exclusive. Yes, I know the 3DS and Wii U versions are different, it’s still a terrible decision because people who had the 3DS and were like “Oh, the game I’ll buy the WIi U for is Smash 4” are now actually getting the game without the need to buy the Wii U and the console version will be worse than it would’ve been if it was the only version because the development was split instead of having a huge development team working on one game.

      Nintendo doesn’t know marketing 101.

      Iwata has to get fired, that man was hired by Sony or MS to destroy Nintendo from inside. I’m sorry, but that is the only explanation for his stupidity for the past few years. 3DS isn’t getting games anymore and Wii U has huge droughts…Were are their development teams?

      1. but what if it didn’t work and people still didn’t go after the Wii U or people wouldbe upset there was no 3DS version… I think it is just what Nintendo does, albeit not usually at the same time, but it is fine by me although your point does have some merit

            1. I agree, but fans will continue to act like they’ve got more business experience than people who’ve been making business decision for decades.

          1. Mostly because there are people out there requesting a handheld Smash Bros. since the GBA era, myself included. It’s about time that a handheld Smash would be made.

            Also, Smash 3DS sold 1 million copies in 3 days, of course this means the damnation of Nintendo. GENIUS!!

            1. Well, people have been wanting an MMO Pokemon, but they aren’t expecting it. It’s not the same…

              No one was saying that Nintendo is failing. Wii U is failing and that is a fact.

              1. I don’t care, sincerely! I already have my one, now I just want to play games.

                And the reason of why I don’t care is because it became an infuriating trend on the whole gaming internet discuss more about sells and stuff than the games itselves. I buy games to play them, and play them to have fun, chatting about sells is not fun. I don’t care if the Wii U version will have good or bad sales, the most important is that it exists and I will gonna buy as soon as possible after the release.

                1. But it’s the truth.

                  If you want to talk games, neither one of those versions are as good as they would’ve been if they were just on a one platform, that is a fact as well.

                  You can say “How do you know?”…Well, I can tell you that there is no way that they could be better by splitting the development team and they already said that 3DS wasn’t able to handle the AI of Ice Climbers so they are not in the game since they wanted both versions to have the same characters.

                  1. So, do you believe that the 3DS version could handle the AI of Ice Climbers? Even with the game itself proving that was impossible?

                    Since the very first announcement of the games, it was stated that both games would have the same roster, and until now, this fact WAS NEVER A PROBLEM, it just became a massive issue after the confirmation of IC’s cut. And I can easily blame the player for creating exaggerated expectations, specially the noob ones that thinks that a Smash Bros, character is something that is picked and placed with a hand.

                    1. That is not the point. The point is that Wii U version won’t be as good as it could’ve been and that was my entire last point.

                      1. How do you know that? The game is not out yet.

                        I have my 3DS version here, and I’m having plenty of fun because even with missing modes that will certainly appear on the Wii U, the exclusive content and game options are vast and luckily we have a better online functionality.

                        With the 3DS version, I can play Smash on my way to the work, in my friend or cousin’s house, during a travel, waiting my turn on a tourney, etc. With the Wii U version, I can play Smash in a big screen with HD graphics, multiple controller options (the most glorious feature that any game/console must have), a more accessible multiplayer (since I only need one console, one copy of the game and two or more controllers), a more viable option for competition and, of course, exclusive content and game modes.

                        Did you get it? Two different games with different purposes. Both versions are already the best ones as it they can be. It’s always good giving OPTIONS to people.

                        1. Good for you. Do you think people will get another 300$ system just for that game when they can buy it for 3DS? Hint: no they won’t

                          Fans and fanboys are a small minority.

                          If options are the most important thing (they are, but not always), then Nintendo is fucking terrible. I don’t think I even have to tell you why. No online, no unified accounts, no N64 and GCN games on virtual console, no game invites, no cross game chat…

                          The difference is that those features wouldn’t distract from any development nor would they result in less systems sold.

                      2. You realize Melee was developed within a short time? Sakurai wanted to pull a Hat Trick with these and try to make a game that was on the level of melee. With the seperation of two version, and the fact he has a broken arm (I think it was his arm), it was a challenge. And just an F.Y.I, Ice Climbers were broken anyways. They could chain grab and it would have been abused in “For Glory”, and I think that’s the reason they were cut. They just couldn’t fix the chain grabbing.

                        1. Or they could just make Ice Climbers more balanced.

                          No damage control, please.

                          He’s just one person, his arm has little to do with all of this. He only says that as an excuse. There are a LOT of developers working on the game. His arm isn’t broken, but I don’t know what exactly he has. The point is that it isn’t as big of a problem that you can use it as an argument. He played the game at last year’s E3.

                          You think that is the reason IC were cut? Well, let me unburden your weak mind


                  1. It would be a fully 2D game, simple. Would be small like Smash 64, but still a solid Smash Bros. experience.

                    You should look for “Super Smash Land”, a fanmade demake that reproduces how Smash would be in a monochromatic Game Boy.

              1. “With the advent of the Wii U, though, we had a choice to make. Iwata asked us if wanted to make the next Smash Bros. on the Wii U or 3DS, and my thought was that we had to go on both platforms.”

                Sakurai’s call

                  1. If you were a CEO, would you try to make decisions on areas even if you’re not an expert at? Or would you try to delegate this work to real experts? Try to trust on each worker on an enterprise, even if their work seems to be small, their ideas are fundamental for the healthy enterprise growing . Real CEOs have this in mind. “I’m the boss here, I make the decisions here and with no mistakes” is old-fashioned and stupid…

                    1. He should have good marketing advisers in general. For this you only need a few drops of logic.

                      Sakurai is a game developer, he only makes games, he isn’t a marketing expert. Im pretty sure that they didn’t talk like their talk didn’t go as they said. Important decisions usually discussed between two people.

                      All in all. Iwata is wrong.

          2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Nintendo had no choice. It was announced at E3 2011 for both platforms, a year and a half before the Wii U was even released. Nintendo didn’t know Wii U was going to tank. They thought it was going to be a hit (if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have released it). During the announcement, Iwata even says that he promises it will come to 3DS.

            Personally, I find announcing games so early in advance (development didn’t even begin until a year AFTER the announcement), and in such a bold move as this, is extremely foolish, and Nintendo is going to suffer for it.

              1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                At the time it was a good decision. This was after they released the 3DS and saw it tank. It was the logical decision. They couldn’t imagine their console would tank too.

              2. If I may, it was said before that Sakurai was planning to put Smash on a handheld. He even tried on the GBA but sadly didn’t meet his expections. Sooner or later, Smash was going to be on a handheld. The 3DS was the one.

                “Iwata has to get fired, that man was hired by Sony or MS to destroy Nintendo from inside.” I 50% agree with you. It’s 50 because ever since Iwata has been re-elected… he hasn’t been fucking up and so far the Wii U is having a good year so far thanks to Mario Kart 8 and surprisingly Hyrule Warriors.

                1. I was just kidding that he’s been hired by Sony or MS…but he’s been so bad, it really wouldn’t surprise me. Mario Kart 8 and HW aren’t enough to keep one whole year standing. Bayonetta and DK are also coming out, but the only must have games are Bayonetta, MK8 and Smash 4….others are pretty….meh. DK is a good platfromer, yes, but Nintendo has too many of those already.

                  even if we count those 5 games…that is it 5 games in their biggest year they’ll probably have that looks pretty barren to me.

              3. How is it a stupid decision when at the time it was announced, the 3DS was not selling up to expectations either.

                And no its not a stupid decision because Money is money. I would rather bank on the 3DS owners buying this and a Wii U to play the game than just WII U owners buying the game. The GameCube and N64 has an exclusive smash Bros game and that didn’t make the system sell the PS1 or PS2.

                So its way to early to tell if it was a bad decision. I’ll also state that the 3DS is not selling up to expectations either for Nintendo. So taking away a game as big as Smash for the system would be just stupid.

                1. They shouldn’t have even announced it. But I don’t expect you to understand. You stated multiple times how Iwata is a great CEO in your videos.

                  Brawl sold hell of a lot copies, Melee sold 7 million which is also a lot, and I don’t think you have the information on how many people bought N64 or GCN just for Smash. You’d have to read minds. Not to mention that Smash wasn’t even a well known franchise and wasn’t as hyped up on N64 and Melee was released in a time before the internet was available to this many people, so it also wasn’t as well known and hyped up.

                  3DS also had terrible marketing and no games when it came out, so that is also on Nintendo. The names are terrible Wii U after so many Wii accessories with “Wii” in them, 3DS after 3 DS redesigns, New 3DS? What!?

                  You just think Nintendo is great. 3rd parties are to blame and we are to blame, Nintendo is great. And now you will say “no, I actually think Nintendo made some mistakes”,but you mostly don’t think they are to blame. you blame everything but them.

          3. I think Sakurai made the right decision including ALL gamers: those who only want portable consoles, and those who only want home consoles. Sure, the 3DS might’ve held back the Wii U version in terms of CHARACTERS (and that’s seriously it.) but it’s a small price to pay to let EVERYONE play the games.

            Keeping it for just the home console, that’s thinking small. And it wasn’t Iwata’s decision to have it on both consoles, it was Sakurai’s. So QUIT YER COMPLAININ’, KID.

            1. It was Iwata’s decision and the number of characters isn’t the point. It was supposed to be Wii U’s biggest game, and those who had the 3DS and wanted just to buy WII U for Smash don’t have an incentive to do it.

                1. Well, too fucking bad. That is like Wii U players wanting Pokemon games. The truth is that portable market won’t have room for handhelds for much longer. 3DS is probably the last generation…maybe one more after it. If smartphones get some way to play games with normal controls, handhelds are gone.

                  Nintendo will only have their home consoles after that and they don’t have a big fanbase as it is.

                  1. Maybe I misunderstood or said it wrong or you took it the wrong way. You were saying they will miss out on sales, right? I was saying, They will also miss out on sales if they go WiiU exclusive. It works both ways.

                    Anyways, it’s not “too bad” because Smash isn’t WiiU exclusive. Handheld gaming is alive now, so it makes since for Smash to be on it now. And like I said below, Smash WiiU will not flop, it will move consoles.

                      1. “It was supposed to be Wii U’s biggest game, and those who had the 3DS and wanted just to buy WII U for Smash don’t have an incentive to do it.”
                        I misunderstood, so which is it: So you mean those 3ds owners will buy a WiiU even without incentive? Or wont buy a WiiU without Incentive (which i pointed out as missed sales)? Or do you mean they just wanted a WiiU, now they don’t have incentive to want? Or do you care to explain, but only want not and aren’t going to buy anyway? Or are you just going to leave it at I misunderstand?
                        Nah, nvm, I’m an idiot. I agree with whatever it was you meant.

                        1. It’s probably the biggest franchise Nintendo has for hardcore fans sales wise. Brawl sold 12 millions.

                          And people were waiting for the next console just to play that game. That would boost Wii U’s sales like crazy and 3DS as it is doesn’t need a boost.

                          3DS people who would buy the Wii U just for Smash now don’t have to because it’s coming to them as well. They lost that incentive.

              1. Exclusive modes? better controller options? Competitive scene’s top choice? More accessible multiplayer? Smash in HD on a big screen?

                You are doing the buisness genius here, but the actual reason of why the 3DS and Wii U versions are getting separate release dates is that one version do not cannibalize the sells of another, and holding the Wii U version for the holiday season was actually a smart move, since it’s the beste selling season for Nintendo, they need a strong title to assure this goal.

                Quite honestly, I don’t care about these sell things, I alrady have both consoles, now I just want to play games.

                1. It’s too late for that. *Almost* everyone I have spoken to who has the 3DS version now says they’re going to skip the Wii U version because they already have it on 3DS.

                  Sucks because most of them were thinking about getting it for the Wii U or getting a Wii U for it but will not anymore.

                  There are a few that are planning to get both and others who opted to get the Wii U version alone (like myself). Either way, it’s not helping out the Wii U as a platform by having it on the 3DS.

                  Sure Nintendo is making money either way, but it’s not helping the platform that needs the most help.

              2. Does somebody need to draw for you that was Sakurai’s decision bring Smash to a handheld? And the major reason for that is becauae Sakurai wanted to make features that only would work with split screen, like Smash Run or stages like Pac-Maze and Golden Plains with features that only affect one player.

                Enough of your stupid damage control against the 3DS version, buy your Wii U version abd be happy.

                1. That’s what I’m gonna do! Getting the Wii U version because I figured since I already have the 3DS version, I may as well complete it with its HD brother and also get that soundtrack from Club Nintendo! :D

                  1. Heh, somebody is losing the patience over here.

                    More than a developer, he is a director, the only person that can write a design document and, in this case, determine that will have two versions of the game for each console (which is actually half-true, it’s two different games after all) is the director!

                    Plus, if was Iwata’s call, we should never have Kid Icarus Uprising. Because never that reviving a dormant IP would have more priority than a Smash Bros. game. Cannot you think about this?

                    Can you just stick with your precious definitive version and stop pushing your goddamn sellfaggotry here? If you do despise the 3DS version so much, just don’t buy it, simple. Nobody asked for sellfaggotry damage control here.

                    1. You are an imbecile that failed to see almost all of the points I made.

                      I don’t hate the 3DS version, I explained in detail why it was a bad move and I also said that the WIi U version suffered from it and even provided you with an article.

                      If you think that Iwata isn’t the one the one making all of the decisions at Nintendo, you are retarded.

                      And also Kid Icarus Uprising? Can you provide me with proof and to just your flawed logic?

                      1. Who the heck talked about Nintendo? Are you drunk?

                        What the hell the will of making a game for a handheld has to do with corporate decisions? There is a handheld version of Smash Bros. This has nothing to do with this sick “corporate” blabbery of you. Nintendo, as owner of the trademark, just gave the green light.

                        Yeah, Kid Icarus Uprising. It’s a great game, I reccomend you to play. Maybe playing this game and some other more will make you stop all this sellfaggotry ramble.

                        What you’ll gonna do now? “And I’m right about everything else.” again? Or you’ll shut up and buy the Wii U version?

                        1. You actually didn’t disprove anything. Also…Nintendo is a company, it isn’t a living being, it can’t give a green light to itself. Iwata is the one that gives green lights, so again, yes, I’m right.

                          Also it has everything to do with corporate decisions. Everything a corporation does is a corporate decision, you illogical fuck.

                          You completely disregarded everything I said about Kid Icarus Uprising. You didn’t provide me proof that it wouldn’t have been made if it was up to Iwata.

                          You are an idiot.

          4. “…and the console version will be worse than it would’ve been if it was the only version because the development was split instead of having a huge development team working on one game.”

            Really now? Come on you don’t know that. It could very be they had two budgets and teams setup from the start. Had there been no 3DS, the WiiU version would have been the same, but with Sakurai doing less work. I’m not saying thats what happened but it could go either way or any other scenario we don’t know about.

            1. Yes, I do. You don’t really think they have a billion people working for them. They have a limited amount of developers. It surely cannot be better.

              1. Funny, I was thinking you didn’t know resources need to be replenished. You want them to put all their Smash resources on one game. But in doing so you make your break even point even higher, so even if Smash WiiU exclusive sells more Smash non-exclusive, profits wont be guaranteed to be higher.
                But on the otherhand 3DS is a successful platform (unlike WiiU), which means a 3DS version you know it will atleast have good sales (because 3DS install-base is already high), but on a low selling console like WiiU, it’s not guaranteed.
                Also, just efficiency starts breaks down when you start throwing more men and cash at something, example AAA game development and studio and publishers that lost money doing that. If you already the neccesary resources to make your game, more doesn’t mean better, in some cases it’s wasted.

                1. Well then Nintendo shouldn’t be surprised that 3DS is selling and Wii U isn’t. The point is to sell the WIi U, if they don’t think that games sell consoles which is the first rule of console business, they have nothing to search in the gaming market anymore.

                  1. No, the point is to make profit, but anyways, i wasn’t saying games wont help WiiU. If that was the case they should have abandon it, but they shouldn’t and they wont. In fact their actions doesn’t say anything like “games wont sell console”, if they thought that, then they wouldn’t be releasing Smash for WiiU. Are you saying that because Smash WiiU will flop because of the 3DS version or that it wont WiiU HW boost sales? I bet you, it will be far from it.
                    What I was saying, is a good business decision is one where you think the rewards outweighs the risk. It’s possible both games will eat away at each other’s sales, but I think they will get more total sales and profits vs going WiiU exclusive. 3DS is bringing in most of the profit and I’m positive WiiU will never see the kind of numbers 3DS bring in, exclusive Smash or otherwise.

                    1. There are 45+ million 3DS users, and there are 7+ Wii U users. 3DS version is the one that will sell more and will damage Wii U sales. The only people who will buy the Wii U version are those who own a Wii U.

                      They cannot abandon the Wii U. That would fucking destroy the Nintendo brand since it would mean that 7+ million people that invested in it were tricked.

                      Like I said, there is no point in owning a Wii U for another year. The only big game that Wii U now has is Zelda. 3D World wasn’t what most people consider a great feet. It was the most traditional 3D Mario game to this date.

                      Smash would be THE biggest most anticipated game on the system and now it’s not that. It’s on the 3DS as well.

                      1. 3DS will not do anymore damage to WiiU sales, most of the damages has already been done long ago. Smash (next to MK8) is still the biggest anticipated Wii U game this year, regardless of 3DS. It will move WiiU consoles, saying otherwise would be like saying multi-platform games don’t move consoles. Despite the popular notion that they don’t, they do. Ex: even if Destiny sold more on PS4, it still move a lot of XB1, they both got sales boost, and even with Ubi’s WD.

                        1. … You are an idiot. I never said that it won’t move units. I said that it won’t move as much units because it’s on both consoles and it will damage the sales of the Wii U version.

                          3rd parties move consoles, but not as much as exclusives….that is why exclusives exist. Do you think that Mario would sell less if it was on all platforms? No. The sales would double, triple. But it is exclusive because it moves units. That is why games are exclusive in general.

                        2. Calling names, good job, now I see the light. I 100% agree with you, Nintendo did a horrible decision, you should be running the company not Iwata and the board of directors.
                          I agree, you never said it wont move consoles, you said this instead: “The only people who will buy the Wii U version are those who own a Wii U.”

                      2. If this is about profit, then think of it this way. The 3DS version is doing very well and Nintendo will continue to make money off of it. There are tons of Wii U owners that do not own 3DS’s that are also waiting on the game and it will without a doubt become the best selling Wii U game. Even if it would’ve moved more Wii U’s by being an exclusive, the 3DS version would still be making them more money in addition to that Wii U version which is probably means they will make a lot more than if it was just on the Wii U. Especially when you consider the fact that there are people that plan to get both versions. The Wii U has it’s own thing going on right now than the 3DS. There are other games in addition to Smash Bros. on the way. Anyone thinking of getting a Wii U is obviously going to get more than just Smash Bros. And if there happened to be a hardcore Smash fan and the only thing they care about is that ONE FRANCHISE, then they will most likely go straight to the Wii U version knowing that it is the best version anyways. Then that would be more profit from the Wii U.

                        1. Wii U is mostly owned by Nintendo fanatics, that is the reason it sold 4 million at it’s launch and only 3 over the other 2 years.

                          Those “tons” of Wii U owners that don’t own 3DS’s cannot be many since like I said most of Wii U owners are Nintendo fanatics.

                          Yes, it’s one franchise, but probably the most important one that will come out for Wii U.

                          Money isn’t an issue. The problem is that Wii U isn’t selling and like I said, handheld market won’t last for much longer. This is probably it’s last generation. When there comes a smartphone or a device that will be able to play games on the move and have all of the features smartphones have, it will be the end of handheld gaming. You can say that it won’t, but it will. Nintendo probably will come out with their next generation of handheld devices because of their absolute lack of knowledge about the market and what people want and it will fail miserably. You can already see that 3DS and Vita aren’t selling as well as their predecessors.

          5. Ah yes, Iwata. The one who also helped developed some of the most classic Nintendo games, gave up some of his salary to cut costs for his company, and overall a nice guy, is certainly hired by Sony and/or MS. (I understand your comment wasn’t litteral, but these points still stand against the fact of him getting fired.)

            1. Yes, and so he should live on his past successes and that is the reason he should stay? That statement is stupidity incarnate.

              You do realize that Nintendo is living on nostalgia and that is what you fanboys like the most? You want to watch this objectively? Imagine if you didn’t have any of your Nintendo memories and you heard about them or imagine if none of their franchises were established, but that the past of the gaming is the same. Imagine if the Wii U is their first system and 3DS is out as well and also imagine if all of their games that come out are as good as they are. They just don’t have a following and predecessors, but everything is literally the same.

              Do you think either of those systems would sell? No. Nintendo would be screwed up completely.

              Nintendo = Nostalgia.

              I’m not saying that they don’t make good games, they do, but they lack so much that the only thing that keeps them floating is their history.

      2. well the wii U version would offcourse take more time becouse of the HD. everybody could imagine that

        as for final smashes I really wanted the ddd dance but stronger and better or masked ddd

        1. I’m pretty satisfied that they removed these swarm-like FSes and gave to DDD and Pit REAL final attacks. The Final Smash mechanic in this game was completely rebuilt, the smash ball is sturdier, it takes more time to appear on the field, it moves more quickly and many of the FSes (even the transformation ones) are requiring more of the player to get the expected results.

      3. Last time he was asked why the WiiU version is releasing later, he said it’s because of bug testing + fixing, lmao.
        But yea, definitely glad it’s more than just that, relieving to hear that the game won’t be as similar to the handheld version as Nintendo previously claimed.
        Looking forward to the game, can’t wait to see the exclusive content.

        1. But then again, there isn’t much they can do differently within 2 months only, so pretty sure it won’t be all too different, unfortunately. At least it isn’t identical, I suppose.

        2. This excuse doesn’t cancel out his previous excuse, in fact I would say it re-enforces the previous one.

          The bigger the game, the higher the change of having more bugs. It’s unreasonable to have a bigger game and expect similar debugging time as a smaller game (unless if you are really skilled or extremely lucky).

          1. That is true. But the way he said it didn’t sound like he was referring to bug fixes, but more like to the content of the two games.
            Either way, you’re definitely right, a larger scaled game sure will have a longer bug-testing period than a game with less content, naturally.

        3. Unless the development for both were different from the get go. If I remember correctly, the 3DS was jointly developed by like 4 developers so most of HAL Lab devs probably stuck to working with the Wii U version.

          I’m just assuming of course.

          1. You’re right about that, even though I kinda doubt that the development went individually for each version, considering it’s fundamentally the same game, so to say, just with different features in each of the versions. So I personally would guess they developed both versions mostly “simultanously”, and did things “seperately” once they finished the fundamentals and got to the version-specific content.
            But I definitely don’t know enough about the developing process, so of course, I’m only assuming also. (: What you said might very well be true as well.

      4. IMO I feel Final Smash moves should be changed every installment based on newer games. For example Yoshi’s final Smash should be him throwing a huge egg bouncing off the screen instead of that dragon form he has. Certain Smashers like Peach desperately need new Final Smashes as well.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          That’s exactly what I thought Smash Brothers was going to be like with every installment plus costumes and stages too…

          1. I think it was the original plan, but they got lazy or the game was just rushed way too much. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a loooong time to see if the others get switched in the next installment. Mario needs a new one the most…

        2. It’s not that bad though, Yoshi’s references his first game and is unique unlike a giant egg which is kinda meh. Also peach’s got fixed. Although characters like sheik and toon link are desperately in need of unique ones

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            Shiek’s lack of a new Final Smash was sooo disappointing. She should have pulled out her Harp and smashed away with the Bolero of Fire or something.

        3. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’m glad some characters like Kirby and Luigi got theirs changed, but more of them should. Even if they still have the same moves I would not mind a Final Smash change.

      5. Well everybody already knew the 3ds version was finished first. That wasn’t a really good answer by Sakurai, and honestly I don’t think it’s the correct answer. The reason Nintendo released the 3ds version first is becouse they knew it would sell 3-4 million copies right off the bat. The 3ds has a bigger install base, and they will make more money off that version. It’s a smart business decision. If the install base was larger for the Wii U, I guarantee they wouldn’t have released it for the 3ds first. These type of decisions are always based on money. Nintendo is a business after all.

        1. Business decisions? Here’s a smart businesse decision. Kia Motors popular models are Optima, Soul and Sorrento. Kia has a flopped model called K900 selling like shit. So Kia is using Lebron James to be the spokes person for the K900 to help with sales. When is Nintendo going to make a smart business decision with Wii U? At least Kia can focus on their worst selling models unlike stupid Nintendo who ignores Wii U after 1 year and 11 months.

            1. Nintendo got Beyonce and Eminem to do comercials for the 3DS, not to mention they also got Justin beiber for that Christmas ad.

              You can keep being an ass hat about it but it actually works so that was indeed a great idea.

          1. They were just playing to thier strengths. They will make more money off the 3ds version, and thats why it was released first. I don’t personally agree with it, but you can’t argue that is wasn’t a sound business decision. I really don’t think the 3ds version would have sold that well if it released for the Wii U first. You would be buying a lesser version.

            1. I believe the Amibo project was a smart decision with the Wii U. The Wii U had a botched launch. But I believe they are beginning to hit thier stride. 2015 will be the defining year for the Wii U.

        1. Did you know? Sakurai is Kirby’s creator, and made the latest Kid Icarus games.

          All of his works are craploaded with stuff from his older games. Kid Icarus for example, has a control scheme inspired by Kirby Air Ride.

      6. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        Fox & Falco needed separate ones, as well as Link & Toon Link, and Zelda & Shiek. Aside from that, I think they did a pretty good job. Zero Suit, Kirby, Pit, Charizard, Lucario, Ness, and I think Dedede got new ones. A few more would have been nice, though.

      7. Seriously the U version must have better stuff than Smash Run. The U version should have tons of appealing stuff. Hugs!

          1. Smash Run is great fun. It’s like Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the battles at the end are different from normal matches depending on how the CPU did. And you get to play mini-games and even unlock things such as customizations for playing and it makes it totally worth it.

      8. Love the idea of Nintendo releasing both for 3DS and Wii U (Portable and Home Version). Even better if they release a game where you can continue on portable version where you left off at home version. Gaming 24/7.

      9. Basically, the 3DS version was for fans who were too impatient to wait for the superior Wii U version. Except for people like me who bought both versions just to get that free CD that Nintendo is offering for registering both versions.

        1. No, the 3DS version was for the fans demanding for a handheld Smash since the GBA days. For me, it’s a dream becoming reality.

          These “superior version” things does not exist to me, it’s actually two different games with different purposes, but a handheld version is something that would happen about time, the demand was soooo high!!

      10. I didn’t think it was possible, but ever since the accidental amazon leak I’ve been hyped up for this game all over again!

      11. Game sucks its just a dumb fighting game like mortal kombat but with Nintendo characters I prefer adventure RPG type games I don’t get why people think its one of best games ever

      12. I don’t understand how someone could not like Smash. That to me is almost unbelievable. Also about MK too. Maybe you should think about this,… it’s not the games that suck,… it’s….your….. opinion? no offence.

      13. Is this “Noa” guy on Damage Control because of the 3DS version?

        Enough of these anti-portable smash idiots. The game is already out now, it’s pointless to keep whinning and crying afraid of their precious definitive version not being like they want to be. If you do hate the 3DS version so that much, screw it and go buy the goddamn Wii U version, and for love of God. STFU!!!

      14. I thought Sakurai said that the difference in release times between the two versions is just because of testing for bugs and how the Wii U version is a bigger game…

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