Check Out The French Commercial For Disney Magical World

Nintendo has released a French commercial for Disney Magical World, highlighting some of the recognizable characters found in the life simulation title. The Nintendo 3DS game, which arrives in Europe on October 24th, features more than 60 Disney characters. It allows players to create outfits, run a café or go fishing with Donald Duck. They can also battle ghosts and trade items with their friends.


    1. Yeah.. this came out like last year. Not sure why this is being posted. It’s not interesting or anything, or that much different from the other ones.

      1. It’s only just being released in the EU next week. It does say that in the article & trailer. So it’s for the benefit of the EU readers.

          1. If you like Animal Crossing you’ll probably like this game as well, so its not complete crap, but to each there own.

        1. even trying to piss me off with that weak ass trolling? XD I must give you an F for lack of effort, F for originality and another F for “Fuck you” but I’ll reward you an A..which stands for asshole. XP

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