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AE Games Are Now Officially Wii U Developers, Here’s A Trailer For Mad Men Football

AE Games, the development studio that came out of nowhere and pledged support for the Wii U, have released a trailer for their forthcoming Wii U game, Mad Men Football. The developer has also revealed on the official blog that they’re now officially licensed Wii U developers. You can check out their project in the video, above.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

32 thoughts on “AE Games Are Now Officially Wii U Developers, Here’s A Trailer For Mad Men Football”

    1. Sony Commander Kratos

      You guys want walking deadfrom tale games u guys have to support a e why ill tell you why because its a tv dev and other networks might take interest and bring other games to the u its food for thought though

  1. lol. Well I guess the Wii U needs all the help it can get, but…wow. Considering the level of quality in many indie games released on the console, and going by that trailer, being an “officially licensed developer” doesn’t sound particularly impressive right now.

    1. “Their”
      It’s funny how you think that this was done by more than one person. AE Games is just a single person, that’s why it looks so horrible.

  2. Incredibly ugly… I don’t care about “Pre-Alpha” in the Video Title.
    There are many N64 Games I like. And they all look better than this.

  3. To be fair, this started out as an angry letter, transformed into a web browsing game of sorts. Then turned into this.

    I gotta say, this guy really is putting his work where his mouth was, so if only for that, the guy deserves a Tip of my hat.

      1. Can you stop being a perverted freak. You deserve to get your little member chopped off for being a monstrosity pretending to be human.

    1. We don’t say “graphics don’t matter”. We say “garphics aren’t the most important thing about a game”. That doesn’t mean it’s OK when games look like shit. We at least expect some effort put into a game.

  4. So thier a parody company? Not really sure what to think about this. I got love for anybody trying to support the Wii U, (except Ubisoft), so hopefully it will turn out well.

  5. Since they are spoofing EA, maybe some day they’ll make games for other genres. But right now, they are just like EA was in their early days: sports games & hardly anything else.

    1. BUT I might give this game a chance when it releases. I just hope Nintendo assists them a little, so they can make the game look better for the people here that are actually complaining about the graphics. Congrats, some of you. You are proving you aren’t much different from some of the graphic whores of Sony & Microsoft.

      1. It’s not about the graphics. The game itself is probably garbage too. Lol. The graphics just add insult to injury.

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