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Yacht Club Games Says Shovel Knight Came To Nintendo Because Of Dan Adelman

Yacht Club Games has revealed that its debut title, the critically-acclaimed Shovel Knight, wouldn’t be on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS without the help of Dan Adelman. Adelman, who served as the head of Nintendo of America’s indie program for nearly a decade, was apparently the main motive for bringing the retro-inspired platformer to the Nintendo eShop. Available now in North America, Shovel Knight arrives in Europe and Australia next month.

“Without Dan, Shovel Knight wouldn’t be on the Wii U/3DS and maybe it wouldn’t exist at all,” Yacht Club Games said. “We essentially sent Dan a blind email before our Kickstarter asking if we could be approved as developers on the platforms. He put his full trust in us and the game – without that, who knows if the Kickstarter would have even funded!

“He is unbelievably supportive of indies, and it’s amazing to see a person so committed to aiding smaller teams so that they can focus on creating interesting and unique experiences. Also, he’s a spicy curry champ. Champion of indies and spicy curry…what more could you want?”

29 thoughts on “Yacht Club Games Says Shovel Knight Came To Nintendo Because Of Dan Adelman”

      1. The little chipping-esque affordability that’s put in the game, the developers, so. Trying to forsee the mostly playable truest intention that packed the games resolution. Well sort of like it, but if not, then I don’t blame you. It’s ok since preference has been reduced or distorted in the way, but Shovel Knight keeps on.

  1. I hope he leads indies in to all companies (the big 3) and not just certain ones. That would be a backstab for Nintendo. X(

  2. His job was to care of the Indies, it was really HIS JOB. And, congratulations, he did it! Let me guess: The next person in his position, does anyone know who it is?, will do, surprise -surprise , the same. I know that Adelman was great, BUT why the hell do we get such useless info?!?
    Thanks Dan and bye,bye. Thanks Yacht Club Games and now go back to work please. ;-)

    1. Most people these days don’t do their job, or they half-ass it. People who do their job well, rarely see any appreciation since they have bosses with attitudes like yours. It’s nice to get affirmation once in a while that you’re doing your job well.

      1. You’re right. In this case, Nintendo was kinda foolish to let him go like this and he was one of the key employees who actually contributed to make Wii U stand out and succeeded. Now this makes me want Iwata to leave even more.

        1. Yeah, Dan’s probably a big reason the WiiU has so many quality indie titles. So far, you can still count undisputed shovelware on one hand on the U. (as opposed to the Wii having Tons of it.)
          The WiiU’s indie titles have been great, and a saving grace. I hope we don’t lose the flow of great Indies. :/

    1. Didn’t say anything different: Yes he did his job. Like millions of other guys and gals in the world…And? *Pffft* Thanks to every policeman, nurse, firemen, builder, doctor and so on… I’m sure, even Adelman did the best job of the world, he didn’t change the turning of it… Ah, I’m stupid just to handle with this news… 0_0

  3. Wow. I guess we owe Dan very much of making good indie games happen on Wii U. Yet, he never felt appreciated for his efforts to save Wii U at all and it may explain why he quit. This is the kind of thing that pisses me off about Nintendo sometimes. You have some great talents who contributed you and you never acknowledge or as much as saying thank you for helping to make big games happen on the platform. But when asshole 3rd parties gimp the shit out of ports for Wii U, they don’t say a fucking word. Now I really want Iwata’s ass to be replaced.

  4. Was he really THAT great a guy? I don’t see how hard it is to green light this stuff. Like how do I know there aren’t like 10 other people just like him working at nintendo? I don’t think Indies are going to stop coming to the Wii U because he left. I DO NOT understand why this is such a big thing.

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