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Mighty No. 0 Could Be In Mighty No. 9 Here’s The Potential Bonus DLC Teaser

Comcept Japan is teasing possible Mighty No. 9 additional downloadable content in a recent video update. The bonus trailer gives us a peek at Mighty No.0 who is meant to be Zero. He basically resembles both Bass and Zero. Mighty No. 9 is scheduled to be released for the majority of video game formats in 2015.

81 thoughts on “Mighty No. 0 Could Be In Mighty No. 9 Here’s The Potential Bonus DLC Teaser”

        1. nope. The creator is a bum for losing the rights to Mega Man. so instead of creating a whole new game with new characters, he just basically copying and pasting because he still doesn’t know when to grow up and out of Mega Man.

          1. He lost the rights to Megaman? Are you fucking stupid? He never own Megaman, he’s only the co creator of it and Capcom never let him finish the 2 Megaman games that he was working on.

    1. It’s males like you who bring all of male-kind down. Stop being a sicko and be more sophisticated. This is the year 2014.

          1. Not really. I doubt he’s going to even bother reading your comment. When they actually do read your comment, it encourages them to stay. I wouldn’t waste my breath on trolls if I were you. They feed on intelligence. Lol.

    1. This IS his own character. Created by Inafune himself.

      The character’s name is Beck. He’s an android colored blue, black and multiple shades of gray. He has green eyes and is 4″9′ in height. He has an arm cannon that can shoot and destroy or stun his enemies and then absorb their Xel by dashing through their bodies. After doing so, he can use the stolen Xel to transform into a bunch of different forms. Also, it’s worth noting that Beck is an android, which means he is a robot with human qualities. That is quite different from a cyborg.

      Just because Inafune was involved with Megaman and Megaman is a blue robot (cyborg) who fights other robots, which is really similar to Mighty Number .9, doesn’t mean that Beck isn’t Inafune’s “own character.”

      A lot of characters are based off of other existing characters. Just look at comic books, Aquaman is a rip off of Submariner, Deadpool is a rip off of Deathstroke, then there is Bullsey and Deashot, Bumblebee and The Wasp, etc, etc. In films, there is the Lion King which is a rip off of Kimba the white lion (even Kimba is similar to Simba), and Toy Story is a rip off of The Christmas Toy, and Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones) was based on another film called the Secret of the Incas. in G.I Joe, Cobra is a rip off of Hydra from comics….. the list is virtually endless.

      So why is it suddenly a bad thing that Mighty Number .9 is really similar to Mega Man?

  1. Why are you saying he’s a fraud? He MADE Megaman and Capcom basically destroyed megaman. This is what a bunch of people have been asking for from megaman games, and who better to deliver than Inafune?

    1. Lol no. I haven’t been interested in this game at all since it was announced. I don’t get why people are hyped for this.

      1. Because this game is for those pissed off and disappointed fans of Megaman after Capcom fucked them over by tossing Legends 3 away and butchering the franchise like RE, DMC and more.

          1. Metroid inspired 2D platformer and shooter and among one of the popular gaming franchises in the market until Capcom (Crapcom) turn dark and greedy making shitty games, dumbass decisions like ruining RE and killing off Megaman series unnecessarily as fans was waiting for Legends 3 on 3DD and con buyers with lesser add-on DLC game re-releases of their fighting games like Street Fighter.

            I played plenty of Megaman games like X, Zero and some old school MM games from NES.

            1. I believe Revelations 2 and RE Remastered can get the Resident Evil franchise back on track, just throwing that out there.

              1. RE1 remake number 5? Not enough to bring the series back and turning Revelations 2 into episodes and skipping Nintendo after they help made the previous game and the series perform better than ever after RE6’s downfall, Crapcom is still doing stupid BS for profit. They wont fucking learn so let them continue destroying themselves like idiots.

                1. But this Remake is now a multiplat and not limited to Nintendo hardware. Revelations 1 had episodes but they were all on a disc and Revelations 2 episodes will all be on a disc a month after the episodes release

                  1. I haven’t played any RE games before so I’m not entirely sure what’s supposed to be wrong with the franchise as of now, but I do believe this remake and Revelations 2 will get it right again. I’m thinking of starting with either Revelations or the first game.

                    1. The franchise now has alot of action and is not scary anymore. Start with Revelations i love that game :) but you cant go wrong with neither.

                    2. Top tier- RE1,RE2,RE4. Good tier- RE3, RE Revelations, RE Code V. Okay tier- RE5, RE Dead Aim, RE6, RE Outbreak. Shit tier- RE ORC

        1. Exactly. I saw it thought about it and kept my money.
          One thing is if capcom knows how many people will play with Mega Man in Smash. I think it will make them think about making a new Mega man game.

    2. It should be noted:

      “More details on the potential bonus DLC content is coming up in the next update, but just FYI the “DLC” term is only there to say that, no matter what, this content wouldn’t ship at the same time as the game. It would be need to be “DownLoaded,” putting the “DL” in “DLC” :)
      Otherwise, this content (whatever it is! :) would be “extra bonus content” the same as the voicework. That means that, if we reach the necessary funding via slacker backers needed to make it possible, it would be extra bonus content that ALL backers would get, free of charge! (The voicework will be included with the game at launch, and this DLC would come at some point later after that.)
      Also, no one would be working on this DLC until their work on the full Mighty No. 9 retail release is finished. (Which, as some of you might know, is typically several months before any game ships for certain disciplines like artists and such.)
      Hope that clears up a couple things — as promised, full details and a lot more coming in the next update! Thanks for your questions (and those of you helping with answers), and for all of your continued support!! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ”

    3. Not to be that guy, but aren’t they kinda pushing it now, it was cool, they were using the bases of megaman, butI think they are taking a bit much from megaman. I know the game was made for megaman fans, I getting it as well, but they need to make its own thing. They are basically taking zero, and protoman concept and doing it with different shade

      1. That’s why I’m not paying mind to this crap game. It’s literally just a copy and paste and no new thing besides the designs and character’s name

        1. we’ll in terms of characters and idea yes( to a degree) in terms of gameplay its feels different. Through out development though, I wonder why capcom didn’t bother cutting in.

    4. Why does Zero look like he had a batch of acid thrown on him?

      I’m looking forward to this game. It’s a throw back to old school mega man games. I can’t believe Capcom wont do anything with the Megaman series.

      1. It looks like Capcom is listening to the same fucking idiotic groups of people that think Nintendo should retire Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, & Metroid!

        1. Huh? WOW who the hell said Nintendo should retire their franchises? That’s ULTRA retardation! I can understand some people being pissed about franchises not being on their console and wishing that Nintendo would put them over there, but who in their right mind said Nintendo should get rid of their franchises?! They’re clearly beyond stupid. XD

          1. You’re blind, apparently. If I recall correctly, we’ve had at least 2-3 people say Nintendo should retire at least Mario, if not all of them. In fact, I think you have actually been one of those people. xD

              1. **not retire him completely** Do you see how this fucking auto corrector just tried to mess me up? This is what I’m talking about. XD

                1. As I said in a reply to another comment of yours, turn that broken auto correct off. It’s clearly shit. Wait. You can turn it off, can’t you?

    5. Given how much they have to make this game, the DLC should be included in the game, but I can almost guarantee they will milk people for more money.

      Shovel Knight was a great example of an epic, kickstarter indie game. They made a LITTLE over their goal, and the money went into making the game great for EVERYONE. This is because Yacht Club games loves games and gamers.

      I am very disenchanted with how they are milking the money train, and how I know they will continue. I’m not supporting this game unless I see that these guys are building something more significant than a multi-million dollar hype train.

      1. It does feel like they using certain things to sell their game.
        Hideki one said to me that Inafune is business man, more then a designer.

        1. Well, that appears to be the case. Every other article he wants more money, even AFTER making MILLIONS over their goal. I’m highly skeptical that this game will live up to the hype. It better at least be as good as Gunvolt, although with their budget, it should be far better.

          I’m not holding my breath though, and if they want more money for the DLC, they can go fuck themselves. There are indie developers that make amazing games at a fraction of what he’s collected already. :(

        1. Not sure who you’re talking to, mobile interface gets weird, but I think they started with good intentions, then became as greedy as a full-out corporation.

    6. Normally I hate this action (a DLC released in the same time of the game), BUT this is a TRUE DLC because Inafune will pay to Capcom for the rights of the Zero’s character.

    7. hum it seems the guy is bitter and he wants to take his revenge against Capcom. I don’t think the man wants to make a lot of money on that game but to create a franchise where he will make much more money.

      1. You’ll have that, indiscriminate hate for games. I personally am unhappy with their business practices. If the game turns out great, awesome, it better be considering it’s funded 4x over +.

        Consumers are not ignorant anymore, and we can tell when a developer is making a game because that is their talent and passion, or when someone is trying to make a quick buck…given how much he’s made, it seems my last statement may very well be wrong.

        1. How exactly have they been bad in their practices? I can understand if the creator decided to side with Capcom which is a very stupid idea considering that this game was finance by fans who hate Capcom….

    8. Awesome.

      I’ve been playing the beta, and it’s fresh.

      So what if it copies heavily from Megaman? It’s what we want, which is why we backed it and threw money at it.

      Don’t like it? Seriously, just walk away and let us like it in peace.

    9. People mostly seem to like the game. The thing that bugs most people is announcing dlc before the game is even released. Why can’t Zero just be in the game from the start? I think it’s piss poor marketing to announce dlc this early, people are not as ignorant to these shady practices anymore.

    10. “who is meant to be Zero. He basically resembles both Bass and Zero.” Not official info. Speculation doesn’t count as news, Sickr. what a faggot you are.

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