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Looks Like Miley Cyrus Is One Celebrity That Owns A Wii U Console


It turns out that controversial pop singer Miley Cyrus is one of many Wii U owners. Miley posed for a recent picture in a onesie grasping the delightful Wii U Pro Controller. One can only guess which game she was planning to play, but my bet is on Super Mario 3D World.

Thanks, pikachu

178 thoughts on “Looks Like Miley Cyrus Is One Celebrity That Owns A Wii U Console”

    1. Nintendo givin these away to rendom celebs if they promise to promote it lol im a nin10 fan but this seems like the case

                  1. Sorry, what i said made no sense. I mean’t the X1 should be the better console since it was a 100$ more than the PS4 and is way bigger :)

                        1. I’ve seen some Youtube videos who have bought the DVR wannabe box and says the DRM is still there. Insert the game disc and it downloads the digital game in the drive instead of playing it directly. Thats part of the DRM revealed from May 2013. Only the idiot fans wanna ignore that obvious BS because they’re trapped in their own self-absorbed famboy egos over Gears of War and ripoff Live service. Like really? $60 fucking dollars to play online for free and allow bypass that dumbass paywall, paying $60 to use Netflix which is open and free to use everywhere else.

                      1. … dont listen to that wiitard… all they do is praise and kiss nintendos ass all day. nintendo should have learned from their mistake but NOOOOO LETS MAKE A STUPID DUST COLLECTING TOASTER……….. I don’t even need a vacuum anymore because it collects so much dust……. at least my house is clean because of it now HAHAHA

                        1. All these 3rd party games that have released this year have turned out to be disappointments. I would worry about your own consoles future before attacking Nintendo. Nintendo games are the only games that score high on metacritic anymore.

                        2. Irony seeing how you basically have a Nintendo character in your icon from the Gamecube era.

                      2. I wouldn`t be so glad if i were you. Sony is also planning on that DRM. Because => it wasn`t MS-decision to bring out DRM. It was Ubisoft & EA, Activision etc- all others begging them to do it. Why do you think they are doing “EA Access” now on Xbox One exclusive? Because they made a deal with MS. A deal which Sony will not get, if they don`t say yes to their DRM-agreement. That deal might lead to exclusive games on Xbox One in the future (as it happened with Tomb Raider), leading to less thirdparty-exclusive games for PS4.

                        Its also funny how Sony said to EA Access “No thanks” and thought their system is a lot better, when their PSN got hacked the last 4 weeks and went even completely down.Not so perfect anymore huh?

                        Its very safe to asume, that Sony will soon release a PS4 slim without any more disc-drive. OH you cannot imagine how big the shitstom for Sony will be, if that really happens. It will be enormous.

                1. It’s nice my PS4 doesn’t have DRM. Fuck it actually has and i can’t play my PS+ games when PSN is down. I bought my console in release for Driveclub PS+ edition and console is still collecting dust.

      1. Well, one of the biggest ways the Ps and Xbox are marketed, are through celebrities. Though, I do not like the artist, good for Nintendo!

        1. While I can’t stand her music, I understand why she did… whatever she did. She was more or less owned by Disney before, them telling her everything she should do, from dressing to hairstyle.

          1. She was owned by Disney? Hahaha this made me laugh so hard. So she wanted to be like this the whole time? I can never look at Hannah the same way again…

            1. True, but that isn’t a reason for her to act like a 2 cent whore, remember Raven SImone?
              In short she is now a lesbian, but that’s fine, she’s a Disney actor, she’s gay, so what.

              But Miley is waaaay over the line of rebeling of what Disney wanted her to be, her entire image changed and to a point where it is probably criminal.

              I don’t know about the U.S, but if I was found smoking weed, I’d be investigated immediately.

              1. Eh. Lesbian or not, Raven is still awesome to me. Freaking loved her show. Haha. Still can’t believe what happened to Miley. I wonder how her dad is going through all this. Lol.

                  1. Well of course he had to say stuff like that even if he totally doesn’t agree. It is his daughter after all. Also, off topic, but I’m starting to notice my little sister change just like Miley.. She lives with her grandparents now and last time I remember she used to be a nice little girl albeit annoying sometimes. Haha. Now I hear my mom telling new things like she’s trying to smoke cigarettes and that the police brought her and some friends back to their house at 3AM because they were wearing masks vandalizing school or something. And in addition I can overhear her talking to her friends about twerking. *facepalm* Keep in mind that she’s like 10. Also, my other brother suffers from depression or something. He overreacted when my mom told him to clean up then started crying. (8 years old) And the last one is the baby brother (he’s five) Used to always be my favorite. He also lives up there with my sister (unlike my 8 year old bro that lives with us) and mom said he likes to burn things? Lol but then again, his excuse is that he’s a child. But he should know better. Hopefully it doesn’t continue into something much worse. Am I seriously the only normal one out of my siblings? ._.

                    1. Stop venting your problems on this public comment section. Talk to your mom about it.. Or child services. Doing this wont help them, it only helps you get syphathy. Your more like miley then you think. Attention whore.

                      1. 1: The comment wasn’t directed at you. 2: You should’ve stopped reading after “off topic”. 3: Who are you supposed to be? Internet police? Lol.

                        1. Yea but this isn’t like an open board for discussing our problems with others.. It’s a comment section, or was at some point. Then you and the commander fags needed a place to feel important I guess. Sassori at least talked about video games.

                          1. That makes him by definition lower then you? What a mean thing to say to someone confessing there real problems to you. And before you say it, I’m already aware. your an android or some shit. Don’t even need to here it. Childish bs.

                  2. Miley can do whatever she wants, why anyone cares what another does so much is beyond me. You can’t deny that when celebs do crazy stuff they are entertaining, though she should stop teasing so much and just do playboy lol.

              2. She wasn’t “Owned”, but she had some sort of contract, I believe. I’m not interested enough to do some research, though.

                1. Of course not, she’s not a slaves but she did had to do anything and everything Disney asked if she wanted to keep her job.

        2. You know what, I don’t have any respect for celebrities, but young celebrities I despise, they seem young and sincere but fame goes to their heads, their egos blow up and they become greed hungry despite the fact that they own everything.

          But it is a shame to see Miley Cyrus who used to be such a sweet little girl who loved to sing and was an idol to little girls everywhere stoop so low, what does that say for the rest of us?

          In fact at one point she was beautiful, now she looks like a butch lesbian train wreck.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Very few lesbians are born “butch” but the majority, just like the feminine gays are nothing more than people that thinks being gay is being like that…

                    Mostly because they have been affected by the gay culture…

                    It has nothing to do with liking the same sex more than the culture itself…

                    Although a big portion do that because they think that have too, most of them do that because they have been rejected by their families and society, to fit in…

          1. As I said right above, what she did is slightly different from other celebrities, as she has always been forced to do as Disney wanted her to do. Far from a fan of her, though.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      If you are someone in my Wii U list then just give me a message and I’ll keep your secret…

              1. Funny how they try to make such a big deal about it explaining to children that it’s bad, yet display acts of it everyday. Hypocrite much? Lol. By the time I turned 15, that’s all I ever hear people talking about. Apparently if you don’t lose your “you know what” by age 24 or something, then you’re a loser. I will admit that my teenage hormones have made me somewhat tempted, but I’m responsible unlike most other high schoolers I know. I know about all those diseases and stuff. Stay away from me. Lol. I don’t want their filth. XD

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                  This is why I hate the ultra liberalists aswell as the conservatives, everything is about sex, drugs and crap music…

                  1. Haha, crap music. Tbh, it seems the best music I listen to is actually video game music. Lol. I do occasionally listen to some other music though. I used to care about rap, but it’s terrible now. So many disgusting swear words… But I don’t favor a specific genre, I just like whatever sounds good to me. It could be the girliest song in the world, but if I like it, it’s fine with me! :P

          1. Lol, that might be true! We’re all one big herd of weirdos and misfits, like in Ice Age, or something!

            Strike that; that series aged horribly.

        3. I don’t pay enough attention to her to know if I like her stuff or not but good that she has one…hope its not all party games though…not sure what kind of gamer she is. Would it be a stretch to think that she plays games like xenoblade and bayonetta and not/not just the just dance and wii sports stuff??

            1. well bayo games are more self aware and comical in its anime style presentation. her proportions and the way she acts are more artistic, bigger than life …sort of deliberately the opposite to the usual every man male protagonist. from the publics perspective of her I am not sure mylie has that sort of dignified deliberate weird and wonderful sexiness that bayo has.

        4. Gosh, she owns a Wii U Pro Controller. Even I don’t have one of those. Guess she’s a bigger Nintendo fan than me!

        5. Bet she’s a hardcore Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate player and has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles X pre-ordered, lol

          1. Lol, you’ve actually caused me to picture being able to sit down and have a friendly conversation with Miley Cyrus. I never thought that situation would be reasonably possible.

            Maybe I never thought of it because for her to have good taste like that is so incompatible with what she wants to be.

                1. Oh be quite Snake, at least I wasn’t the one crying when Mommy told you that you were a clone of Big Boss and at least I wasn’t the one was being all emo and was about to shoot myself,

        6. In other news, reporters can confirm without a doubt that celebrities do shit and breathe like regular human beings :P.

                1. *Liquid goes to therapist”

                  Therapist: Don’t worry, Liquid. The important thing is you choose. life.

                  *injects syringe*

                  Liquid: What’s this for?!

                  Therapist: It’s an antidepressant.

                  …. and THAT’S how he really got FoxDie!

        7. I respect her as an artist, but she is not a good role model. She may be a nice person, but not someone to look up to. Especially since most of her fans were kids during the airing of Hannah Montana. All of a sudden, WHAM!, those little kids got a taste of the new Miley.

          1. Indeed, it give little kids the wrong impression of who to trust and who not to trust. Who to admire and who not to admire.

            It happened here very recently with my country’s own Oscar Pistorius.
            He was loved everywhere, he was the “Fastest Man on No Legs”, an inspiration to disabled and able bodied children throughout the world, now he is known as nothing more than a murderer…

            1. I watched him during the Olympics. I admired him so much for what he did. He made the disabled see that anything is possible as long as you give it your all… but then he shot and killed his girlfriend. It’s the things that famous athletes/celebs do outside of their profession that shape their image. Mike Tyson, a great boxer, but a rapist. They’ll always be remembered for their achievements, but they will also be remembered just as much, if not more, for their wrongdoings.

          1. This is how you know you’re old or a fucking hipster. Its always happened, music changes, and the older generation bitches about the new one. Kiss at one point was considered garbage and devil music by the older generation. Good luck living sad in the past while the rest of us move on.

        8. It’s too bad the controller isn’t all that recognizable though. It’s such an awful one too, so uncomfortable to hold. The placement of A/B/X/Y is just awful. Cool that she kinda promoted it, but I doubt it’ll give a boost in sales or anything like that.

          1. It’s a good thing it won’t, too. Oh god, the last thing I’d want is a bunch of THOSE kids filling up the Wii U install base.

        9. SAVE Wii U




          SAVING !!!!!




          SAVING ????

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        11. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant, she is in the same age bracket as most of us who grew up in the NES/SNES days. It’s not to shocking that someone of our age especially with her money would buy a Wii U, I bet she also has a PS4 and Xbox One.


          wii remote plus x 4

          nunchuck x 4

          pro pad x 1

          classic pad pro x1

          gamecube pads x2 with wii remote adaptor

          1x gamepad


          1. You arent a real gamer for buying so many accessories, your family is just big or you’re just stupid and rebuy the same things.

        13. Of course she owns a Wii U. Most every celebrity owns a Wii U. Ps4 and Xbox one is for the “herd” gamers. The FiFa’s and the Madden’s. Wii U is for the elite.

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