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Rejecting The Wii U End-User License Agreement Locks The System

YouTube user A Murder of Crows has uploaded a video which clearly shows that rejecting the recent Wii U end-user agreement locks you out of the system. If you don’t agree with it then you can’t run any video games on your Wii U console as there’s no option to decline. Obviously this has caused a few users to be miffed, but there’s nothing you can do about it if you want to play your Wii U console.

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65 thoughts on “Rejecting The Wii U End-User License Agreement Locks The System”

  1. Thing is you can do something about it and just click accept. It’s not locked as in permanently. Just won’t be able to do anything until you agree.I hated it when people messed with software with Mario Kart Wii and they just ruined the online. Rather keep them away.

      1. When I posted this comment, I did not know. If you would have actually been paying attention, you’d have known that the guy below me already clarified that.

  2. What is the problem? Nintendo is stating that the software that although you purchased it, you cannot profit or benefit from it by say tampering with it or resell is as your own.

    It’s not Nintendo, it is standard EULA procedure, what is the big deal?

  3. so what’s the gist of the issue? they’ll be able to update and do whatever they want to the system? what’s terrible about that?

    1. Consider the PS3: Sony updated their EULA to say the same thing, that they can modify the system however they want, whenever they want, and not tell you beforehand. Sony then removed Linux support from the PS3…and with it, half of your hard drive space (which you can’t get back unless you completely wipe your hard drive) that was reserved for the OtherOS functionality.

      Also consider when one of the recent updates to the PS3 (I think it was 4.15?) actually killed systems due to a bug. The update was automatically installed because the EULA gave Sony the power to do that.

      1. Uh you can decline to update your ps3. You wont be able to use psn of course due to not agreeing to their ToS, but it doesnt lock your entire system. And system updates only auto download if you have ps+ and have the automatic download option turned on.

  4. Dumbest video, it seems to me people are big babies. Yeah nintendo will turn your wii u into a dvd player for you can’t buy their games no more. Shit the wii got hacked pretty badly, every game free can you blame nintendo?

  5. Besides, what do people think Nintendo put in there? Do they honestly think Nintendo would do that shit that was parodied in the one episode of South Park? What purpose would that serve, they don’t want their products to be plagiarized, unless… you would DO want to buy a bootleg game called “Ultra Italian Jumping Bros.” ?

  6. Isn’t that the case with any of the recent gaming systems though ? If I recall correctly, I had to agree to user licenses on other systems as well. Not sure if I actually get “locked out” on those if I decline, since I’ve never actually tried it, but it sounds like the most logical thing to happen ? What exactly is the big deal about this, lmao.

  7. Well, there are a few issues with this. First is the usual all-or-nothing EULAs you have to accept to use what you’ve bought, but that’s not new.
    There are two other big issues, though. The first one is that the WiiU can be updated without asking you or notifying you. This could mean loosing functionnality, or working in a different way that what you would expect, even if everything works fine right now. The other issue is that you have to accept the EULA when it changes, or you lose access to everything you’ve purchased and had access to. Even if you accepted the old EULA and everything was working fine. Even if you just want to play offline to what you have bought. Basically, you can only play what you’ve bought until Nintendo change their mind and you don’t agree with their new conditions anymore (even if you were perfectly fine with the old ones, and are not asking new features).

    1. glad to read that someone here have a brain and know how to use it. I could not have put it better. People just accept and don’t care what they are accepting (even if those terms can be illegal or abusive), player are just sheep. thank you very much for this refreshing comment.

  8. Xbox One: You will need to download a 20GB “Patch” in order to play Halo: Master Chief Collection.
    Gamers: Fine

    Wii U: In order to play our games you will need to accept the standard EULA copyright agreements.
    Gamers: Ermegerd,WTF, Nintendoomed,Dafuq is dis shit, kill Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto.

    1. That’s not really an issue though. Especially if you have the 1TB XB1. Now if it only had 32GB, then that would be a problem. Lol.

        1. I see your point. But I’m pretty sure most Xbone users have access to stable internet. If I do recall, you had to download some kind of update to begin playing the Xbone in the first place. So anyone that got past that is fine. People that don’t have access to stable enough internet wouldn’t have bought an Xbone because of that mandatory system update. Lol.

          1. FUN FACT: Not everyone has stable internet! My nephew download a game about 40 GB, took about 20 hours to finish it! What’s worse is that he kind liked it, but the next day, he went back to Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare and Minecraft. He’s a 9 year old boy, and I have NO idea why parents nowadays don’t realize about this gaming generation.

            1. If you can download a full game, I consider that stable enough. Unstable internet would be like that wifi I once had living in a hotel that disconnected every 2 freaking minutes…

    1. exactly LOL at trying to make this into a issue talk about pathetic mindless fools JUST CLICK YES jesus h christ these people

      1. true i don’t understand some people getting paranoid over it half the time most of those things are just about not copying software and such like. it not like it freeware off some shady download site

    2. Sometimes you should.
      Those completely legit softwares can come with nasty adware softwares if you blindly agree to install.
      Disagreeing to those are usually an option, and you can still install the software you want.

      1. that is different with optional software like those annoying search bars java tries to get you to install. but with a stratford do you agree to terms and conditions i would be there all day reading some of them. but i do also use a few security tools on my pc which helps in detecting some of the annoying adware and malware




    click baiting again are we my nintendo news PATHETIC

    1. One porn site directed you to gay porn if you clicked their “disagree to see naked lady”.
      And how I received this information, is irrelevant.

  10. Yeah next thing you know they will be adding a device that’s had to be on 24/7 and spys on you and making it to were you cant reuse a video game on another sytem…

  11. Would be interesting to know if this would also happen with an european console with Germany or Austria country setting, because there a legal EULA has to be readable before you buy something or else the entire content of it is invalid even if you click “Accept”.

  12. Why would anyone not click “agree? I click agree on these things without even reading it. Even on computer stuff. I don’t know if anyone ever reads them?

  13. In case any dumbass here thinks this is bad or Nintendo is forcing anything or whatever just so they can have a stupid excuse to bash, don’t forget that this terms agreement is done in every other tech and software imaginable. Just accept and don’t do anything illegal or stupid with their copyrighted product. That’s it.

  14. All of you guys are ass hats why compare Microsoft to Nintendo, sure 20GB patch is not all that bad, an agreement is different to a patch that is mandatory, so this is what you do accept the FUCKING AGREEMENT! I mean you payed roughly $200! Just say yes and your fine. God, I mean a retard would understand (no offense) this crap.

  15. I think the point that’s being made is that the demands of the end-user license agreement shouldn’t even be legal. We bought the system – we should at least be able to play games on the thing without agreeing to a violation of our consumer rights. If they want to lock out certain online features – beyond simply playing the game – that’s where some gray starts to creep in!

    1. Blame it on all the console hackers. Nintendo is just defending thier product, and thier business. These hackers are a plague to gaming and Nintendo has to take defensive measures to stop them. You don’t want to accept Nintendo’s terms, then you don’t get to use thier hardware. Simply as that, get over it….

  16. Figures Sickr would post something with click-bait written all over it. lol

    Anyway, anyone that actually has a problem with this is just shit out of luck! Don’t agree to their terms to use THEIR product? Then you don’t get to use it! You have to accept something like this when you buy a new PC & turn it on for the first time. Same with an Xbox, a Playstation, an Android phone, an iPad, an iPhone, and many other technologies. This thing is there to protect their product from losers that can’t come up with their own ideas and prefer to just steal other people’s hard work.

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