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Mewtwo Returns To Smash Bros, But You’ll Have To Purchase Both 3DS & Wii U Versions To Get Him For Free

The Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct has revealed a veteran fighter is returning to the battle. Popular among many Smash fans, Mewtwo is back and ready to take down a few fighters in the arena. Fans will be able to grab him for free in Spring 2015 providing you’ve registered both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game in a special online promotion. More details will become available in the future on the promotion, so stay tuned.

141 thoughts on “Mewtwo Returns To Smash Bros, But You’ll Have To Purchase Both 3DS & Wii U Versions To Get Him For Free”

    1. you on’t need the 3ds. just buy the 3ds version of the game, keep the club nintendo code, enter it onto club nintendo. resell or refund the game. problem solved.

      1. Wow, I’m seeing so many of you cheering like this is pro consumer or something. You fanboys never seem to disappoint. I can’t wait for SSB5 when Iwata says “Please, we at Nintendo want everything that you have for Skull Kid in Supa Smash Brodars, your house, your car, every last thing that you own and 10000$” And fanboys are like “OMG; SKULLKID IS HERE, I WANNA SUCK UR COCK IWATA, YER DA BEST, LET ME JUST SELL MY KIDNEYS”

        This is just great.

        1. But when Destiny, BF, COD does it it’s alright.. (They are all good games in my perspective)but you are getting out of hand. SSB4 is a complete game, I mean look at the roster! If you don’t like what Nintendo is doing I suggest emailing them or make a thread somewhere else talking on how much you don’t like how Nintendo is running things.

          1. You lost me at “it’s a complete game”. How is that so? You are pretty stupid to think that one person can change a huge company.

            1. It is a complete game _-_ It has the biggest roster so far and stages. I never said that one person can change a huge company I was just suggesting that you should try to do one of the options above. But of course you overshadow that.. Calling people stupid..? That’s pretty low but ok.

              1. Content filled game and a complete game aren’t the same. Why do you think microtransactions and DLC get so much slack? You told me to email them…That means that you’re implying that I could achieve something by speaking my mind directly to some office drone that works there. No. You’re a handicapped cretin.

                1. Wow, I’m seeing many of you anti-fanboy-boys making poor comments on threads you obviously don’t belong in. “There’s Mewtwo DLC.” And you’re like “I hate other people paying for things they like, I’m going to be an asshole so everyone can see.” Nintendo decides the price, people buy it if they want. But you have to call people handicapped.

                  Smh who raised you, kid? Life’s better when you’re nice.

                  1. I’m a rational human being. If all food prices rose 400% except for very basic ones. You’d still have the same attitude? I mean you don’t have to eat pizzas, hamburgers, you don’t have to drink coke, monster energy…If Nintendo games rose to 100$, would you keep the same attitude? I’m a critic, and I’m a rational human being, not some anus for a company to fuck like yourself.

                2. Well in my opinion it is a complete game and the DLC is adding to the games like how other companies are doing it to.. besides sometimes Nintendo does listen to your opnions. Also seriously, enough with the stupid stuff I really think you’re just a sad person taking anger on other people. Voicing your own opinion isn’t bad, but affecting other people is seriously ignorant of other people’s feelings.

                  1. And who are you to decide when an opinion is too much for someone to handle? If you can’t, you’re free to leave.

                    DLC can be done correctly and that is if there are 2 DLC packs max and they have a very suitable price for what they offer, but that is not the case with Nintendo.

                    A complete game is a game with all of the content. Learn what the word “complete” means and I would be ok if there was only DLC, but like I said, you need 12+ Amiibo figurines (They will make others) DLC and both of the game copies. That is some EA bullshit.

                    1. You’re free to start your own company and run it your way. How other people spend their money is none of your business. And how you vote with yours isn’t our business. If people want mewtwo, they’ll pay. If they don’t, they won’t. No need to blow things out of proportion…

                      1. Makes sense, by that logic, there should be no critics in this world. No reviews, or at least no bad reviews. “You don’t like the new Sonic, eh? You have no right to criticize it”…nice logic, there buddy. You don’t have the right to criticize me, because you are not me and don’t know anything about my life.

                        People with intelligence like me, see what is wrong and explain it to those with lower intelligence so that they understand how the world works. That is why there are reviews, that is why people talk shit about the government, that is why people criticize the world and why there aren’t slaves anymore. That’s like saying “You don’t like that you are being bullied at school? Don’t fight for your rights, change the school.” You retarded moron.

                      2. I’m respecting your opinion man, chill. :) I just don’t like it when you speak out your opnion in a rude way. You could just say I don’t like how N is running things or whatever. I’m pretty sure along with mewtwo they will release other characters or stages along with it.. Also amiibo figures just add to the game nothing more or less

                      3. You guys waste your time arguing with him. He actually thinks his opinion is a fact, that he’s always right, & anyone that disagrees with his opinion is an idiot. Trying to have a respectful debate with him is pointless. It’s like trying to convince a narcissist that the world doesn’t revolve around him/her. Of course, I have been known to “debate” with the kid myself. xD

            2. Will everyone just chill the fuck out, it’s going to be available to but for like 2-3 bucks tomorrow, they are just letting people with both versions or club nintendo have it for free first

          1. So what you’re saying is, in the future, you can purchase Mewtwo on just the Wii U or 3DS version? I won’t mind paying for DLC. I just don’t want to buy a Wii U.

        2. Hi I am wanting Mewtwo too so if you give me the wii u version code to my email and I will get you your Mewtwo. ANd make sure it isn’t regestered. I already used my 3ds code. Plus I can’t afford a Wii u. I hope we can work together to get what we both want.

        1. But in all seriousness though. What does this confirm for Super Smash Bros. series in the long run?

          There just might be character DLC alongside Stage DLC. And Mewtwo will be the first, out of who knows how many. Probably less than ten or something.

          I can only imagine that Sakurai overhauled his attacks and fighting style, and most likely added his Mega Evolution as a Final Smash.

          1. If you look at the complete character roster on 3DS, the way the characters are lined up on the bottom 2 rows, there appears to be enough slots for 4 DLC characters.

                    1. Are you all idiots?, all they said was that it was free for those who had both versions, its obviously gonna cost for those who only have 1 version of the game.

              1. Whoa, pick Smash Bros! Pokemon would be my second choice though. Bayonetta 2…..well, the price is going to drop a lot faster since Pokemon and Smash Bros will stay at their starting prices for years to come so that’s the one that you should wait on imo.

                      1. He’s disappointed that you are going to start playing it again.

                        Implying you stop playing in the first place.

                        Its not hard to understand him dude -_-

        1. not necessarily you notice how they didn’t say you could only get him if you bought both versions, they just said if you bought both versions he would be free.

          1. Its been confirmed by Nintendo UK that its free for owners of both version but that Mewtwo will be paid DLC in the future.

      2. Anubis (A.K.A master of deceit)

        There has to be more than this. I mean it’s great that we are getting mewtwo, but there has to be something else to this DLC.

        1. If you look at the complete character roster on 3DS, the way the characters are lined up on the bottom 2 rows, there appears to be enough slots for 4 DLC characters.

            1. Already have the 3DS version and was always gonna get the Wii U version so this and the cd sound track are just bonus gifts to me. I was getting both before I knew about either deal. So I’m not a drone, just lucky and happy.

        1. I already have 3DS and was always getting the U version, so it’s free for me and everyone I know pretty much too :p

      3. I dont think we’ll have to buy both versions JUST to get Mewtwo or that would be pretty unfortunate for A LOT of people who dont own a Wii U such as myself. I think/hope that Mewtwo will be offered to players as paid DLC instead of having to buy both versions.

                    1. Anubis (A.K.A master of deceit)

                      Okay you don’t have to since you are not in the same position as Gideon and nintendo 3dds I presume.

              1. even with a receipt you can’t get a refund once the game is opened. you would be stupid to trade it in also for what they give you today. you would be better off selling the game online yourself for close to full price. i can live without Mewtwo i bet he plays exactly like Lucario.

        1. Are you sure they will release this as DLC? Would seem more likely to release more content that requires both versions, so they sell more of each version of the game. If they just released it as DLC, that is less money to made.

          Where as this way, it pushes more people who only planned on buying one version, to now need both for the full extent of content.

          Just my take on it.

          1. I think it’s a reward for people who buy both versions anyway, but I can not see Nintendo missing out on those delicious Nintendollars by not making him available as paid dlc.

            There are a lot of people who won’t buy both versions, but they can still spend $2.99 (or $4.99 or whatever it might be) on a character they like.

            It would be silly to not do it from Nintendo’s POV.

      4. Let’s hope more DLC is coming along the way. Besides the fact that he won’t come until Spring 2015 means they’re preparing or something else… DLC!!!!

      5. WooooooHOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was always buying both versions anyway, so I don’t care!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Sucks to be a cheapo who can only afford one version or who thought they could get away with only buying one version! XP

      6. Greetings from our Nintendo HQ
        we have fueled u in Smash Bros news and now your hype and momentum is at an all time high!! and Sakurai- San has brought u the greatest smash bros news and now the game is ever closer!

        And with the arrivel and return of Mewtwo all all our fans can rejoice and scream at the sights of the greatest pokemon character to ever be created! hope you all enjoy the Masterpiece we have created and will add more soldiers to our empire

        Play with Power everybody!

      7. Cool, i always liked Mewtwo. Smash bros U should make a nice purchase at the end of the console’s life (next year). Before that, Nintendo need to trim the bullshit (gamepad) and lower the price substantially.

      8. that’s a way to get mewtwo for free…

        does that mean there’s another way to get him paying?

        hope for the single version users!!

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      10. Man, by the time spring is here, I’ll be completely sick of this game and not even want to look at it anymore.

      11. mmmmm…. im mixed feelings. i love mewtwo and im glad hes back but im not jizzing over it.. :/ and if i have to buy a wii u to get smash bros and mewtwo so be it. after seeing all the wii u has to offer, fuck the 3ds version basically. apart from the fact its mobile. so instead of crying im gonna get the wii u version. dont think of it as them taking your money, think of it as getting an amazing game that we can look back on when the fifth one is released. oh and btw. im gonna fuck you up with shadowball bitches :D

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