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Super Smash Bros Wii U Streaming On Twitch Now Via Nintendo France

Nintendo France has taken to Twitch to give gamers a glimpse of the upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U. Nintendo France is currently live streaming the Wii U version on Twitch and are playing a four player battle as I type. Be sure to tune into their channel right now.

29 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U Streaming On Twitch Now Via Nintendo France”

  1. I had to studie that god awful language for 3 years getting nothing bud bad marks, and I have dislexia so it pisses me of when french people won’t speak english and english isn’t my first language.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      What languages do you speak? I main English and sub-class in Japanese. I don’t very much like French. But I’m interested in Swedish… I don’t want any of you telling me how similar those languages are!

      1. Vous n’aimez pas le français?! zut alors ce n’est pas possible D:

        haha jk, welp I also know spanish and from what I can tell you is that even though 2 different languages are similar, it’s still pretty challenging to learn proper grammatical and linguistic structures.

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

          I’m a 9th generation Mexican American. I speak ZERO Spanish. Though, I doubt anyone who’s parents moved here in the 1800’s would know their native language.

            1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

              Sir! It’s for reconnaissance Sir. I’m in charge of human social relations Commander! As a soldier, I have to keep in touch with the events happening down on the ground bases…I relay any vital information back to the Nintendo Space Division. I can always be reassigned if you find my work here inefficient. Your call Commander!

  2. Doesn’t the stream say that they will be playing everyday from 10 to 7? Apparently we were all late for the video since its 7 in France now… ._.

  3. I don’t really understand why people who actually intend to buy the game would watch the stream. It entirely ruins that “first time playing the game”-experience, where everything is new and exciting.
    I personally would never actually watch a gameplay video or stream of a game I’m determined to buy myself. I cherish that moment of booting up a game for the first time and finally seeing and experiencing what I’ve been looking forward to for months too much. But yea, each to their own, I suppose.

    1. I can understand why people do it, probably so excited they just wanna see whatever they can on it, but I am like you, I watch trailers and such maybe, but not really gameplay other than what may be in a trailer or direct. I already got to play the U version twice at best buy, but still it wasn’t enough and watching these would really take away from the excitement for me. And I’m super excited lol. October went so fast I feel, and November is gonna crawl. I’m even going to food & wine fest at disney epcot this saturday, and the following weekend electric daisy carnival which is also in orlando, so I should be thinking about them and how fun they will be, but I can’t stop thinking about smash lol. 3DS was just a tease for me. Great for a handheld fighter, but just not the same, not even the same league. 3DS is just a rectangle, not shaped for your hands like a controller, especially a gamecube or even a pro controller.

      1. Yea, of course it’s absolutely alright if people want to see gameplay footage before release, as I’ve said, each to their own. Everyone has their own ways of handling the excitement for a game. q:
        I actually wasn’t even sure if I should watch the direct or not because I really didn’t want to spoil so much of the game for myself, but the lack of information we had about the WiiU version bothered me enough to make me watch it. I thought it would be best to know what to truly expect from the game, instead of not knowing what will actually be in it and end up expecting too much just to be disappointed in the end.
        And yes, October sure went fast. Good thing though, there are games coming in November I’m looking forward to, so the faster we get past October, the better. (: And you’re lucky you’ll have a busy November, pretty sure time will pass even faster for you like that.
        I haven’t bought the 3DS version btw, I personally believe SSB only can be truly experienced when being played on home consoles, haha. The idea of a portable SSB hadn’t even crossed my mind before Nintendo actually announced it for the 3DS. Just not my cup of tea, for me, it belongs on a home console and has to be played on a TV, playing it on a handheld doesn’t appeal to me at all. But again, each to their own of course, not judging anyone who plays it on the 3DS. q:

        1. You cheater. XD You’re not even supposed to have a Wii U right now. You got lucky because of that friend that gave it to you. You WILL buy a Wii U eventually! Mark my words! Lmao. In the meantime, enjoy Smash Bros… :p

          1. Can’t even deny it LOL. I got reeeally lucky, quite thankful for it though.
            And naah, almost sure I’ll never actually buy one, what would I need a 2nd WiiU for ? d:

              1. Nah, it’s not like I’m not into Nintendo games. There just haven’t been many games from them lately that caught my interest. SSB is one of my favorite series from Nintendo though. Been playing it since the first entry, the 3DS version is the only one I’ve skipped so far. Still playing Brawl with friends every now and then actually. Had been playing it online too, with both friends and random people until the servers shut down. And SSB for WiiU will take its place soon, pretty sure it will keep me busy for a long time too. (: Once it’s out, I’ll just spend time with both my PS4 and WiiU, no need to choose only one. q:

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