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Microsoft Unveils Its Own Quality Of Life Product That Also Tracks A User’s Sleep

Nintendo partially explained its first Quality of Life product today which measure a user’s fatigue and maps their sleep. Not to be outdone Microsoft has also announced today that it plans to release a similar device which tracks a user’s sleep and also exercise. However, the Microsoft Band is a wearable device whereas Nintendo’s first Quality of Life product is a standalone device. You can read more about the Microsoft Band, right here.

“Consumers now have an overwhelming choice of health-related cloud platforms to choose from. They can be forgiven for being confused by the multitude of options. It’s going to be a tough decision to choose whether to place their loyalty with Apple, Google or Microsoft given the immaturity of all three platforms.”

– Ben Wood from CCS Insight told the BBC.


71 thoughts on “Microsoft Unveils Its Own Quality Of Life Product That Also Tracks A User’s Sleep”

      1. I really want something that let’s me know when I’m dreaming. I am a lucid dreamer but I don’t always achieve lucidity, anything that helps would be great. Wonder what nintendo’s Quality of life will be.

      1. How about “telling the truth”, your comment on the other side…… I don’t know if you are trolling or just incredibly stupid XD hahaha you people amuse me, you amuse me so much. :D

        1. They didn’t have enough time to steal this idea from Nintendo, thus Deepsouth’s comment is either incredibly stupid if sincere, or trolling if insincere.
          Namie’s comment is just fine. Since it is hard to see whether Deepsouth actually believes Microsoft stole the idea from Nintendo or doesn’t.

          If you want to make the case that this idea was stolen from Nintendo, then go ahead, I’d love to hear how Microsoft stole an idea that was announced by Nintendo yesterday and already seem to have a design and prototype. Man, those people at Microsoft work impossibly fast.

    1. Nintendo literally JUST announced their platform 24 hours ago. Do you truly and honestly believe that Microsoft would have come up with this in a single days time? This had to have been in the making for quite awhile.

      The stupidity and fonboyism in this websites community is pathetic.

    2. They are 2 very different products, and Microsoft had smart bands almost 15 years ago. Mean while Nintendo’s device is more about sleep quality. Microsoft mean while is making their smart band as a companion for your phone…..your dumb if you think their coming from the same thing. both are cashing in on the health trend…and that’s fine cus their both going to be good products that help people become more healthy

  1. Commander! I respect you for the mercy that you have for these fools (for now) but when will you send them to oblivion?

        1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost sure it’s been said that Nintendo will offer wearables too.
          Also, we don’t know how “innovative” Nintendo’s QoL devices will be either, as there’s barely any information about it so far. The only thing we know about is that sleep tracker, and sleep tracking isn’t something I’d call innovative.

  2. $199 and ‘up to 48hr battery life’
    Cloud security still in its infancy and all 3 want you to pay for a device and then freely hand over your health data forever… Scary.

    1. I thought about that too. how hackable are these devices? I don’t want any product company or simple hacker to have my medical information or sleeping habits. It just screams creepy. *_*

  3. People are too paranoid. You have quite the ego if you think people actually care about your sleeping habits. If a hacker wanted your medical records, they would get them quite easily. And they would not need Nintendo’s QOL to do it.

  4. Not surprising at all to see Microsoft copying from Nintendo, I mean they took lessons from watching Sony do it for so many years LOL

            1. That comment wasn’t actually meant for you. That was supposed to be troll bait… Lol. But tbh, I think it is. The Wii severely disappointed me. It has great exclusives, but it disappointed me because of the lack of third party.

              1. The Wii wasn’t my favorite console either. Not by a long shot. But there was still enough first-party games to satisfy me. Unfortunately, the Wii controls RUINED many games.

                1. Yes! Someone finally gets it! Jeez, they overused the heck out of motion controls! It works for some games, but I don’t want it in ALL of them!

                  1. One example is golf games. It ruins the game when it forces people to have to swing the Wii remote like a real golf club. That is SO annoying! Nothing beats the play control in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour on Gamecube (for a golf game). But this is just one of dozens of examples that could have been used.

                    As much as I love Nintendo, I’ll always hate how the Wii remote ruined so many potentially great games with that stupid motion crap.

  5. I’m afraid to say that microsoft has more chance to success is things like this than Nintendo does..I think
    Will people buy this type of product from a company that sells games? Will the people trust in those new type of product from Nintendo?
    Hum, It’s just my opinion, though.

  6. Well, I hope that Nintendo’s “Quality of Life” product and… Whatever Microsoft’s product is called will bear more differences and, well, not be in competition against each other.

    I also hope that Nintendo’s QoL WON’T affect their gaming industry in ANY WAY.

  7. Really now…..Nintendo just revealed their 1st QOL thing the other day now Microsoft jumps on board, Why can’t you just be original Microsoft? Of that’s right….cause when you make what YOU WANT nobody buys the damn thing or wants it. (Xbox One)

  8. How the fuck are they stealing from nintendo? Someone explain please cause at the moment you sound like a bunch of retarded fanboys atm

  9. The people defending Microsoft… lol Let’s just ignore the fact Microsoft could easily churn out something in just a day if they really wanted to try to upstage someone. Unless they went into detail about their device & actually showed a fully functional prototype, they could also easily throw together some CGI thing & make it look as real as possible. This is a billion dollar company, after all. I’m sure Microsoft can pull it off.

    And this is less about me being a Nintendo “fanboy” & more about me just not liking some of the shit this company does. Like the Xbone itself! Always on internet, would become a brick without internet being on, once a game disk is used on a console, it’s forever tied to that specific console & can’t be used on another one… It’s bad enough they practically own the entire computer industry with their operating systems.

    Again, unless they had a fully functional device, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility for Microsoft to churn something out in less than 24 hours. So if they did have a fully functional device at the time of this reveal, cool! We were wrong & just being paranoid.

    1. Sorry, but you sound like a blind fanboy right now. First of all, have you noticed all these new fitness bands, like fitbit? Microsoft has obviously been trying to combat these bands by making their, not Nintendo. Also, I don’t think Microsoft is scared of Nintendo outside gaming. Not scared enough to make a whole device. Also no, they didn’t make this in a day. It takes a while to develop a device. Don’t be stupid. Not to mention the device has been getting lots of praise, so if they did make it in a day, then bravo.

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