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Are Pikmin, Tom Nook And Bowser Amiibo Figures Coming?

Lucas Thomas has tweeted a photo which suggests that Pikmin, Tom Nook and Bowser Amiibo figures will eventually be released. It doesn’t sound too surprising, as it appears as though there’s going to be plenty of money made from Amiibo figures. Would you purchase a Tom Nook, Bowser or Pikmin Amiibo?

36 thoughts on “Are Pikmin, Tom Nook And Bowser Amiibo Figures Coming?”

  1. I just wonder how the Tom Nook figure is going to work. I’m a big Tom Nook fan so I’m really looking forward to this!

    1. I wish they would use bowser’s regular sounds though in smash bros instead of making him and Dk sound like animals.

  2. I’ll buy them if they return to their original quality. It’s just the false advertisement that really crushes the deal for me. If they would have showed what they really looked like, than I would not even be that disappointed

    1. If you were reading the text on the smash direct, you would not it said”Figures shown not actual size and designs may vary.”

      1. If that’s true that means there are multiple amiibos of a single character, contradicting with Nintendo’s statement that one amiibo will work for multiple games. Also means they can rip us off with a Smash Peach, Mario Party Peach, and Mario Kart Peach. -.-

        1. Actually, I think they are being truthful on that, just that each character will get multiple amiibos. There very well may be that many peach amiibos, for instance, but each would work in every game. It’s a way to guarantee customers have a chance at getting amiibos without having to buy all amiibos that come out to enjoy the game.

    1. I can’t believe we haven’t heard any news of a Wii U version of Animal Crossing. I hope there WILL be one on Wii U. I also hope it’s dramatically different from New Leaf. City Folk was my least favorite in the series.

      1. Same. I thought City Folk was going to have a bustling, big city but instead we got what was more like one section of a bloody mall. It should have been called Mini-Mall Folk.

  3. Bowser and Pikmin or rather Olimar are likely just Smash Bros. Amiibos as they’re characters in Smash. Tom Nook on the other hand could be anything, honestly.

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  5. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that the silhouette of the Bowser one looks more along the lines of Paper Boswer more than anything as it is facing fully to the left and we can see the snout pretty well, unlike the Mario, Tom Nook, and Link ones (to name the few), which we can see outilne of their face but not in the same way we can see Boswer’s. Maybe no one else made the connection? Maybe I’m wrong and they have it just sideways and you can see through the opening of the mouth really well, but I just thought it was interesting that Bowser looked more like his Paper appearance rather than posing really badass-like.

  6. I hope that the Link one is from TP (Twilight Princess) or OOT if he’s getting a new one! I just grabbed Toon Link today at my local GameStop and he is absolutely glorious: perfect paint, sculpting and he just makes me happy looking at him. The original one for SSB — ehhh.

    But, that’s not what I’m mostly hyped about – TOM NOOK. I must have him :)

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