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Teens React To Smash Bros On The Nintendo 64

Uh oh, there’s another Teens React To video and this time they’ve decided to target the beloved Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. At least the majority of the realise what they’ve been handed in a video game cartridge. Anyway, you can check out their amusing impressions in the video embedded above, if you dare.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

121 thoughts on “Teens React To Smash Bros On The Nintendo 64”

          1. I’ve only ever labeled one person here as a stalker and he/she was showing the classic signs of a stalker. That person, who is probably you, needs to take a step back and evaluate their behavior. If you need further proof, go online or something and look at typical stalker behavior and see if I wasn’t right. Nothing that can’t be fixed though.

    1. Wtf 0:30 dude is not only like wayy over nineTEEN but obviously acting “oh my god havent seen one of these in years” nintendo probably didnt pay them that much i guess

            1. Nintendo Usurper Apollo

              My spies have informed me of the real reason why you delayed your purchase of the Wii U. Some have speculated that it’s due to your lack of faith in Nintendo, but it is more than that, you have been secretly funding Sega’s return to the next console war, with ‘Project Sonic Battle 3’ and ‘Project Shenmue 3.’ Admit it, Sega Conspirator Quadraxis!

          1. I was only joking about that because you responded as if Sony Commander’s comment was directed specifically to you.

            P.S At least Nintendo Commander can be intelligent with his responses lmao.

                1. Not really. You seem to lack at making sense and a valid point. Anyway, gotta go play my actual game console that doesn’t explode in my face for running DRM and BS TV/Kinect all day.

                  1. “You seem to lack at making sense and a valid point. ”
                    Says the idiot who brings up Xbox for no valid reason. In fact you whole comment is extremely hypocritical. I’m not going to further explain my reasoning because fanboys like you can’t be reasoned with…

                    Go ahead and reply to me since you like to have the last laugh… I am not going to respond. Good Night!

                    1. I already have that last laugh and still waiting to hear if your precious Xbox branded betamax ever sold pass 5 million. *looks at the watch and sales chart* Nope. Still waiting.

      1. Hahaha I thought the same thing the ethan guy. And after watching yes I wanna smack them all. They make it seem so hard to play.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      I got really frustrated watching them fall to their doom and ignore Pokeballs. They couldn’t UP+B to save their lives. Also, there really wasn’t any reaction to the game itself. Conan the clueless gamer did a better job. Granted, he’s an old man who gets paid to react to people on television -_-;;

      1. Yea it was bad. The one kid complained about the jump buttons, yet I’m pretty sure the jump buttons are the same area in every smash so it DOES make sense. DJ Fire though, that’s a hot move lol.

        1. Those teens are fucking dumb, for 1 that dude looks like he’s 20 something. That guy looks older than 95% of people i know lmao.

          I don’t know how people are so clueless about stuff in the n64 era, i was rocking this game in kindergarden and it was amazing, it only took about 10 minutes to learn the controls. (ahh back when nintendo used to blow our minds with amazing new ip’s and not all this new gay shit like wii series) I would play it before school and would have to wait all day to play it, BECAUSE I HAD FULL DAY KINDERGARDEN… FUCK THAT!!! WHAT BULLSHIT!!!!

          Stupid kids….. i mean teens….. except that guy who looks like he’s 28, he’s excused because he’s actually not a teen but a really stupid college kid who pretends he’s still in high school lmao, i bet he’s pretending to be a teen doing the vid just so he can pay for his crack addiction with the money he gets paid. “all i have to do is act like a retarded teen and i get my coke, gosh my nose hurts……. uhhhh i hate myself and i feel awful, i just want my crack and hope for a overdose or something”

          1. Hahaha yea that sums it up. If you played any 2D games smash shouldn’t be hard to pick up. Someone here is actually defending them. They seem like terrible actors. That old guy ain’t fooling anyone lol. Good old days of ninty gems indeed.

            1. Yeah they do seem like dumb actors don’t they? So looks like there will be a nintendo direct tomorrow for upcoming release dates and stuff.So pretty much the mario kart dlc, and it would be nice to know when that xenoblade game will be released. It would be cool if they actually would announce fatal frame 5 for western audiences but i doubt that because nintendo would rather give us less games.

              So anything interesting happen latley? I almost had to get dreads (thank god) i bet that kansas city would win the world series but the other people pulled off after when the 6th game when kansas it killed the giants. I though i would get an easy 100$ but they decided to pull the bitch move and say no to the bet because they thought they would lose the cash. I bet to do something stupid like get dreads lmao, im glad they pulled off because the giants won the world series.

              I would look so dumb with those.

              1. Yea terrible actors lol. And yea the direct tomorrow is probably just gonna be MK dlc and amiibo info maybe. I’m not expecting too much from it but we shall see lol. Yea X needs more info it’s been a bit. Fatal frame would be nice, just for the sake of another game lol. Nintendo said they were gonna start releasing japanese games in the west to fill droughts but that hasn’t happened that I know of. Interesting lately, hmm went to food and wine fest saturday at disney epcot, that was fun. This weekend I’m going to EDC so I can’t wait for that lol. Haha that’s a fun bet right there. I was actually gonna get dreads a year ago but couldn’t find anyone who would do it for cheap. I kept getting crazy prices, like $100-$200 and then like $100 a month for monthly check ups and tightenings. It would have ended up costing like a grand after all the treatments lol. It’s sad cause I live with a jamaican so you’d think I would know someone through him to get the hook up lol but nope. I ended up cutting my hair short a month later, and I’ve kept it that way. I don’t like my hair long anymore, though I think if I had it in the proper dreads (not the fat thick ones like bob marley but thinner ones) I would have looked good. But I don’t know if I will grow it out again at this point since it takes like 2 years to get that long. Glad you didn’t have to go get them if you don’t think they would look good on you lol. It’s like being bald or having a buzz cut, some people look bad ass, and others look terrible with them.

                1. yeah but can’t you just kinda do them yourself or have someone help you and that’s the end of it? Then you have to do special shampooing for it like every few days or every week.

                  You never know maybe i could have looked ok haha, probably would have looked like a girl. I would feel weird though.

                  1. There’s different ways to do dreads, you can literally just not comb your hair and it will dread on its own, that’s what caveman had going on, and then their are techniques like back combing to do it the more professional way, where they don’t look like caveman dreads lol. I don’t know all about it, but I watched a video showing how it was done and I wouldn’t wanna try it myself after watching cause it was a lot of work lol. Yea you never know til you try lol. Are you still banned on good ol miiverse? lol They really need to make an 18 & up miiverse.

                    1. I haven’t touched my wii u since i got banned lmao, shitty wii u. It’s been like 3 months since i touched it but im going to buy some games for it pretty soon so that might change if i can stand to turn the thing on……. uhhh i miss when nintendo made good systems. The mario kart dlc will probably come out tomorrow or some shit too as a surprise announcement. They have a buy 2 get 1 free at target pretty soon and these are the kinda deals why i haven’t bought a few games yet because i wanted to wait for all the holiday sales and deals.

                      Yeah but the dreads…… TOO MUCH EFFORT!!! I would probably just grow my hair out and not comb it lmao i don’t care, or if someone would help me do it if i had to get them then that would be nice too.

                      1. Thats a dumb reason to be banned. What games do you plan on getting? I’m waiting on Smash U, already got the 3ds version and bayonetta and hyrule warriors so I don’t know if I can spend more right now. As of now it’s two days to til the MK DLC comes out and I already paid for the double pack so that will be fun.

                        As for dreads, yea way too much effort and money to get the style I want from them unfortunately.

                        1. I’m getting bayonetta, hyrule warriors, then probably 3d world for free. (If i hate it again and find the controls annoying and awkaward im just going to sell it to gamestop for 30$, lmao!) The controls felt normal in 3d land to me because of the slider pad made the movements quick and natural, they didn’t feel normal to me in 3dworld.

                          Since it’s by 2 get one free i feel like getting hyrule warriors is ok. I really wasn’t going to get that one unless it was a part of a deal. It’s just dynasty warriors with zelda so, it’s like whatever. It might be fun though. I’m going to get smash later in a few weeks i think. Yeah but last night i finnally turned on my wii u and played pikmin. I was drunk though and it seems mystical. Kinda cool. It would probably be an awesome game to play high on.

                          Yeah dreads haha, i always had my hair super short since like 5th grade so im going to grew it out. I wonder what i would look like with longer hair. For the dreads i guess you could just wait till it grows out really long and just not comb it and see how it looks haha, but those look more sloppy and stuff.

                          1. Lol couldn’t find this comment till now. Those are good choices, I have them all, all though I have been holding off on actually playing Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors till after I’ve completed smash wii u. Already got everything in the 3DS version and have been letting my fingers rest cause man that system is cramped for smash lol. Mario Kart too. Mario kart 7 gave me arthritis and smash brought it back lol. Those games just require too many quick movements for my thumbs lol. I’m only 30 damn it this shouldn’t happen for another decade or two. Haha I remember you saying you preferred the slider for the 3D Land/World games. My roomate says Hyrule Warriors is really good, although he plays a lot of the dynasty warriors games, mainly I’ve seen him play the One Piece and Gundam Dynasty Warriors games that I recall. Pikmin is fun I liked it a lot, wish it was longer. Maybe I should get all the DLC they released lol. And yea it’s pretty and definitely good to burn and just take in the scenery lol. Yea I always had short hair growing up then grew it out when I was like 23 and cut it around 08-09 then grew it out again. I gotta say I enjoy not having to take care of all the hair lol and I think I look better in short hair, but dreads would look different. Probably sticking with short for a while lol. Did you get the mario kart dlc by the way?

                            1. I’ve had a lot rarer things in my life than having arthritis at a younger age. Extremely rare problems, some of them because of the age is just unheard of. Anybody can get arthritis if overusing there fingers and such., though like you said old people get it quite a bit because it’s expected.

                              Anyway yeah i probably look better with short hair too, i always have it like as short as it can get. Im kinda wondering what i would look like with long hair or something though. The games, yeah i got my brother a gay xbox game and he has to buy me bayonetta still…… because bayonetta wasn’t there so i had to get him a game so i could get one free. I actually decided to play 3d world last night and i liked it better than before, maybe it had to do with my buzz. probably. Yeah and the mario kart tracks make the rest look bland and lame. The new tracks add originality and stuff.

              2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                I freaking love Conan. I was surprised he did such a great job reacting to Smash Bros., the first Wii U game on his show.

                  1. No I’m perfectly fine thank you. However you seem the one who’s “gonna cry” since all you can do is bring up and bash Xbox just to stay relevant.

          2. Fucking casuals. The ones who claim to have played the game or are good in it still suck ass. Any smash bros is easy to play, no matter the controller so long as you know the general buttons.

                1. And how would you know that?

                  It’s amazing how mad you Nintenyearolds get over a react video. Probably jealous that teens have other things to do than play video games and worship Nintendo.

                  1. ha please these kids are losers. I got plenty goingon in my life. It’s not the fact they don’t worship nintendo, it’s just how they act. Why would I be jealous of a bunch of tools.

                      1. Right dude. When I’m at EDC this weekend having the time of my life, something you’re probably not even old enough to attend, I’ll think of you and laugh. But you’ll be in school probably. You defend some dorks for no reason like some valiant hero and wanna talk about having a life lol.

                          1. I’m not a fanboy though lol. Like I said I don’t care about the fact they don’t play nintendo, it’s the way they act and sound I didn’t like. Nintendo makes plenty of mistakes. And I don’t just game on nintendo systems either. lol sorry if I came off as a fanboy but I’m not.

                  2. And I love how you assume I was mad. I just gave an opinion on them which seems to be shared by everyone but you. You’re Josh from the video aren’t you?!?!?

              1. Lol the only thing I found funny was DJ Fire. I think the kids they have on these shows are obnoxious and a terrible representation of actual teens in america.

                  1. I don’t know lol they just seem dumb and nobody I knew in high school was like that, and I have friends with younger siblings in high school who don’t act like that. I’ll rewatch and give better details but that will have to wait lol my bosses just got to work

                    1. Maybe because the only people you hung out with were brainless, socially awkward teens who did nothing but play video games. You can’t have a few friends and then claim that they are the representation of how all teens act.

                      1. I do lots more than just game but keep on tryin to guess my life and what my friends were/are like as well as me.

                  2. They just seem like really bad actors who are really dumb as well. Loud and obnoxious. Lol maybe I’m just hating though but I never like these videos they put up. I had to watch this one since it had smash, but yea it was as I expected.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Stop getting offended everytime my young apprentice, I exclude you from the rest of the civilian cattle…

          3. Sony wishes they had the amount of amazing characters that Nintendo have. They even had to beg for other characters to appear in their sorry excuse of a game called Battle Royale, even the title is crap.

            PS4 is shit.

            1. Though this game is not as good as it’s successors, it was still revolutionary. Name another ORIGINAL fighter that had you knock people out of a stage. How about another fighter in which another fighter that has crazy items you can use? The original smash bros was just not as complex as it’s successors.

              1. Not as complex as the others in some ways but it’s better in some ways. I like the physics in it, and absolutely love the throws in it.

              2. Not as complex, but I like some things about it more than the others. The wait it feels when you hit someone felt great, and I love the throws in the 64 version far more than any other smash. The new ones are the best since, so I am happy about that.

          4. Seeing videos like this this makes me realize just how old I really am. I was 18 when this game first came out. And if I remember right, it seems like I got tired of it really fast. I remember feeling like screaming when my nephews wanted to play it every time they came over because I was so completely SICK of it.

            This series came a long way since then.

            1. I still would play the 64 til this day. I love it. It’s the most unique in the series in how it feels I think. I’m always down to play any smash though, but I would play 64 over brawl or the 3DS version thanks to it being on a cramped handheld. But as long as I’m playing a smash game I’m having a good time.

          5. Is not all teens reaction so this video doesn’t count for me. (I’m 22 and still like all smash games and Nintendo games)

          6. The Clergy declares this game casual trash. Requires hardly any skill and plenty of button smashing. Kind of like how you work Stranga’s grandmothers vagina…

          7. This is either way fake or people are really that stupid and misinformed. Just bomb this world and this fucking generation to hell already.

          8. I have been playing Nintendo games since I was 5. I play Smash 64 when I was 10 and didn’t get tired of playing it even though the game is not as long as the other Smash games.

          9. I still remember laughing my ass off playing this Smash. The funniest still of them all. LOL I clobbered Jigglypuff so many times. She just couldn’t stay away from the business end of the bat hahaha

          10. I used (in Smash 64) the bombs to beat the other player and to broke Jigglypuff’s shield because was funny seeing her fly off screen.

          11. The only reaction to the game was pure excitement. Not a single comment about the blocky graphics. … just the oddness of the N64 controller.

            Sounds about right. Nintendo classics do that to people.

            Even the players who claimed to have played before had no concept of up-b recovery though. It was pretty sad.

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