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Link Amiibo Will Be Compatible With Mario Kart 8

The Nintendo Holiday site, which is filled to the brim with items you could receive or give as gifts this Christmas, states that the Link Amiibo figure will be compatible with Mario Kart 8. Sadly, there’s no indication as to whether it will unlock Link as a character if you don’t have the forthcoming downloadable content. Hopefully we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out how it will all work.

Thanks, Maanwel

53 thoughts on “Link Amiibo Will Be Compatible With Mario Kart 8”

  1. Why would the amiibo give you Link as an unlockable character? People paid for the DLC. If you didn’t pay for it you don’t get Link. Sounds pretty cut and dry to me. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I doubt it.

    1. Isn’t there like 8 tracks and 4 racers in the first DLC (or 4 and 4)… seems like a 13.99 amiibo giving you one character isn’t a too bad…. especially since most people will get the DLC anyway

        1. You read the $14 dollars for the figure that gives you a character in a game “IF” it does so by bypassing the DLC, is “not that bad” in terms of having gotten said character without paying for DLC, which means that it isn’t like there is a way around the DLC, but I misread comment, as you misread mine to a degree… seems like internet comments are written in conversation form and that just doesn’t always translate to this format and there is a lot of confusion and misinterpretation. Also, there is no proofreading or rereading, so missing words, important ones often, seem to cause some trouble in translating thoughts to type… anyway, yeah…. whatever

          1. You typed this “seems like a 13.99 amiibo giving you one character isn’t a too bad…. especially since most people will get the DLC anyway”

            Where am I wrong? You literally said 14$ for one character. Most people will be getting DLC? Most idiots that think it’s ok for DLC to exist only when it’s on a Nintendo console and consider it ok.

            Like I said before. For a full Nintendo game now you have to buy Amiibos, DLC and the game itself. So you have to spend more than 100$ per game….good….good, no it’s good.I mean, yeah, fine, no, no, please, fine, good. I’m glad they are doing this. I’m fucking GLAD! Retarded shits.

            1. I was replying, wrongfully I might add, to someone who i thought was saying that it was wrong that the Amiibo could give you a character that others would have to get the DLC for… it was a misread by me…

              I don’t know who thinks DLC is bad for any system or a computer and I think the only retard is someone who thinks you have to buy more than the game. Even the DLC is inexpensive ($12 for both packs) and they are ample. So that isn’t $100 is it? No. I am not even arguing that point because it doesn’t matter to me. Also, as I see it, the Amiibo does more than give you one character for those that choose to have that experience… again, not a necessity.

              You read my comment incorrectly

              1. DLC is bad, because it gives you small amounts of content that could’ve been in the game already and thus those who want more characters and maps pay more even though it’s pretty obvious that Nintendo did put the least likeable characters in the game on purpose so that they can sell fan favourite ones in the DLC. The game is 60$…on Amazon it’s cheaper, but usually it’s 60$, and in some other countries it’s more. There will probably be more DLC, and every Amiibo is what, 13$…so let’s say that you need 3,4 of them to unlock everything, that is a lot of moneyyyy.

                And before you say that Amiibos will be usable in every game….yes they will, but not all of them. Nintendo will make more of them so that you have to own newer ones, as you can see, Link amiibo can work with this game, Mario can work with some other. They will make newer games that will support newer Amiibos and so on and so on. There are about 10 to 15 of them now, and there will probably be around 30,40 in the end. Simple math.

                1. I see what you’re saying, but you aren’t REALLY paying $14 for a single character its more like an incentive for buying your favorite character. There will be many people who buy amiibos for the heck of it, and so they will get little DLCs (Smash use, MK8 characters) as a bonus. However you don’t have to buy the amiibo for Link as you could always just buy the DLC pack which is about the same as the Link Amiibo. ($13 – $15) While I don’t necessarily agree with DLC all the time, Nintendo’s games are usually jam packed with content anyway so DLC is more like an expansion than cut content. In the end it just really depends on the game that decides whether DLC is bad or not. FE:A use of DLC is great, but games such as The Sims 3 (which I’ve spent tons on in expansions by choice) Hyrule Warriors, and probably even MK8 (outside of characters) are just easy cash grabs for stuff that should be implemented into the game from the get go.

                  1. Wait, what? The only place you can get the expansion packs for The Sims 3 is on PC. I thought you didn’t have any other platforms? …You’re playing on a low end PC, aren’t you? XD

                    1. I’m pretty sure I told you I had a Asus Transformer Book (you don’t pay attention >_< ) which I can use for PC gaming. It doesn't have a lot of graphic power, but with a mouse and SD card I can play anything I want. I run Sims 3, and even a couple of MMOs on it too. I do want a real high end PC but if I had to choose from a lot of games for Christmas or just a PC, I would choose the games and just make do with my tablet. :3

                      1. You specifically said you had a “tablet /laptop hybrid” Not a “Asus Transformer book”. Lmao. And honestly, I have never heard or even seen of anything like that before. :P

                        1. You may have heard it as the T100 Book its basically a much cheaper Surface (and even a little better) for people who want the portability and fun of a tablet, but also get work done (comes with Office and stuff) or for me play PC games. :P

                          1. That sounds nice. I’d like to have one too, but it would probably blow up trying to run games I want to play. :P

                            1. Probably, although games run pretty smoothly as long as they don’t require more than like 2gb or RAM and you aren’t a graphic whore…. so yeah, keep saving for that gaming PC Hollow. 😆

                              1. There’s a difference between wanting good performance and being a graphics whore. Also, 2GB of RAM is DEFINITELY not getting me anywhere in my games. I need at least 8 to run the stuff I want to play. I would like to own a powerful PC because that’s one of the great benefits of PC gaming. Games look really great and have great performance. I mean, I’m obviously not going to crank games up to max settings and just watching my frame rate get destroyed. I care about that performance too!

                                1. Well, get it. Pretty sure you don’t need a high end gaming PC for that. It looks like it could run on a toaster.

                                  1. Yeah I know, I just gotta buy the game. There’s too many games I want right now that I don’t know where to start. xP

                      2. You get to have the figure being a physical item you can have as well as it being useable in multiple games. If Nintendo charged you $14 for just one character in only one game, that would be incredibly stupid. I doubt they would do that.

                  2. But amiibo’s isn’t free neither and Link is just a part of that DLC so it would be pretty nice if it could give Link from another Zelda game.

                2. i think they will make as may amiibo work in every game as possible to maximise the sales potential. having link as exclusive DLC AND as an amiibo will drive up profits.

                3. So it seems the link amiibo is the only one worth getting, it also happens to be one of the worst looking (Just after Zelda and of course marth)

                  1. …You should be glad they even made DLC in the first place, and all this DLC news means more and more stuff is being implemented. And that is good news.

                    I guess I shouldn’t argue with you. You don’t even like multi-player games for crying out loud…

                    1. The only multi-player games I ever loved was Mario Party, Mario Golf games and (once upon a time) WWE wrestling games.

                      1. Either way man, you’d probably be happy if the games you love get DLC. Even though you don’t like Mario Kart and the fact the DLC news is popping up a lot, there are others who are really excited about this. Everybody gets their turn.

                      2. Same here, Collector. Mario Golf is great to me and I bought World Tour for 3DS day one. I want to get Mario Party 10 as well. And I remember playing a WWE game on PS2 a long time ago, but it was fun. :)

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                5. I still think that ALL amiibos should be compatible in games like this. Simply by scanning the amiibo. Not through DLC.

                  1. But they have to have a purpose in the game. If every Amiibo had a function in every Nintendo game that would be absolutely amazing. But sadly, that’s not the case. Most of your Amiibos will just end up looking sad on the shelf until you find a game to use them in. Haha.

                    1. Yeah. I feel sorry for those amiibos. I still wish Nintendo would let people know which amiibos will be a limited edition.

                      1. Nintendo will probably keep it a secret to avoid risking people not buying other Amiibos. People are probably going to buy every Amiibo just to be on the safe side. That’s exactly what Nintendo wants them to do. Fall right into their schemes. Hahahaha.

                        1. Yeah, that sounds like Nintendo. I just pre-ordered Smash Bros. from Toys R Us online and chose the Villager as my free amiibo. So if Villager is one of the limited edition amiibos, at least it’s a guarantee I’ll have it.

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