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Get Mii Racing Suits With Amiibo In Mario Kart 8, Software Update Coming November 13th

The official site for Mario Kart 8 states that you can dress up your Mii character in racing suits based upon each Amiibo character’s looks. The site says that in order to use this feature, users will need to download the software update available on November 13th. Perhaps this is the day that the long-awaited Mario Kart 8 DLC launches?

Thanks, Maanwel

26 thoughts on “Get Mii Racing Suits With Amiibo In Mario Kart 8, Software Update Coming November 13th”

  1. do you know why obinna loves first person shooters?
    because his real life “gun” only shoots fakes (dead soldiers) XP

    1. Fuck you Selina if you only appreciated Obinna the way I do you would realize its all about the amount and thickness of the Sauce and not the ingredients..

      1. no mate that’s the all point, I don’t want to buy any DLC at all. And I kind of give up on MK8 for that reason. I don’t mind the mercedes skin (hence why I did the software update) but have those courses and character I don’t want to buy in my face is just annoying.

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  3. I hope in some of the new Mii suits that u don’t have that awful helmet xP

    The helmet is the main reason I don’t use my Mii much if not at all so if they drop the helmet I’ll be using my Mii a whole lot :D

  4. and I hope the 13 is the correct date for the release of the DLC cause once smash bros Wii U comes out I won’t be playing anything else for a good while

    And I’ve been waiting for the MK8 DLC for a good while now :D

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  6. What a load of bullshit, instead of adding the actual characters, no, they put Mii costumes. -____-

    Oh well, I can get used to it..

  7. u could adjust your miis weight on the amibo characters u have like making your kirby mii the heaviest weight for example

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