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Duck Hunt Coming To Wii U Virtual Console, Plus Reveal Trailer For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai previously teased a new reveal trailer for a “secret” – but not so secret for many – character a few weeks ago. While we thought it may have popped up in the Smash Bros direct last month, Duck Hunt Dog was nowhere to be seen. However, he did make an appearance in the Nintendo Direct earlier today, with a neat Virtual Console announcement to go with it. In the video embedded above you’ll see Duck Hunt Dog snigger his way into the fighting roster.

For fans of the original Duck Hunt game for the NES, you’ll be able to grab it when it comes to the Wii U Virtual Console soon. No exact dates have been confirmed yet for its release, but we’ll keep our eyes on a special look-out for a future announcement.


41 thoughts on “Duck Hunt Coming To Wii U Virtual Console, Plus Reveal Trailer For Super Smash Bros”

  1. They failed. Donkey Kong from the arcade isn’t the current Donkey Kong. That is Cranky Kong….how can Nintendo fail with something like that.

    1. It still fits seeing as it’s the original game with any Donkey Kong in the 8-Bit era. No fail at all. This was one of my favorite trailers I gotta say, the 8-bit switch to current graphics was cool and a great throwback. It’s up there with the Koopa Kids reveal for me. Seeing the Koopa Kids show up in the shadows on the mountain behind bowser jr was just sick as hell for me lol.

  2. Duck Hunt was a Zapper Gun game. Using the Wii remote will be incredibly difficult to shoot the ducks. However Nintendo plans to use the controls in this game, it won’t have that same feeling that the original did. Because the Zapper Gun was SO much better than just pretending that the Wii remote is a gun. It’s just not the same.

      1. Not the same. The Wii Zapper is just a piece of plastic attached to the Wii remote. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just not the same thing.

    1. RE4 says, “Hi.” Also Duck Hunt is one of my favorite characters for Smash bros. Can’t wait to play Banjo-Kazoo I mean Duck Hunt on Wii U version. That is one hell of a character. They should consider using the dog and duck to pick off where dumbass Rareware left off in Banjo. I would like to see these two work together in an adventure 3D HD mode in the future. Olimar, Diddy and Duck Hunt are my favorite smash bros. characters.

        1. Yeah but using the Duck Hunt as a knock off wouldn’t hurt. At least Microsoft can’t do a freaking thing about it. That IP was here before Bill Gates was even thought of.

          1. I worded it wrong. I meant games that are basically what Rare created like the DKC and DK64. I brought up Retro because they brought back DKC but they weren’t better than Rare’s Donkey Kong games (not including DKC3 because that was a turn for it’s worse). Same with if Nintendo would do that Idea of a Duck Hunt game like Banjo… Banjo was a masterpiece and I don’t think a game that’s very similar to that nature will be better.

            I didn’t mean to say Rare games are #1 on my entire favorite video games because that’s not true.

    2. Now would be a GREAT time to release that Wii U gamepad scope gun thingy they showed at E3 a few years back when everyone still thought the gamepad was so cool and full of potential lol.

  3. Now how cool would it be if the made a new IP using that model of the dog/duck and make a Banjoo like game????????

    1. I would not be surprised if that’s part of the reason why Nintendo put him in. Because they know Banjo is out of bounds for them, but with this, the fans will eventually do it.

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