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You Can Buy Miyamoto’s Animated Pikmin Short Movies On Wii U & 3DS eShop Today

Those short Pikmin movies that Shigeru Miyamoto has been working on will be available for purchase on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop. The short animations will go on sale today in North America.

50 thoughts on “You Can Buy Miyamoto’s Animated Pikmin Short Movies On Wii U & 3DS eShop Today”

      1. The article made it seem as though you can only find them on the eshop and because I am under the impression that you can only get to those through Nintendo devices, i didn’t think they would be downloadable (although i guess you could record your screen and copy them)…

  1. $5 each for a 2-4 minute short that any amateur Youtuber can make? I rather watch these on YouTube for free instead. Sorry Nintendo but this is a cash in to me and I’m disappointed.

        1. iPhones are like the CoD of the phone market. They barely change it and people still buy the thing. If I bought an iPhone, I might buy only one and that’s it for a long time.

          1. Excuse me but isn’t Galaxy phones the same shit? I see no innovation there. Apple does it once in a while and let’s not forget that whatever Apple does that something new like fingerprint and Retina Display, you’ll see other copy them off and nobody says shit. That’s exactly how COD is. Even Sony when they ripoff Nintendo too. lol

            1. I didn’t say anything about any Galaxy phones in that sentence… I don’t follow Samsung enough to know whether or not they release Galaxy phones yearly. If Galaxy phones get made yearly then that makes it a CoD of the phone market too. Just because somebody else does it too doesn’t make it any better.

            2. In this case, since you only have bought one iPhone, it makes it easier to understand. I might buy me an iPhone eventually because I think they have really good quality. You’re right that they have good things like the app store and nice displays. So, yeah. But if you buy the next iPhone that comes out next year, you will lose all credibility. Lol. If it doesn’t have any worthwhile features, then stick with the 6! 6 is good enough! I can’t stand when people upgrade to the new iPhones because of simple things like it has a better camera or its internet is faster. Herpderp. Lol.

              1. I would upgrade my phone after 2-3, maybe 4 years when the update gets good. As of now, iphone 6 is near perfect. I only wish Apple had upgrade their camera to 10-12MP and the RAM to 2GB so people would stop bitching about Apple reusing the same specs for a few years because when Galaxy does it which they do, nobody says shit because “Its Android, its way better than Apple because we say so without providing any reasons why”. B/

                1. One of the reasons is because Apple products cost more. They both milk phones out every year, but Apple’s costs more. I think I would probably just save and get an iPhone instead though because I really like the quality and the slim sexy design of the phones and the app store has a ton of nice stuff. And plus, I really am getting sick of Android. Not sure whether or not it’s my phone or just Android, but this dumbass phone freezes all the time and it sometimes forces me off what I’m doing and takes me back to the menu for no reason at all. -.-

                  1. And Samsung, Windows, HTC, LG and dozens of other phones don’t update regularly as Apple? lol You have such blind eyes dude.

                    Apple costs more because of the exclusive nature. You can’t get Apple software or hardware anywhere else. Otherwise, due to competition of using their own tech, costs would go down competitively like Android because its similar tech and software are more available.

                    1. Funny that you say I have such blind eyes because I actually do wear glasses in real life. XD

                            1. How am I supposed to show you? You aren’t next to me. You’re just a person over the internet. Lol.

                          1. As for the Android phone freezing, its the software. Trust me. I had the Note 3 and not even its 3GB RAM was enough to prevent it from crashing, lagging and freezing and its happening on a wider scale of the device. The reason why that is its because Android OS is not optimized. Its an open source software with no moderation of apps so someone can sneak in a bug or virus to infect your phone plus the bug fixes and even the OS updates take to long to roll in as well as delaying the same so called “universal” OS because each device have some unique identifier which can postpone another device from having the same update. I remember when I heard about the KitKat update and I was relieved that its coming but then I heard that the Note 3 version is gonna take longer and that pissed me off and its a straight up blatant lie about Android being “universal” on all hardware. iOS runs on 3 platforms and whenever a new update comes, all device’s updates are available simultaneously.

                            In retrospect, iOS is in fact more user friendly than people think. Yeah it has a couple of annoying restrictions like having Bluetooth usable through apps only but those I can look past because I don’t use the those features likely.

                            1. Lol wow, the Samsung phone you had is way better than mine and it still screwed up? Well, crap… XD

                              1. Like the said, its because the software is shit and those who say otherwise are either smoking something illegal or are afraid to look stupid buying a faulty product thus damage controlling their purchase like hell.

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            4. I’m glad that everyone is complaining about these not being free. At least everyone feels the same way that I do (for once).

              I wish that the actual Pikmin games looked this graphically impressive and cinematic during gameplay. Games in this day and age SHOULD look like this. And not only during cinemas.

            5. For purchase!? Bleh! They better be long & it better be 5 bucks for all of them combined. If separately, I think I will pass & wait for the inevitable youtube video. It might be lower quality but screw it.

                1. hi there i have 3ds 3ds xl new 3ds xl and 2ds i have pikmin short on 2 of 4 consoles need too get on other 2 consoles very alwsoume way worth $5 per console soo i will be putting in my $20 for all 4 consoles drive up demand

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