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Reggie Says He Would Love Call Of Duty And Other Blockbuster IP’s On Wii U

We all know that a fair few franchises are skipping the Wii U, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime would love to eventually see them on the console. Fils-Aime still believes that third-party developers are supporting the console and cites Watch Dogs as an example of this. However, Reggie says Nintendo has the strongest exclusive content that can’t be found on other platforms and that’s what makes the Wii U different from other consoles.

“I would answer the question in a couple ways. Third parties are bringing multiplatform content to our platform – Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, as an example. I would love to have Call of Duty on our platform. I would love to have any of the big blockbuster, multiplatform titles.

“But I have to say, more specifically, I want games that provide a differentiated consumer experience. If you look at the other two competitive platforms, fundamentally, what’s the difference? When you look at either one, either by themselves doesn’t have a lot of exclusive content. They have a lot of shared content.

“Look at it from the standpoint of, what don’t they have? They don’t have our games. They don’t have Mario and Zelda. I’d much rather be where Nintendo is, with a differentiated platform, differentiated set-up experiences that we can provide uniquely to the consumer. Let those other guys battle it out over, you know, which visual representation of Call of Duty is most compelling. I like our chances of having a differentiated console and a differentiated series of experiences.”

131 thoughts on “Reggie Says He Would Love Call Of Duty And Other Blockbuster IP’s On Wii U”

    1. To be fair I bought mine partly for 3rd party. I was excited at the possibilities for games like call of duty and such making good use of the game pad. I liked black ops II’s use for the map and calling in air strikes. Being precise with an airstrike without having to stop gameplay or pop up the map and move the cursor around while opening yourself up to getting shot since your screen is covered by a map, is something I wanted.

      Then there’s the wiimote and nunchuck play with fps as well which have been touted as the most accurate between the systems aside from mouse and keyboard.

      1. This is what we want!!!!
        I’ve been a FPS player since Duck Hunt. Call of Duty was meant to be played with the remote/nunchuk. The level of accuracy is my favorite way to enjoy FPS games.
        Why wouldn’t you want to sell all of your 1st party games plus 3rd party games. Don’t you want to please everyone?

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        Well my friend, you made a poor choice.

        Nintendo consoles are for games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokemon etc.

        Sony or Microsoft are for 3rd party games, they don’t have many exclusives so they focus on power for 3rd party.

        1. Power is one thing but game olay is another. I personally would rather play call of duty either with the game pad for second screen and map/kill streak touch controls, or use the wiimote and nunchuk while playing online for free, than play with just a controller, even if it means I can’t see every pore or freckle on the other guy from 20 feet away.

          Assassins creed 4 was better on Wii U because of that game pad functionality. If fewer people sacrificed game play for better graphics more people could be playing better games.

          1. I had Assassin’s Creed 3 on Wii U and not once did I ever want to use the Gamepad, so I have to disagree there.

            1. I played the same game and the map on the Gamepad was a HUGE help for me, specially because I´m new to the series

            2. I played AC3 on Wii U and hated it, I played AC4 also on Wii U and I loved it. Then I played Freedom Cry on PS4 and it just wasn’t the same.. I was missing the huge gamepad map every second.

                1. Assassins Creed 3 was awful. You had to play a two hour tutorial before you got to play with the main character. Far to many follow quests. In fact the first two hours of the game are almost nothing but follow quests, which were extremely hard for newcomers to the series. I was a newcomer and never made it past these parts. I kept getting caught for following too close, or not blending in well. It was extremely fustrating. You couldn’t climb on the rooftops without getting caught. The pacing was slow. And to know that none of that stuff even matters, as the main character and plot hasn’t even been introduced yet. I also paid 60 bucs for that game. I really felt like I wasted my money. You know when you get buyers remorse that the game wasn’t very good.

                  1. Ah, I understand your problems perfectly! I liked the game mainly because of the story and stuff and I loved playing as the main assassin. But the issues you just said do bug me as well. I am not new to the series since I played the first, but the eavesdrop missions in the beginning are absolutely ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many times I failed some of them because most of the guards have super sight or something and sometimes your character might climb up on something accidentally when you’re trying to run and hide. I got caught several times because of that. Lmao. I haven’t played 4 but a ton of people keep saying they love it compared to 3 and I just don’t understand. What does 4 do that 3 doesn’t?

                  1. The synchronization thing in AC didn’t really bother me, but it is kind of annoying sometimes. Idk but in Rogue when you kill civilians, you don’t lose synchronization. Because with the assassin you play as you’re allowed to.

        2. I have a 360 now for Destiny but I hate PvP with 2 thumb sticks. That’s why I didn’t buy Advanced Warfare. I’ll only buy COD on a Nintendo.

          1. He’s talking about exclusives. He recognize Sony has its own handful of exclusives but only a few handful while Nintendo has so many which makes it different from all other platforms. That’s the message he’s saying.

        3. Nintendo needs to focus on getting the full package. The wii u shows that nintendo can’t rely on just them anymore, Just look at the awful sales. No matter how big there exclusive games are it’s not enough anymore. They need to make there system better, that alone will make them better and the sales better alone alone. Even if they still lacked 3rd party, a awesome standard powerful system would have people buying with all the exclusives people know they can get on nintendo. All these nintendo franchises and more exclusives + some 3rd party on a nice system that can stand next to the others in power and features. Just look at ps4 and what a system like that can do, people want the best and the ps4 out of the 3 does it but has by far the least impressive exclusives and lacks them, but the system is the best you can get and can offer the most because of it. I play ps4 for the diverse indies and the best in multiplats. )honestly the multiplays are better than the exclusives on it, see what i mean” It offers the best so that’s why it sells)

          Nintendo need to change there image a little bit to more adult like. Nintendo’s image is quite bad now. They need to fix it. It needs to be like normal. in the middle. They sponsor wii u like super babyish, they really need to fix this image. It’s gotten pretty bad and it’s annoying.
          Nintendo is hurting themselves with stupidity. They don’t need to become sony with image but nintendo in a grown up state kind of way.

        4. You don’t know jack shit if you think PS consoles are for 3rd party games. Nintendo pleases everyone with First Party games, MS with 3rd Party, and Sony is has the best of both worlds. They don’t have quality like Nintendo but they sure have quantity and they try like a motherfucker to stay as diverse as possible.

          What would you know though

    2. If they make good games, people will buy it. We have the curious examples of Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed and Rayman Legends, who sold BETTER on WiiU than on other platforms despite the huge difference in install base…………. The problem is that third parties don´t care much about Nintendo´s audience. They prefer to make a PC port that sells 50k than make an WiiU port that sells 100k

    3. Uh people who aren’t mentally retarded and massive fanboys…..Nintendo doesn’t come out with enough titles anymore to justify owning a Nintendo console just for Nintendo games….That may have been different back in the NES and SNES days but Nintendo is a shadow of their former selves

  1. I already know if this gets covered in other sites that usually cover every gaming company, the commet section will be blown out of proportion.
    Reminds me of when Christopher Nolan said/not said that a real movie wouldn’t have a after credit scene and every Marvel fanboy got upset and bashed him for it.

  2. Reggie, I don’t give a fucking shit if you’d ‘love’ to have them on the Wii U. So would I. Go fucking do something about it.

  3. Reggie Fils-Aime murdered his older Downs Syndrome brother in 1978.. Though he was later acquitted of these charges further evidence discovered in 1993 further question the situation..

    They found blood stained Condoms,…

        1. Nobody is that heartless, man. Even if I really hated someone, I could never even think about bringing myself to kill them. That’s just not right, man…

            1. Well, you never directly said that, but on that Robin Williams article when you were talking about trolls, you said something like “it makes me want to strangle them” XD

                1. What? Lmao! That’s still not a good thing to do! I can kick somebody in their face right now without killing them but that doesn’t mean I should. XD

  4. But I love the remote / nunchuk combo for Call of Duty. The other guys don’t have that and now Nintendo doesn’t have COD.

  5. It makes me happy to see Reggie enjoys third party games. I’m sure if he could help, the Wii U would be in a much better situation with a lot more games. I’m not sure but I don’t think he has enough power to do that. Iwata is the one in charge of all that. Reggie probably had to sit back and wish that games were coming to the Wii U just like everyone else. :/

    1. Who says they haven’t? for all we know many games could have been coming to wiiu but third parties back tracked like konami with metal gear.

  6. Nintendo needs to drop that whole we have first party stuff and no one else does excuse. I’m pretty sure that Sony’s first party offerings mopped the floor with Nintendo’s last gen. There’s only one player in the game who has minimal first party support and that’s Xbox and even then, they’re trying to create more unique IPs. Sad reality is that this is just an excuse from Nintendo.

    1. Nintendo needs to be more like Sony and offer the complete package. There’s a reason why the PS brand has outsold Nintendo and Xbox 3:1.

      1. PS1 (104M) + PS2 (168M) + PS3 (84M) = 356M

        N64 (33M) + GCN (22M) + Xbox (25M) + Wii (101M) + 360 (83M) = 264M

        . . . and that’s not even counting this generation which Sony has won by a landslide.

        1. Factor in handhelds Nintendo is still has sold more hardware then sony has even during the 64- till now. Right now the 3ds is has the most sold this gen as the Ds was last gen

        2. Lol, outsold what? Do your calculations better next time, cause you have forgot something, mate.

          N64 (33M), NES (60M), SNES (49M), GameCube (22M), Wii (101M), Xbox (25M), X360 (84M) and that’s 374 million for home consoles only. If we do count handhelds, then clearly Nintendo wins by itself.

        3. You use numbers to fit you agenda. I can do the same thing for instance:
          Last generation Nintendo sold 101 million Wii’s and 165million DS’s. Total, that’s 266 million consoles. Ps3 and Xbox 360 sold a total of 240 million, if you count the PsP which could really be considered 6th generation.

          266>240. See how that works? anybody can use numbers to fit thier argument. Just like you have done.

        4. Here’s the real total for Nintendo hardware, in case anyone actually believes Rick Nashes argument.

          Gameboy= 120m
          GBA= 80m
          DS= 160m
          NES= 60m
          SNES= 50m
          64= 30m
          Gamexube= 20m
          Wii =100m
          Wii U= 7
          3DS = 50

          Total = 700 million

        5. “Sony has won” …… Ummm this generation is just starting. It could turn itself around easily. I will only say they won if it’s the end of the generation

    2. Not that much. Last gen Nintendo games simply beat every other “exclusive” on other platforms by a far margin (Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy NSMB, Wii Party, Wii Fit, Mario Kart, SSB etc etc etc not to mention DS games). Sony and MS depends a lot on third party games (CoD, Fifa, GTA, AC etc etc etc).

    3. Fist party vs First party is debatable, but sells wise Nintendo first party did great on wii, and so did sony, but I believe Nintendo had more first party then sony did last gen. I will say Microsoft isn’t a software Devs, they buy their some what first party, they didn’t make halo, it was original first but they bought the rights to that. Sunset, Crackdown, I also believe project spark( I could be wrong) are titles they paid for their console( that and accessibility). Really the point of having a console at this point is exclusives doesn’t matter if they are are first or second. Don’t get me wrong it does need more support. Nintendo has Ips that many know about, they tend to have best quality to a point to were Nintendo has the least trade in games out all the companies. Nintendo is creating new ips resently Splatoon, and Code Name Steam. They are trying to reach old and new gamers with these and they seem to be doing that a lot with splatoon. I support all three this gen I hope they all do good this gen. Nintendo needed to be at the wall this gen its going push them to do great next and this gen as well, and its already doing that.

  7. Well you all know that the main issue here is the fact that Nintendo need to increase the sales for the Wii U and third party need to gain profit for each game they made for Nintendo (but the big N fans in general doesn’t support third party games or they prefer to buy a powerful consoles to play does third party games.

    1. True, but what else can Nintendo do to convince them to develop for the platform? They can´t simply giving funds/money to every other company for them to develop for the platform. It makes way more sense to put money on partnerships for exclusive content, like they´re doing with Bayonetta 2, Devil´s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles, Project Steam etc etc

      1. You were right on all but Xenoblade Chronicles which is Nintendo 1st party since Ninty owns 100% of Monolith Soft who made Xenoblade & Project Steam, now known as Codename: STEAM, which is being made by two of Nintendo’s core dev teams.

  8. If Reggie wants this, why isn’t he doing anything? Someone should ask him the question, “Okay, you want block buster games on the Wii U, so HOW will YOU go about making this happen?”

          1. So are you because I dont see you doing anything about it besides bitching about how lame Nintendo without suggesting how they should inprove. Like if that ever matters because you’re the type of gamer who buys crap because someone blindly says its good without reason and criticizing everything else.

          2. Reggie is a cool guy. He just doesn’t have that kind of power to fix the Wii U. He’s said before that he wants games like GTA V on Wii U and if he could help, it would obviously be on the Wii U right now. I’m pretty sure he does not agree with everything Iwata does and he only says all that positive stuff about the Wii U because he doesn’t want to get fired. If he said anything at all bad about Wii U, Iwata, or any of the stuff we talk about here, he’d be fired in a heartbeat. Lmao.

  9. This is exactly why Nintendo’a PR guys are ao awful. These statements were winceworthy, no need to insult the other two consoles in a pitiful attempt to make themselves better. Now you guys can see why I root for Sony so much

      1. It’s not okay, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Reggie could have easily talked about how good their exclusives are without making the insulting statement that they have more to offer than PS4 and Xbox. It’s not even true anymore tbh and I haven’t seen Sony actually take a shot at Nintendo like that in years. Definitely not this gen. It’s why I gained a lot of respect for them over the years.

  10. Nintendo themselves needs to go 3rd party and stop messing with the gaming industry like what M$ is trying to do , many good talents has been wasted on their poorly designed consoles that doesn’t even sell and the majority of gamers has been affected by this , i feel bad for PG / Tecmo and Monolith Soft talents being wasted for a favor of Nintendo

      1. Yes i meant them at the same time , once you go forward you can’t go back , If you has eyes to see what i wrote you will fully understand what i meant maybe if you look between the lines and know what happening around you might get it , except your one of those Nintendo whiteknight apologists who hates to admit reality , Nintendo should have been gone 3rd party since the GC era , at that time they were failed miserably and they should have gone in the same road as SEGA , but they didn’t , and instead they built the most gimmick thing called the Wii , A poor ripoff of the original Sony’s Wand controller that was designed for the PS2 and supposed to be the PS Move of the PS2 era … and then comes the more gimmicky thing : The Wii U , tell me what’s the point for a company like this to exist to the gaming if their basic job is to release rehashes after rehashes and make money of it and pretend like they a scar in the industry by pushing rehashes , they are doing more harm than good for the industry , so many great IP’s has been abandoned by the majority of gamers becomes of them and their policies , they just love to mess with gamers from other consoles and desperately want them to buy their specific cheap piece of plastic that has a countable amount of Cartoonish IP’s that becomes from the past , in fact they just create more enemies and its their own fault for doing that , so while the time is passing .. i don’t think this company will ever goes 3rd party and by saying that i mean .. the “High Up’s” doesn’t want that to happen if you know what i mean , Nintendo exist from poor customers . filth and dirty business strategies that’s going to make the industry unbalanced ( just exactly like M$ with the Xbox brand ) , once you discover the bitter truth about Nintendo you will regret the day you become a fan for them , something really screwed up with this company that most gamers doesn’t even know is being hidden in most of their T rated games , all i say is .. be extra careful and don’t be a poor customer for any corporation , my suggestion clearly was a wishful thinking and i assure you 100% that it wont happen if the “High up’s” are standing behind them .

    1. @ Loleta, you Sony fans cannot appreciate Nintendo games. When Sony ripped off Smash Bros you didn’t buy it. See I can make that generalization to.

      You guys need to stop acting like you all want Nintendo games when you are just a bunch of outspoken internet forum posters because this is EXACTLY what Iwata means.

      He KNOWS people who want the games will buy the systems. You guys keep saying “Nintendo should go third party” but the honest reality of the situation is it wouldn’t help Nintendo at all because there truthfully aren’t enough of you guys.

      Their sales at most would go up by a few thousand and then decline due to poor quality software. People who want the game will buy the system it comes to. Otherwise they clearly aren’t desperate.

  11. Gosh i fucking hate reggie……. you europeans are lucky to get shibata. The guy is good and knows how to tun things, you getting awesome special editions and better advertisements. You seem to get games localized from noe too more often well reggie faggot aime does jack shit.I also hate how that pizza hut non gaming clown always says “we have mario and zelda” like that’s all he fucking cares about and it’s like he doesn’t care about anything else. I’m sorry piece os shit aime but people want the xenoblades, eternal darknesses and the more diverse ip’s just as much if not more than the always to come mario and zelda.

    I honestly think the european branch of nintendo is quite good. Reggie and iwata needs to stick a fork in there head and go in the damn oven and rot. noa is jsu awful, what the fuck happened? Oh yeah reggie happened. I mean if iwata has to come to america then you really know how worthless reggie is.noe is the best at what they do. shibata knows gaming reggie is a fraud and it clearly shows. Even iwata (horrible) at least knows about gaming.

  12. Oh and seriously i hate this lame bullshit and how “nintendo fans” seem to only give a rats ass about mario, zelda and pokemon, kart. Like seriously you guys are less fans than people like me who mostly will buy every damn real exclusive these systems have to offer (no and i don’t mean supporting garbage like wii music) because to me xenoblade’s bayonetta, wave race, star fox, everything.any god damn quality exclusive is just as important as mario and freaking zelda. Seriously a real fan would get and care for every great exclusive that a system has to offer. Not just a few franchises, that’s what those people are wiitarded frauds, because of corse they don’t care about anything better because they always can have there same 3 or 4 franchises. I always most likely will pick up zelda and stuff but the”that’s all we need to have and what our fans want” kind of thinking is getting annoying.

    So in all reggie needs to go back to pizza hut, he was the downfall of noa, noe is good though.

    Oh and blame iwata for deciding to make wii u…. that is the reason it will not get 3rd party. They ned to make a standard system like ps4 and nintendo could get every 3rd party game or more of them. If you want 3rd party, you have to get another system like everyone else.

      1. AHH thanks!!! *throws snickers out the window*

        Im making a good point, if i eat these snickers i will be to mellow to see any issue. Kinda like a pothead who is getting robbed.

        1. An opinion nobody else seems to have. I enjoyed Wii more than Gamecube because it had everything Gamecube had and all those amazing games. It isn’t universally accepted Nintendo make bad worthless systems.

          The thing NeoGAF (I hate that forum) seem to pass off as a FACT is that nobody on Earth likes Nintendo games over third parties but the quality and game taste appeal to me perfectly.

          Thank you for noting it is an opinion. Not a very accepted opinion, but yes, people like me actually exist. *offers handshake*

          1. Have you played it though? I played the demo and it was not nearly as bad as people are making it sound. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. If I had a PS3 now I would’ve purchased it.

              1. And you talk about Sony and Xbox fans following blindly to the masses -_- FF13 was far from bad, its just bad compared to other FF games because of its linearity. You morons just call it bad because the vocal minority calls it “bad.”

                The fucking irony.

  13. Releasing a great first party game every 4-5 months is not worth the price of a console. If you plan on doing that, then you need to lower the price or work on getting more 3rd party games. It’s easy enough to say you want them, Reggie. How about actually doing it.

  14. I don’t think anyone’s arguing that Nintendo offers compelling and high quality 1st Party content…the problem is, there is a LOT of compelling and high quality 3rd party titles/franchises that you cannot play on the Wii U…Borderlands, Dragon Age, Far Cry, etc. etc.

    3rd parties don’t want to port their titles to the Wii U for two reasons:

    1) Nintendo has done a pi*$ poor job of marketing the Wii U and thus, it’s small install base is a huge gamble for 3rd parties.

    2) It’s woefully underpowered, requiring studios to re-tool and dumb-down potential ports of titles, which takes a lot of extra time, effort and $$.

  15. Yea, we can see how well relying on 1st-party titles only is going. /s
    It is true that Nintendo delivers quality titles, but the fact that they’re trying to rely on their own games only is fucking stupid. What about all the huge software droughts, lasting for MONTHS, caused by the fact that Nintendo naturally can’t deliver games monthly ? Ever considered that ?
    What’s so bad about having -both- 3rd-party support and own exclusives ? He’s talking like having strong 3rd-party support is no big deal just because other consoles offer the games too. It is quite the big deal though, considering owners of other consoles get games pretty much monthly, whereas WiiU-only owners have to wait months to finally get something new to play.
    It’s this kinda arrogance of Nintendo that makes me shake my head at them at times. Instead of trying to actually do their supporters a favor and try to get in some 3rd-party games, they’re throwing around statements like that, saying they basically don’t need 3rd-party support. Wake up Nintendo, this isn’t the old times anymore, you’re going to have a really hard time keeping up with the competition if you keep up an attitude like that.

    1. Yes you are lucky, meanwhile were stuck with this piece of shit. You guys might get 3rd party games later than us, but you guys get more software than we do. I think that makes up for it.

  16. I’m sorry, but let’s cut the bull. A year-delayed port/ Ubisoft’s last “mature IP” is a good example of third party companies supporting the Wiiu? You would have to be insane to accept that.
    Here’s an idea: Nintendo should get off their asses to help patch the relationships between them and third party companies. You can’t keep saying, “But-But Microsoft and Sony are the same!” when both companies are getting a plethora of diverse games.

  17. fps suck now anyway just like the yearly madden games. Just change like one thing and make another tweak and developers feel they’ve justified a reason to release a new game. Granted all sequels just change little things but the yearly CODs are basically the same game without innovations. Oh now I got a jump suit …. But the gameplay is the same… I’ll pass. Oh and my shields are raised ;)

    1. As good news this years Madden was first good Madden i have played. Madden 25 feeled same like autobattle in FFXII but in Madden 15 you actually feel that you control your player.


    This is exactly why I hate Reggie with a raging passion, the guy is dumb as hell when it comes to anything gaming related. If he had things his way, Nintendo would be awful right now, thank god he doesn’t have that much of say. Blows my mind anyone takes this guy seriously or even respects him. I don’t care about his cool and hip memes, the guy sucks balls. Yes, I’m being very vulgar because he really hits a nerve with the moronic things he says all the time.

    Really? Reggie, you consider Watch Dogs as an example of third parties supporting your system? Talk about damage control, Ubisoft has even said they won’t be supporting your system anymore with mature games. How the fuck is that support? How is getting the game months late and Ubisoft announcing they won’t be releasing any DLC for it, support to you?

    Then he tries to dis other consoles for having better third party support as if it’s a bad thing…? As if the PS4 or Xbox One don’t have the same amount of exclusive content the Wii U has as far as game count goes? What people prefer more is purely subjective, so you can argue about that all day if you want. Even worse when they haven’t even been out as long as the Wii U, can this douche bag just own up to the problems the Wii U has had? I’m just not a delusional knob who thinks this console has been a perfect ride since the beginning, because it hasn’t.

    This asshole is always so quick to point out problems with everyone else, while ignoring the problems his own company has had. Being in his position, that should be exactly what he should be doing, not ignoring them. People whine and moan wishing Iwata would get fired but the only person who needs to be removed from Nintendo is Reggie, he has been nothing but a cancerous tumor sucking the life from Nintendo ever since he joined them.

    He has had so many horrible ideas in the past, said so many utterly retarded things, and more importantly is totally clueless to the market around him. He acts like he is some untouchable god, like his shit never stinks, which is even more annoying. Would it be too much to ask for you to show some humility for once Reggie?

    What kind of comment in response to exclusive content on other consoles is “They don’t have our games. They don’t have Mario and Zelda.”

    Oh my lord, my freaking head wants to explode with the stupidity of such a comment. NO SHIT SHERLOCK… There are plenty of exclusive games on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles that Nintendo doesn’t have either… Ummmm maybe because that is why they are called EXCLUSIVES!!!!!! So why the fuck would Sony or Microsoft have your exclusive games or vice versa? That doesn’t even make sense. Even from a variety stand point, you obviously don’t even pay attention to your competition. Which again shows you should not even be working for Nintendo, let alone be in the position you are, a good businessman always pays close attention to the competition. Sony and Microsoft do have games of variety, whether you like them is completely subjective in the same way some people don’t enjoy Nintendo’s games.

    Reggie acts like every game on Sony or Microsoft platforms has been identical, as if no games they have ever made are highly rated or unique.

    Reggie acts as stupid as Don Mattrick from Microsoft. It upsets me even more because believe it or not, this console war is completely imaginary and Reggie acts like a dumb fanboy. Sony and Microsoft have no problem giving Nintendo praise all the time, but god forbid if Reggie could ever do the same without some snarky smug ass remark to make his company look better. No, only Nintendo value games, according to Reggie, as if Sony and Microsoft are just wasting their money to make games for nothing… I mean I don’t really like Microsoft either from a business perspective, but they do have some unique and cool games…

    Probably wasting my time, I can see the hate this will induce here. As everyone seems to just suck on Reggie’s asshole all the time.

      1. Why the surprised look? Shouldn’t be shocking coming from me, I’ve always let people know how I feel about Reggie. I’ve even met him once in New York, years ago and the guy is such jerk.

        Bottom line, I just can’t stand any person who can’t give credit when it’s due, or ever own up to their own mistakes. You have people like Shuhei Yoshida and Phil Spencer, talking about how they would hate if Nintendo were to go. Shuhei even wen’t above and beyond promoting the Wii U during a damn Playstation conference, saying he owns two of them, how he loves Nintendo games and their creativity while wishing for Nintendo’s further success…

        No, but Reggie as always, just has to be an arrogant prick about everything. Even when he has something nice to say, he always ends it on a bad note just to make himself look better or Nintendo look better. It is so immature, but what bothers me the most is that he really is no benefit to Nintendo, mainly because how can he be? When he never sees anything wrong with what they do.

        To me he isn’t much different than a paid celebrity.

        I’ll never understand what others see in people like him. Maybe I’ve just been around too many assholes in my life, to just ignore and miss a really big one like Reggie.

  19. Further proof that reggie is among the stupidest people on the planet. Even as a corporate shill he’s worthless. For every mario, theres a halo and uncharted. For every zelda theres a gears and god of war. And for every mariokart theres a forza and granturismo.

    The difference, reggie, is that other division presidents do their damndest to make sure that quality games come out for their platforms inbetween their exclusive titles. They dont sit around and wish, they dont call around and request, they make things happen. Wiiu’s library looks so different comparatively BECAUSE ALL IT HAS are first party titles! Most of which the average gamer doesnt even care for.

    Xb1 in one year has got forza 5, killer instinct, titanfall, sunset overdrive, horizon 2, son of rome, the mcc and several more with even more announced and these are in addition to third party support that sees everything that matters get released.

    It took wiiu a year to get a proper mario and its not even what we wanted. It took another year to announce zelda. In between that and the 2012 launch of this system, we got pikmin, kart, legocity and dk and next to no thirdparty support AT ALL…since 20-f’ing 12. Make fun of the other systems all you want, but gamers are buying them instead of wiiu because those systems actually have games to play. Regularly available games that are released consistently at that.

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  21. Ok, what the hell? I wasn’t even really paying attention to this article before, but Reggie just lost a bit of respect from me. Basically he’s trying to say that the other two consoles are clones of each other and that they don’t have good enough exclusives to match up to what the Wii U does? Well, that’s where I disagree. Everybody has different tastes. Not everyone wants to play Mario and Zelda games. The Wii U is missing out on a lot of games from many different genres and he acts as if it’s ok. It’s not. He’s said that he is happy with how Nintendo differentiates its games from the competition and that he’d rather have those exclusives than the third party the other two consoles are getting. Nice try, Reggie. Trying to convince people that they should only have one or the other. That’s dumb. The PS3 from last gen proved that it is possible to offer both great exclusives AND third party games. Would somebody sacrifice Mario to play Call of Duty? Well, obviously since people have different tastes. I can name several of my gamer friends that enjoy playing Call of Duty more than Mario games. Does that make them any less of a gamer though? No. The third party support on Wii U is basically non-existent now. And then he tries to bring up Watch Dogs as an example of good support. The game is releasing 6 months later on the Wii U than the other platforms and it isn’t getting the DLC. And in addition, Ubisoft said they won’t be bringing any more of those M rated games to the console. That’s not good third party support! They are DROPPING support for the fucking system!!! And it isn’t even just them. Almost no AAA third party developer wants anything to do with the system. Is it just a coincidence? That they all just suddenly not want to make any games on the system? No. There is CLEARLY something fucking wrong here. The system has lost a shit ton of support and all he can do is sit on his ass and boast about how Mario and Zelda are so much diverse than the games on the other systems! And that’s not all either. Nintendo acts slow as a turtle when it comes to the competition. It’s 2014 (almost 15) now and there’s STILL no universal account system for their platforms. How the fuck do systems from almost a decade ago get the ability to do that but the Wii U can’t? They keep slacking off in terms of hardware as well. It doesn’t matter what any of you say about the “graphics don’t matter” excuse, but the fact is they do. Not to you, but to the third party developers. I’m pretty sure that the Wii U’s weaker hardware screwed up its chances of getting some games. There are so many things Nintendo is messing up on that keeps costing them games. When games like Minecraft don’t even come to your console, there is a serious problem.

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