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Nintendo Won’t Release The Successor To Wii U Until Developers Max Out Existing Console

With Wii U sales picking up since the release of Mario Kart 8 you’d think it would be a while until we’re greeted with an announcement related to the successor of the console. However, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company is always thinking about what’s next, but concedes that they won’t introduce anything until they feel they’ve exploited the Wii U to its full potential. Fils-Aime points to Miyamoto’s work with Project Guard as just one experiment that they’re working on with the console.

“Our mentality is, fairly soon after we launch new hardware, we already begin thinking about what’s next. That’s an ongoing process for us. In the end, what galvanizes us to move is when our developers have a great gaming experience that can’t be done on the current platform. We’re not there yet on the Wii U.

“The experiments that Shigeru Miyamoto showed at E3 show that there’s a lot of innovation to be mined with Wii U. We showed off the beginnings of a Zelda game coming to Wii U. We have a lot more content to create for the Wii U, but we’re always thinking about what’s coming next.”

78 thoughts on “Nintendo Won’t Release The Successor To Wii U Until Developers Max Out Existing Console”

      1. He said these very same words the same year as the Wii U was announced…. Just saying, I think the Wii U still has time, but the new system after it well replace it in 2 years

    1. Nintendo announced that they have many third party collaborations and cross-overs in the works. Sure the third parties are using Nintendo IPs, but they are still third party developers “aside” from Nintendo working on the console.

    1. Or say otherwise. Regardless of what they are doing whether they prematurely kill off the Wii U, they aren’t going to say it.

  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    So it can get 1080p 60fps. Hollow j just assumed it couldn’t because Wii U only hit 720p 60fps on previous games. She thinks the Wii U engine is an x86.

    1. nonspecificactionfigure

      Smash Bros does both with eight players, so we know Wii-U is very capable of doing it if devs push the system and learn the architecture!

  2. Good!

    Supporting the console until the very end is nearly an obligation for every console maker. In fact, the Wii abandon one year befor the Wii U was one of the major reasons of why Wii U had a so slow start, consumers lacked credibility because they dropped the old console OEN FULL YEAR before releasing the new one.

    1. No it wasnt. Lots of consoles do that he’ll 360 got less support and people support it. Had more to do with the media pile up against win u. Reporting false specs. Trashing launch line up. Etc. Things that never happened to ps4 and x1 though they had worse launch line ups.

    2. Wii U might’ve had a slow start compared to Wii, but it sold more during its launch than PS3 & 360 did respectively in their launches. But this gen is mostly about architecture & multiplatting, which PS3 struggled w/ for years before its sales rose. Sadly, off-the-shelf parts have a huge advantage, offering easier & quicker devolopment & porting. Sony & MS are more about appeasing 3rd parties than focusing on their 1st party games, compared to Nintendo’s catalog, anyway. It’s why console gaming, creativity, & gameplay ate dying out: too much power, too easily gained.

  3. “what galvanizes us to move is when our developers have a great gaming experience that can’t be done on the current platform.”

    Well…I think the developers have spoken, and left.

    1. But developers have no credibility. If they have given at least 10% of actual developing time to wiiu they would not have used the “weak console card”

      1. What makes you think they didn’t? Do you have some information that we all don’t? Or are you just speaking out of your ass?

    2. “Our developer.” Meaning their in house and second party developers. Stop trying to mislead the masses.


      1. I didn’t catch that. Stop trying to mislead people into thinking I’m misleading them. ;)

        d=vi*t + 1/2*a*t^2

          1. However I was a geo-physics major before I switched in the last few quarters, so I’m very fond of physics equations! <3

      1. There next console will definitely ditch the wii name. Im sure they wont make that mistake twice. The confusion was crazy and still lingers today. Likely a holiday 2017 release or it will be revealed in 2017 and release second quarter of 2018.

  4. Yay! hopefully they aren’t just telling us what we want to hear like Microsoft did to their consumers two days ago. Phil spencer said “we have so many exclusives in 2015 we may have to purposely push release dates back! this is not hype honestly.” he then goes on to mention only three games 2 3rd party games and halo 5 all of which are at the end of 2015. You halo fans realize that at the rate they are releasing halo games for your xbox one/done you’ll only get two in the consoles life cycle. Anyway I just hope Nintendo holds true to their statement and keeps bringing wonderful games, if so when the wii u life cycle ends it will be my new favorite Nintendo console!

  5. a super powerful console/handheld that ditches the wii/ds brand once and for all, with extensive marketing and frequent game releases and new ips. those are the requirements for them to be the king in exclusives and 3rd party.

  6. “The experiments that Shigeru Miyamoto showed at E3 show that there’s a lot of innovation to be mined with Wii U.”

    lol. I’d hardly call what Miyamoto showed off as innovative. More like Nintendo locked him in a room and told him to think of some way to use the Gamepad for the system and what we got were a few “ideas”.

    1. Ubisoft hit the WiiU with gamepad innovation right out of the gate. Before Nintendo was programming in HD, Ubisoft was innovating with the WiiU hardware.

      Well, It’s all up to Nintendo now. Here’s hoping the game pad gets some love! …although I wonder if gamepad integration makes off screen play difficult.. We’ll see.

        1. I know.. :( I loved ZombiU so much, I bought it again and downloaded it so I’ll always remember what I played for the first 6 months of owning a WiiU. (Slight jab at Nintendo intended.)

          It’s unfortunate we won’t see a sequel. That game makes the best use of the game pad over every other game made to date.

      1. Like making a buggy ZombiU, delaying a completed Rayman Legends Wii U port for other systems just to make the game sell worse and blame the fans, gimp 3-5 more games of DLC and modes plus selling them at full price when other ports are cheaper.

        Ubisoft didn’t innovate shit.

        1. Damn dude. I played the hell out of that game, never experienced the bad glitches, and back then, games froze because of buggy WiiU firmware. ZombiU was no more buggy than the WiiU itself, which was also launched half-functional.

          1. I had no issues with Wii U from launch besides rare cases of system freezing. Thats it. It was a bit slower on booting but the system worked better than PS4/X1 did in their launches which PS4 had the Blue Line of Death and Xbow DOne overheating, loud ass fan noise and blowing up which is even worse.

        2. They actually fixed most of the bugs, so it’s not really glitchy anymore. Also, I hate Ubisoft as much as you but you can’t deny that the gamepad features in Zombie U were truly innovative.

          1. By tilting that thing to scan stuff and looking at the second screen to watch out for zombies.

            Sorry to say but theres no innovation in that game because those features were done before without the Gamepad. Rayman only had just fixed levels with interaction with touchscreen which some complained felt forced. Again, no innovation there either. Its all lies from Ubishit to sell you crap.

            1. Are you kidding me? Rayman is the main reason I even wanted a Wii U. The Gamepad was perfect for that game. And I don’t like Zombi U, but it is the best example of what the Gamepad can do. I can switch my weapons and stuff without even having to pause the game. Nintendo didn’t do anything with the Gamepad. Not even in their biggest games like SM3DW or DKCTF.

              1. Umm, interacting with environments in SM3DW with touchscreen, microphone and tilting via Gamepad isnt “utilizing Gamepad enough”? Rayman’s is a movement-forced “Red Light/Green Light” touching mechanic that mobile games and even Nintendo DS/3DS did before this game even existed. Don’t kid yourself. Rayman wasn’t even using the Gamepad much. ZombiU did a little more with the Gamepad than that shit. Hell, Black Ops 2 used the Gamepad even more cleverly and uncovered the secret feature that you can literally use the Gamepad with its built in motion sensor itself w/Wii Remote as a secondary, miniture TV display. That shit was awesome. It blew me away and its by far the most impressive use of both Wii U and Wii hardware together.

                Ubisoft wish they were that smart. lol All they can do is use the Gamepad for touchscreen menu and cheap ass interactivity that the DS/3DS already did.

                1. All you do in 3D World with the Gamepad is touch on enemies and reveal blocks that don’t even matter. Blowing on the microphone is used in like 2 levels so that’s basically irrelevant. CoD with the Gamepad works because the Gamepad is great for FPS, but I don’t care about CoD. And that game is fine with a normal controller anyway.

                  1. You forget interacting with certain platforms dragging up/down/sodeways and at least more of the Gamepad functions is used in that game. What Rayman did is basically how mobile Rayman games play: Forced, automated red light-green light running segments. How the fuck is that revolutionary? lol

                    1. Who said it was revolutionary? Lmfao. I said it was great for that game. Zombi U is the game that really nailed it with the Gamepad. Hell, they even put static all over the screen and fuck up your in-game signal whenever one of those ghosts zombies. That’s the definition of an immersive experience.

                      1. ZombiU could’ve been a great horror alternative for Nintendo but Ubisoft fucked it up by no advertising the game enough and think the game failed in sales (mostly their fault) even though it did well for a launch game; sold half a million after the holidays and was praised by fans who played it. Plus the stupid ass reviewers saying its garbage and gave fucking Resident Evil 6 a higher score only shows their incompetent BS.

      1. If you wait 6-8 months, they will have games for it and it will be available for less. No more first-adopting for me. :D

        I probably will get the New 3DS though. It’s my go-to gaming device.

    2. Nintendo has barely scratched the surface with the Wii U. Bayonetta 2 only gave us a glimpse of what the Wii U is capable of. Games like the new Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, a potential Metroid and a real 3D Mario game will really showcase the real power of the Wii U

    3. Well, I am actually happy with the Wii U’s line up. I use it more than my ps4 to be honest but hopefully it will change next year for my ps4. I had fun with TLOU port, knack, killzone was meh, ok. And little big planet 3 is coming out which is awesome!

      Now my experience with Wii U was really good. I mean, Pikmin 3 was good, Mario kart 8 was awesome plus the dlc coming out next week, Hyrule warriors was really really fun with co op, and even my sister who hates hack n slash games loved the game, the only game I have seen her put over 25 hours. Besides pokemon, brawl, etc. Wind Waker HD was such a beautiful game, Bayonetta 1 looked a bit bad, I just didnt enjoyed it as much as I did the first time but its okay to have it. Bayonetta 2 looked really good and maybe that’s why Bayonetta 1 looked bad for me. Mario 3D World I had so much fun playing with others. Wonderful 101 was ok too Zombie U was fun for a FPS. Donkey Kong Country was really hard and fun with co op. I am happy with those games. Now with Xenoblade chronicles, Smash brothers, Zelda U, Star Fox, Splatoon, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Yoshi’s Wolly World, Kirby, Mario Party, And now hopefully a new Metroid, I can say the Wii U looks amazing

      My point is, play whatever the fuck you feel like playing no matter what others will think. If you see a game you want and it’s exclusive to that one console but you don’t want to let $300+ go look at what else that console can offer. I am sure you will find more than 1 reason to buy said console. But then again this is the internet and there’s a lot hate and anger in the game community.

      I think I really went off topic

    4. I just hope that whenever the successor to the Wii U does come out that Nintendo learns from their past mistakes and wipes the floor with the competition. I wanna hear everyone claiming Nintendo as the biggest, best and most dominant game company once again.

    5. Likely we would see a new successor around 2017/2018 which is a long road ahead for Wii U to tap its potential until then.

      We still need to do universal account system, possible cloud service with game back up saves and storage, 2 simultaneous Gamepad support, main menu themes like on the 3DS, full VC library, Bluetooth GameCube-styled Controller model. The Wii U potential is huge and needs to be widely explored before Fusion becomes official.

    6. I think this is a hint to say there won’t be a successor. It would bomb worse than the WiiU and they know it. The downward spiral can’t be stopped, they simply can’t handle developing games alone for two systems at the same time.

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    8. for those who develop a product or do some RnD, this is not shocking at all. In fact, you normally think about the next product 6 months after you launch the current product. I will be shock if they haven’t the next 3 next products in their road map. In fact what happening now is shigeru-san and co must have done a post-mortem on the Wii U and revise any idea they had in the past for the next hardware.

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