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Link’s Master Cycle In Mario Kart 8 Is Known As The Eponator In Germany

Nintendo’s localization team in Germany has decided to name Link’s Master Cycle in Mario Kart 8 the Eponator, which is featured in the first pack of DLC for the Wii U racing title. Set to release on November 13th, the add-on content includes new courses, vehicles and characters from other Nintendo franchises like The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero and Excitebike. The DLC can be purchased from the in-game menu or in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

83 thoughts on “Link’s Master Cycle In Mario Kart 8 Is Known As The Eponator In Germany”

  1. is it possible for your eyes to have an orgasm? Cause I think mine just did! next week mariokart dlc and the week after that smash bros wii u! Life is good XD

              1. Why are your insults always so fucking nasty? Something always has to involve “ass” or “shit”. You have a really dirty mouth. XD

                  1. LMAO I have never done that before. I don’t have any accounts other than this one. Whenever I troll, I do it with this name. So whoever you’re talking about sure as fuck ain’t me. XD

                          1. *and backs up right into Microsoft Studios where they lock your ass in there forever and force you to play Xbox* lol

                                  1. Pfft screw that. Lol I’ll be sitting in there playing the Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 3, Forza Horizon 2, Rise of The Tomb Raider, etc. I would love that. Lol.

                                    1. All bore me except Halo which I already own all of them and hardly play so the desperate MasterChief Collection is merely an excuse to sell that Shitbox DOne until their only decent game “Halo 5” comes next year.

                                      Sunset Overdrive? I already own Infamous so no thank you Sunset Ripoff. Killer Instinct? Umm, Smash Bros. 4 is calling out to me so fuck that. lol Dead Rising 3? Sucks as bad as RE6. Forza? I got Real Racing trilogy, played virtually all f the same racing games so this one is pointless to me plus Project Cars is coming and it looks way more beautifully realistic and Mario Kart is far more fun than any games next to Burnout. Rise of the Tomb Raider? A paid exclusive that pissed everyone off? No thanks.

                                      None of these garbage even hints any interest in me.

                                      1. Lol you come up with all these reasons to avoid great games. You don’t have to lie you know. Just say that you don’t want to play the games because they are on Xbox. That’s all you have to do. You’re only digging a deeper hole with every reason you make. XD

                                            1. No. When we were in the Watch Dogs page, You ignored my response to you.
                                              I never troll by the way. just because we don’t see eye to eye or has the same views doesn’t mean I’m a troll.

                                    1. Lord Commander Losers!

                                      And anybody who calls themselves “Lord” or “Commander” anything. Seriously, get a life and get some vitamin D.

                              1. They should have. Link deserved a horse. Put some gliders on Epona….they can both breathe under water…. It would have been epic

                            1. Unrelated but would anyone else be down to have Marble Madness on the VC? I haven’t played it in like 20+ years.

                              1. I did not know Mark Cerny made Marble Madness. Man that guy has a lot of experience with video games, wish I started trying to make games back then

                                I welcome any classic games to be put on VC.

                                Somewhat unrelated also, but in relation to your comment, just released 900 classic arcade games and Marble Madness is one of them. I been playing the shit out of Joust, Dig-Dug and Q-Bert. They aren’t your typical browser versions, they’re the real deal, emulated.


                                Marble Madness –


                                1. Cool stuff, I’ll have to write a proper response cause I’m about to go to a two day music fest and won’t be online but thanks for the heads up in the meantime!

                            2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn


                              Okay Germany, I get this has something to do with your biggest star Mr. Schwarzenegger being “The Terminator” but now you’re trying to hard by adding ‘nator’

                                1. Lets just point out the obvious as in both countries speaking the exact same language.

                                  That being said, the austrian “localisation” is also “eponator”.

                                  And i like the name, same goes for pokemon names in german, the english versions sound way too obvious in some cases.

                            3. I bought this DLC when it was announced. When does this bad boy come out. Give me a reason to play mario kart

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