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Nintendo Briefly Explains The Quality Of Life Subscription Model

We’ve yet to get any concrete information about Nintendo’s forthcoming Quality of Life model. We currently know that the device monitors a users sleep and provides feedback and that it will contain a subscription model. Speaking to investors Nintendo president Satoru Iwata outlined that it makes more sense to create a subscription model rather than a traditional purchase model.

Regarding the business model, we would like to elaborate when the time is ripe to explain the specific services, fees and the business model. Nintendo’s past business models have been mainly purchase-based models, but for this type of business, we understand that a subscription-based model, where companies and consumers keep long-term relationships, is more suitable. Specific details such as the initial price and ongoing fees will be elaborated on around the time we are ready to show you the actual products as well as the nature of the actual services. On a basic level, it will become a slightly different model from the past purchase-based business models.

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26 thoughts on “Nintendo Briefly Explains The Quality Of Life Subscription Model”

  1. And according to Stranga QOL is going to save Nintendo into next generation lol you fool. Pathetic damage controlling fanboy. This clown would buy and defend Nintendo branded tampons if they manufactured them…

    The Clergy,

      1. Yeah I seriously think you guys are the same person which is sad… and if that’s not it, then you’re doing each other in the booty pipe.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          It’s just a fun training opportunity against Sasori and other little Xbots…

          I like you better now…

    1. Nintendo has enough money to survive many console generations. How many times have Microsoft turned in a yearly profit on the Xbox brand??? If it’s more than Nintendo, (which I highly doubt,) then we’ll talk about Nintendo’s future…

    2. Nintendo has been “doomed” since before you were born most likely. They don’t need saved, they need to get their heads out if the 1980’s ass.

  2. that seems like a scam for me, a subcription to tell me my sleep pattern…. what is for me? what does that bring me? what problem this service resolve ? the way I see it QoL is an ecosystem on its own and more I hear about it and less I like it…..

  3. Idk about this, every idea from nintendo can’t be an absolute gem and this is still up in the air. right now it sounds like they made a fancy alarm clock that I have to pay to keep using.

  4. I hope it’s nothing stupid like Xbox Live which is paying the same price as a video game for free online play and features you can do on a PC and even mobile gaming. It better be a far different and affordable infrastructure that offers a lot more exclusive features, discounted/free games and even better Club Nintendo prizes for fans to buy and still retain the free online play

        1. I’m talking about your first statement “I hope it’s nothing stupid like Xbox Live which is paying” right there. Ps+ for ps4 is a paid subscription so that goes to show, xbox live isn’t the only paid subscription in the market now.

  5. I am pretty sure it is not aimed at gamers. This project will be more aligned with those with sleep apnia and may only need a monitor for a short amount of time. Nintendo can have these monitors for rent to patients and when they do not need them, they return them. It makes sense that qol is a different branch for Nintendo which is not necessarily gaming

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