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Black Friday: Wii U Skylanders Swap Force Bundle $199.99 At Toys R Us

Retailers are running some hot deals through Black Friday and Toys R Us don’t seem to be an exception, especially for those interested in the Skylanders franchise. There’s even a Wii U with Skylanders Swap Force available for $199.99. The Black Friday deals go on sale on Thursday at 5pm. Here’s what you can get cheap this year.

  • Starts Thursday 5pm
    • All Skylanders Trap Team Starter Packs $37.50
    • B1G1 70% Off All Skylander Trap Team Figures & Traps
    • All Skylander Spyro Adventures Single Figures 4 for $10 (Must Buy 4 for Offer)
    • All Skylander Giants & Swap Force Single Figures B1G1 70% Off
    • Wii U Skylanders Swap Force Bundle $199.99
    • B1G1 40 Off All Video Games Reg. $19.99-$59.99 (Excludes Starter Packs)
    • Skylanders Swap Force Carry & Display Case $14.99
    • Nintendo 3DS XL Mario Party Island Tour Bundle $179.99
    • Flashback Consoles (Intellivision,Colecovision,Sega or Atari) $29.99
    • PS4 500GV Bundle (Includes GTA V+The Last of Us) or (Lego Batman 3+Little Big Planet 3) $399.99
    • Xbox One with Kinect $429.99
    • Xbox One Kinectless Assassin Creed Bundle $329.99
    • B1G1 $2 All “R” Superbuy Video Games (Reg. $14.99-$19.99)
    • All Disney Infinity Starter Packs $39.99 – $59.99
    • All Disney Infinity 2.0 Figures B1G1 70% Off


  • Starts Friday 7am
    • Skylander Trap Team Starter Pack $49.99
    • B1G1 40% Off All Skylanders Trap Team Figures & Traps



Thanks to those who sent this in.

16 thoughts on “Black Friday: Wii U Skylanders Swap Force Bundle $199.99 At Toys R Us”

    1. I’m looking to buy a wiiU for my Godson this Christmas. I don’t want him playing this skylanders shit though. Good thing is I have that free pikmin 3 code from mario kart 8 so I’ll have an extra game for him.

  1. Highly recommend people play Swap Force if they haven’t gotten into Skylanders yet, no offense but it’s much better than Disney Infinity. I payed a little over $100 just on the Trap Team at launch (starter pack, all elemental traps, figure)

  2. Wish they would sell more than 8GB bundles it’s hard to explain to someone you are convincing to buy the system that you still need to pay more money on an external hard drive

  3. I wouldn’t say Swap force is the best of the Skylanders games…Giants and Trap Team are both superior in every way, but it’s a pretty good place to start. Even for 200$ I’m still iffy about getting a Wii U….the lineup for next year still doesn’t really entice me enough to buy one, so I think I might hold out another year and stick with my faithful 3DS XL and soon to be released New 3DS XL and it’s buttload of games….still though it’s a freaking amazing deal, so if you really do want a Wii U grab this pack right now, you won’t regret a single penny of it if you’ve been dying for the console.

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  5. I went to toyrs r us black froday early sale today and they had one! I bought it for my Godsons. :) got lucky I guess.

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