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Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Exploit Arrives November 22

homebrew_channelA dedicated homebrew exploit channel is set to launch in just five days for the Nintendo 3DS. Produced by the French coder Smealum, the new homebrew channel can be accessed by any 3DS owner on November 22, and will allow users to play various apps and emulators through its exploit system. Region-free gaming is still a possibility in the near future, but for now the exploit serves to unlock such apps as 3DScraft – a Minecraft clone for the handheld. As was the case before, the homebrew channel will not support pirated 3DS ROMS.

46 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Exploit Arrives November 22”

    1. i would like say that it doesn’t say you cant, Emulation was really specified in the post. So it might happen anyway.

      1. Piracy really IS impossible with it. That’s one of the main goals in mind when Smeal was designing this program.

        Knowing the piracy community, however, if there’s a will, there’s a way, and the pirates will find a way to get it to work anyway.

  1. As long as there is a software (HBC) that allows you to boot ANY other software from it without control and filtering, there WILL be a program for starting (pirated) game copies. Dear HBC creator(-s), this is inevitable.

    1. I think it would be the hardware itself that does the filtering.

      In fact, what Smeal’s doing is no easy feat – hacking the system to allow arbitrary code from coming through. The system’s designed to make it difficult to do so, the only reason why it works is because hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in the firmware itself.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something….but I really don’t understand what the homebrew launcher does. Someone fill me in please?

    1. This lets you play homebrew games (games created by developers outside of indie or publishers). You can also gain the ability to put emulators onto your system (Nes, Snes, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphics 16, etc).

      It also allows you to grab a game from another country and play it onto your 3DS (Play games from any country without it saying that it only works for that country).

  3. It’ll cost you the game (undisclosed yet, available cheaply at retail, or in some regions on the eShop) the exploit has been written for, but it’s free otherwise.
    As is, it can’t allow piracy of 3DS games (the exploit itself does not breach enough into the “core” of the system, you’d need other exploits on top of this one), nor does it allow you to modify or cheat in games (for the same reasons).
    What it does is allow you to run homebrews, such as original games or emulators.
    What it could soon do is allow you to run retail games from other regions.

  4. Pretty dumb for you to post this here My Nintendo News. That’s the best way to catch Nintendo’s attention and get the whole project shut down before it even sees the day.

    There’s enough people who know about it already, enough “noise” about it online as it is, that we do NOT need more publicity especially not from popular websites like this one. Such grand scale publicity can only hurt the project.

    Nintendo is pretty oblivious and blind about those sorts of things until it’s too late. Let it be and stop posting about it!

    1. Hi Eirikr,

      Thanks for your comment. :) However, plenty of sites – including the larger ones – have reported on the homebrew channel. We’ve covered and reported it in the past, so there’s no sense in ignoring such developments when a solid release date has been pinned. We find news, developments etc, and we report on them as we deem fit. Many readers may have seen those reports in the past, but may have not realised the release date was so close. It’s our job to inform. Cheers!

    2. OMG are you stupid? Yes, Nintendo comes EVERY DAY here on this blog to see what goes on in the Nintendo community. Besides, with Nintendo’s agreement to use their IPs, this could also mean to create programs and apps for people to use for a region free handheld if they want to do so. Nintendo is about to change to the better, you calm your horses and don’t meet trouble halfway.

    3. I’m pretty sure that Nintendo would know about this even if every news site hid it from them. Out of all of their employees, at least one of them is bound to run across it. And even if Nintendo does know this, they can’t really shut it down. People have the right to use the products they purchase as they please. All they can do is create a firmware update that makes it unusable.

  5. If it doesn’t allow piracy and breaks that unneccessary region lock that is great!!! Their is no reason why Nintendo should shut this down.

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  7. While it says it won’t enable pirating it is only a matter of time before it’s unlocked to play them. It’s opening Pandora’s box, sure you had good intentions, but a crapfest also comes with it. He gave the big first step to pirating games. Ah well, homebrew can be fun so I may check it out if there’s anything interesting to run on the system.

  8. Actually, there were methods of running pirated Wii ROMs after installing the Wii homebrew channel… I believe the Gecko OS might have had something to do with it, but it’s been so long; I was more concerned with my modded PSP and DS flashcart at the time. So not to provide you with potentially false hope, as it’s no guarantee, but I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be playing 3DS ROMS

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