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Happy 2nd Birthday Wii U

Yup, you read that right. The Wii U is celebrating its second birthday today as the console launched on November 18th, 2012. The console clearly had a rocky start, but things are looking up for the platform with some heavy hitters on the horizon including The Legend of Zelda, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, amongst others. Did you buy the console at launch? And what do you think to it two years down the line?

134 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Wii U”

    1. Ok machine, some cool games. But overwhelming lack of support3 partys overall and the big Nintendo titles are too few and far between…

      Need me some next-gen Waverace and F-Zero action.

    2. Ive been loving wii u since the release of pikmin 3, dk tropical freeze and mario 3d world some of the best games i played on next gen. I enjoyed mario kart 8 hyrule warriors and i cant wait for super smash bros so hyped. Glad i got this system along witg my ps4. Nintendo makes great quality games

      1. pothead - Master of stoners

        If you got wii u now it might be ok……. but then again speaking my iq is like hamburger so…. my special ed teacher said that’s not the worst.

        Anyway im going to smoke more weed and possibly scratch my balls while purring like a kitten. It’s going to feel really good.

    3. “The Wii U is looking to be on the move this year with YOSHI WOLLY WORLD” WTF yoshi wolly world is like a good game to yall or sumthin lol gtfo plz yoshis cool but yoshi isnt in the same group as smash xenoblade mk8 etc

        1. Quadraxis I will allow your’s and the emperor’s armys to be stationed on my Island so we may better defend against our enemies.

    1. The wii u is amazing, i’ve been happy with everything about it, bayonetta 2, mario kart 8, donkey kong country: tropical freeze, hyrule warriors, in my opinion are some the best games of 2014.

  1. I bought mine at launch. And I bought a second one when Zelda Windwaker Wii U came out. I’m a big Nintendo fan since the Nes era.

      1. I did say 3/4ths…… 3d world, dktf, wind waker hd, mario kart, nsmbu(got free with mario kart) i don’t want to put hyrule warriors since it’s not really 1st party. If you want then you can count that in.

  2. I got my wii u when mk8 came.Still playing it while I buy games from other companies and while they are good I give up on it and dont want to play it again after a week.

    Every purshase I made was worth it and wii u is Nintendo best console ever for a long time.I hated wii with a passion but wii u is definetly worth attention.!

    Its a console you need to try before you judge it.

  3. I even had it 3 days before launch! Wii U was slow after it’s first Christmas. But today it’s the best currentgen system out there! Nothing beats it’s awesome game libary!!

  4. Honestly it’s one of my most played and best consoles I have ever owned and has given me some of the best games i have ever played, Happy Birthday Wii U, something tells me we’re only getting started my little friend.

  5. Preordered it and had to wait in a bit of a line to pick it up day one but I enjoyed it then and still do. Even more now that the first party titles are starting to flow. The drought was tough and it probably would’ve fared better had it released last year instead of 2012 but I think because of the struggles we’re actually getting some pretty cool content. Either way Happy Bornday Wii U lol and can’t wait for Smash Friday!!

  6. I got the Wii U at launch, and i was very happy with it! Then along came wwHD, mario kart 8, hyrule warriors and bayonetta 2 and made everything better! Now i’m waiting for Smash, Zelda, Yoshi, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Captain Toad, Xenoblade, and Star fox! Things couldn’t look better for Nintendo in terms of games!

  7. Having mine since launch, I can say that I am happy to call myself a Wii U owner. Sure we had a rocky start, are overlooked, had many droughts, but we are going strong. We will continue to go forward looking to a good future to come.

  8. Happy birthday you kick ass gaming machine. :) May you keep raining more great quality games like Zelda and Smash Bros. 4. :3

    BTW, finally got Bayonetta 2 and I’m loving it so far. :D Next stop, Smash Bros. 4 and Pokemon OR on the same night. :3

  9. I’m glad I bought a wii u. Maybe it doesn’t have all the third party games I’d like to play but every game I have has been a experience for me. Deus Ex became one of my favorite games of all time, The Fall was a new experience for me, I finally got to play Arkham City. There are many more too. I’d like to say thank you for the memories

  10. Bought mine almost 2 years ago.
    I am very happy about it and pretty sure that most people who diss the gamepad have never tried it.

    Currently own
    NSMB WIIU – i´ts ok, better than NSMB Wii at least
    Rayman Legends – Best 2D sidescroller this gen
    DK TF – Very good
    SM3DW – great
    WW HD – Good but flawed, glad i had a change to play it
    Pikmin 3 – Charming and fun, my first Pikmin game
    Shovel knight – Good but not as good as i hoped being a NES kid

    And the classics from my childhood
    Mega man 1-6
    SMB and SMB3
    Legend of Zelda and Adventures of Link

    Other games i never played back in the day
    Super Metroid – This game is becoming one of my all time faves despite no nostalgia memories of it. Amazing
    A Link to the past and Super Mario World – Terrific, played them somewhat on PC emulators but never got into them until i bought them on the Wii VC
    The Minish cap – Never played until it was relased on WII U VC. Perhaps better than ALTTP and way better than both SS, TP and even WW.

    Future games i am interested in

    Bayonetta 1&2
    Captain Toad treasure tracker – At first sight it was meh but the more you see the more interesting it gets
    Zelda Wii U
    SSM Wii U – Maybe, i have never played a SSM game before

    So in short very happy but it don´t spend much time playing videogames, if the purpose of my console where to keep my busy 2-4 hours a day every day then i might be a little dissapointed.

  11. I didn’t get my Wii U at launch (the first Nintendo console I was unfortunately unable to pick up on launch day since the Gamecube), but I have it now and I love the thing. I expect Year 3 to be its best yet by some margin.

  12. pothead - Master of stoners

    *Smokes pot* *hands pot to sickr* Holy shit 2 years!!! *takes another rip* ugghhhh!!!! WOW THIS CONSOLE SUCKS!! *cough cough* MY THROAT BURNS!!

    Yeah but anyway while sickr HOGS ALL MY POT… I SAID HOGS ALL MY POT!!! Im going to get to the point. This console is trash and of corse i forgot a mistakes birthday…….. kinda like how ma always forgot mine BUT that’s why we have the sexy plant know as marry jane, WE CAN JUST SMOKE ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS AWAY! Seriously nintendo needs to get some of this stuff, it will make them forget about burden u.

    This was a message by your favorite stoner pothead the king of stoners. I DONT SHOWER I EAT MY SHIT AND IM FAT AND RETARDED!

        1. pothead - Master of stoners

          THAT GUY! Yeah i know him, he always makes fun of me and says how retarded i am…. so…. i murdered him. So far im getting away with murder. Im so smrt. Not many people can get away with that you know.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Well he is you but since you’ve smoked enough pot to resurrect the planet Mars, I can see why you may have forgotten…

  13. just looking at the games already announced for next year. Wii u 2015 is gonna be even better, which I didn’t believe could be possible compared to a year where we got both super smash bros and mariokart!

  14. I got the Wii U Wind Waker HD bundle and have been happy with it ever since:P DKC: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1+2, amongst others, are verrryyyyy awesome! Next year, when Zelda U and Xenoblade Chronicles X launch, we will experience new hights of the Wii U. Amazing console!

  15. Captain HollowGrapeJ

    The first year of the Wii U was the absolutely worst. It got some decent ports of last gen games at launch but then it lost all third party support before it was even a year old and there were no games worth owning until Super Mario 3D World showed up. The second year was better because some great games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, and Bayonetta 2 arrived. But the third party was basically non-existent at that point. If you do not have another system for third party games, it is not worth getting. I didn’t get to play almost any of the games I wanted from 2012- now. They all skipped the Wii U. The Wii U has taught me a very valuable lesson. Never buy any console from Nintendo ever again unless I have another system for third party games. Do you know how bad it feels to be a gamer that can’t even get to play 90% of games coming out? Only thing I could do was just sit there and watch while the good games I could’ve played pass right by me because I didn’t have the system that could play it. The only reason I wanted the Wii U in the first place was because of all the third party games it had at launch. In my eyes, I thought it would have been the Nintendo system that got all the games from Nintendo’s own games to all the big AAA third party games. I would not have wasted my time with it at all if I’d knew it would’ve gotten this bad. And that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m saying Wii U’s games are bad. Nintendo makes really great games for it. But it isn’t enough. I did not want a Wii U just to wait two years later so I could play Smash Bros. I was absolutely disappointed the lack of AAA third party games on the Wii and now it’s happening again with the Wii U. They are getting on my last nerve with these consoles. The handhelds are fine. I don’t have a problem with those. I don’t hate Nintendo nor do I hate the Wii U, but if this keeps up, I will just stop getting Nintendo consoles. I’ll just get a handheld and not even waste my time with the consoles. Or I might just avoid Nintendo altogether. And no I am not a Playstation or Xbox fanboy. Even though I’ve wanted some of their systems before, I have never owned one before. I never really even cared about them until I saw all the lack of third party on Nintendo systems. Nintendo forced me to get one of those systems now. They just stopped caring for gamers like me.

    1. They didn’t stop, Nintendo has been paying for the mistakes made with the Wii, the term shovelware was coined because of the Wii. That system sold like gold, and yet, they let all quality control fly out the window, to the point where a good seven out of ten games were utter garbage. All of these new gamers the scooped up learned quickly to stop buying third party Wii games and all third party devs suffered as a result. Why pay 50 bucks for a game that had less guts in it than a 3 dollar game on your smartphone? Nintendo rested on their laurels instead of fanning the flames of the Wii’s momentum. We begged for an HD release of the Wii, and instead they only released cheaper and cheaper versions of the originals. Online stayed anemic in a world where online was becoming more and more prevalent. And as a result their consumer base carried over to the Wii U, and the third parties that had on board at launch, bailed after two or three bombed releases. But now they are putting forth the energy, and I’m amazed at how much they are listening to fans. It frustrates me as well, the lack of third party support, but it has forced them to evolve, and it is just now really starting to pay off for those who hung in there. If they keep this going, they will become the system to buy for fun times and consistent quality. But for now, if you must play 3rd party games, you know whatcha gotta do ;-)

      1. He can post his opinion if he wants. Just because you don’t like i doesn’t mean he should leave. You don’t own the website. Stop crying that not everyone worships Nintendo like you do. It’s just pathetic. People can criticize Nintendo. It’s not against the law.

        1. Lol what ass backwards assumption saying that I’m crying that everyone doesn’t worship nintendo. I could give 2 shits if anybody cared about Nintendo or not. If anybody here that’s crying It would be grape that’s always complaining and you look like you wanted to shed a tear by saying something to that guy. Also you saying its not illegal doesn’t make it better lMAO . just because something is legal doesn’t make it right come on use your hard head.

          1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

            Apparently you care enough to comment though. Lmao. And you say you’re tired of my comments but without explaining why. Just makes you come off as another ignorant hater.

            1. Ignorant hater? Lol OK. Anyways what bothers me about your comments is that you almost never seem to stay on topic and all you do is complain complain complain nothing if almost never, seem to say anything positive. Why are you so worked up only about negative things? Also if care so much about third parties you just don’t buy a second console? It would be like somebody complaining about Microsoft lacking good first party characters or games. You just go ahead and talk smack about how you are done with nintendo but you could the “unbiased” thing and just get another console for third parties and some good first party and you could get a Nintendo console for ridiculously good first party games. Also you say they stpped caring about gamers like u. What is that suppose to mean? From what I’ve read you enjoy some of their games so I don’t understand your strong dislike for the U

              1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                You really want to know? Well, it’s because I’ve owned nothing but Nintendo systems ever since I first started playing games. My first game console was a Gamecube. I played and enjoyed many third party games on that system and I had absolutely no problem. That was also back when I was little. I didn’t even know who “Nintendo” was. I didn’t know their games existed. All I ever played was third party. That’s what I grew up with. Then, after that the Wii released. And I thought that since I had so much fun with the Gamecube, the Wii would be cool as well. This is when I started to understand who Nintendo was. I was absolutely blown away by the fact that I could swing a Wii Remote around and toss a bowling ball. Wii Sports even to this day is still one of my favorite games ever. Anyways, like I said before, I played a lot of third party games with my Gamecube. So the very first thing I did when I had a Wii was look for some great third party games. And you know what? I didn’t see them… At this point though, I definitely knew who Nintendo was but I never cared for their games back then. But that had all changed when I got the limited edition red Wii with New Super Mario Bros Wii. That game was SO much fun. I never even cared about Mario games before that but I just absolutely could not get enough of him ever since then. I played that game every day. I tossed all the pathetic shovelware games that I was given as Christmas gifts aside and played only NSMBW. But then eventually that broke and I stopped wanting to play my Wii because everything else was crap. I didn’t even play it for about a whole year. I started seeing games on TV that looked really cool and I wanted them but they ALWAYS said “PS3 and 360” at the end of the commercial. And I’m like “WTF? What is the deal here, man? Why is it not on my system?” This of course was back when I was ignorant about specs and hardware, power, etc. I just assumed it was because everyone hated the Wii. Even though I loved using the Wiimote in games, I found out that it was a MAJOR pain to use in third party games. Especially racing games. They forced me to hold the controller sideways and use it like a steering wheel. Although that was cool, it caused me to keep crashing and I could not properly control myself in games. And I got sick of that crap. And then there’s the whole sensor bar thing where you have to point at the screen just to get to your freaking game and there’s also the hassle of having to go buy batteries all the time. I started to loath the Wii Remote after that because it was too many issues that gave me headaches. Also, back then, I did not know what “High Definition” was. I did think that most of the Wii games looked like crap, but I thought all games must’ve looked like that. But then I went into a Gamestop that one time and saw Uncharted and it was unbelievable how clear and good the graphics looked. Then, afterwards, being the ignorant little kid that I was, I went home and kept trying to find out how to make my Wii display HD graphics. I HAD too. But I looked online and was informed that the Wii could not display HD visuals. BS. Anyways, fast fowarding a bit here, in about 2011, I found out that “Super Smash Bros” existed. I heard that it was a game about Nintendo characters battling each other. I was already familiar with characters like Mario and Princess Peach so that helped with my decision to buy it. And it was definitely an amazing game. And then afterwards I found out about Super Mario Galaxy. And due to the fact that NSMBW had got me into Mario games, I bought Galaxy without questioning it because I knew it would be good. Just because of the fact that it was a Mario game. And it did indeed play very well and I found it to be amazing. Eventually after I beat all those games and stuff, I was burned out on Mario. I was looking for something else to play. But at that point, every time I saw the games on TV getting advertised, I already knew they were guaranteed not coming to the Wii so I didn’t waste my time with that crap. So I’m like “WTF am I gonna play now?” I just kept on playing a bit more of SSBB, but then afterwards, the Wii U got announced. It was said to have a bunch of third party games at launch and that it would also have a Wii U Gamepad which was like a tablet and a normal normal controller in one. And also a “Pro Controller” for people that don’t prefer the Gamepad. And I was RELIEVED. I was freaking SICK of motion controls and I was so glad that crap wouldn’t be forced in every game. Fast forward a bit towards Wii U’s launch, I started seeing a lot of great third party games and I figured that they finally got it right and I would not be missing out on all the games I wanted. Although there were a few like Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 that I wanted and they said those were skipping. I let that pass because I figured they might port it later or bring their next game in the series. Anyways, I saw AWESOME hardcore games like Zombi U and Ninja Gaiden 3 and I thought “Wow, this system is gonna be amazing”. Then I tried the Wii U out at a Gamestop with Rayman Legends and I loved it. I loved the Gamepad use and everything. And I got to try NSMBU and it was mindblowing seeing Mario in HD for the first time ever. Keep in mind that since I had the Wii, I never got to see HD except for a few times like on videos and with Uncharted on that PS3. Seeing EVERY game in HD was absolutely overwhelming to me. It was definitely something new. I eventually decided to convince my mother to buy me a Wii U. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but she saw how much I wanted it. So I got it at launch. I got it with Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed since I was a big Sonic fan. I absolutely enjoyed that game and I could not have been happier with that game. Afterwards, I was gonna start looking for more games, but the really cool stuff I wanted like Dishonored and Need For Speed Most Wanted were not on the Wii U. I eventually heard NFSMW was gonna come to the Wii U so I awaited patiently for that and I kept playing Sonic. Then I got a few Indies that I wanted because they looked cool. I heard that Rayman Legends was gonna come to Wii U in February and I absolutely could not wait for that game due to the experience I had with it at Gamestop. That was a day one purchase for sure. Then, as its launch got closer, I had my money ready for it, and then all of a sudden, it got delayed. For 7 freaking months to be put on systems I DIDN’T EVEN OWN. That was extremely upsetting and I didn’t even buy any other games because I was saving up just for that game! Sonic was getting really stale at this point and I desperately needed something to play. So I went out and bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The game was enjoyable but it got boring very fast. Then later on, the game I was waiting on, NFSMW finally came to Wii U and I bought that and it was definitely an amazing game that I enjoyed. I started looking up for for more games I thought I would be interested in and I took an interest in a game called Bioshock Infinite. It looked really cool but it was not for Wii U! And I’m like “hold on now, WTF? Why isn’t it coming? Wii U’s a new console! It’s supposed to get all the new games!” So yeah, that was definitely upsetting. Also I skipped a bit here, but PS had that conference where they announced the PS4 back in February. (I think) Then when E3 came, Xbox also announced their Xbox One with that DRM crap, but they were also getting a lot of games I wanted like Need For Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4, Destiny. And GTA V for PS3 and 360. Almost every game I wanted didn’t even get announced for Wii U! It’s like it didn’t even exist! I was really hoping for GTA V to come to Wii U. I never got to play one before because I had a Wii the previous gen. This was extremely infuriating. I questioned why is every game skipping the Wii U?!?! WTF?! So it was back to doing what I used to do with the Wii and just look for Nintendo games. I bought NSMBU because I had loved the other one it was a pathetic disappointment. It was the exact same crap and I spent sixty dollars on it. SIXTY. I was getting really freaking bored with the Wii U at this point and I was definitely considering trading it for the upcoming PS4. I tried to convince my mother but it was no good. She didn’t have the cash back then. So I just waited for some more quality Nintendo games to come and it took forever! I basically didn’t do crap that whole year but use the internet browser and Miiverse because there were no games I was really interested in. Then finally, Super Mario 3D World came and I bought it day one because I was freaking starving for some good games. It was great and an amazing game. But guess what happened after that? There was nothing else I wanted. Another drought! I didn’t care about Donkey Kong at all and I was just waiting for Mario Kart 8. I swear it took them freaking years just make a release date. I pre ordered it and sighed. It was definitely not working out. I’m waiting way too long for these games and most of the other games I want were not even on my system. While everybody else got games and talked about all the latest games, all I did was WAIT. I played the WAITING GAME. It was all just so stupid. The Wii U had so much potential. Now it’s just repeating what the Wii did. It keeps missing out on every single game. And that is where it leads up to now. That is why I always complain about Nintendo and the Wii U. All of this frustration is not me simply hating on Nintendo’s consoles just “because”. It’s the frustration of an entire generation worth of missing out on games. I’m tired of missing out on every single game. And it really gets on my nerves when people just tell me to buy another console. I want Nintendo to better so I don’t HAVE to do that. I’ve always preferred to play on Nintendo systems and I hate having to buy other systems just to make up for their mistakes. I will admit that I used to be a Nintendo fanboy but all the problems they’ve caused has just forced me to stop caring. It’s like they’re begging me to go buy the other systems. Every time I see someone praising Nintendo and saying that they’re the best, I just roll my eyes. It’s like Nintendo isn’t even trying anymore with their new systems. They keep PURPOSELY sacrificing graphical power and extra features for their systems saying that it’s not all about graphics. But they don’t seem to understand that it actually does matter to third party developers. And that is actually costing us games. I just wish Nintendo would just magically snap a finger and all those third party games would just appear on the Wii U. But sadly, that’s not the case. It’s just going to be yet another generation where their system misses out on every game. Terribly sorry for anyone that has to come across my extremely long comment, but I just felt like I needed to get this out. People keep misunderstanding me and thinking I’m just a Nintendo hater. Well, there you have it. There’s your answer.

      1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

        I do think it’s a great console and it’s definitely way better than the Wii. It’s mainly lack of third party that bothers me though.

  16. No bashing, no trolls. I enjoyed every comment for as far as I scrolled down this page. No matter which system you own, no one wants to be made to feel like their choice of console was a waste of money. All of the gamer in-fighting was making me feel like I was too old school, and alone as a gamer who enjoys value and great games, no matter the system. I’ll admit, Nintendo frustrated me to no end from launch, but starting last Christmas I’ve had so much fun with the Wii U and it hasn’t let up one bit! And come on, how great it was to realize that I was wise in keeping my Wii notes as WELL as my GameCube controllers? Winning! Ha, and this Christmas will be even better. I’m liking this trend Nintendo, let’s keep it coming! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  17. Sony Emperor Xperia

    Got my Wii U at launch then after 2days playing it I traded it in for a Xbox,I was pissed off for Nintendo releasing another weak last gen console and charging us a ridiculously high price,with NO BLU RAY,NO DVD,NO 1080p 60fps open world games,NO APPEALING ONLINE FEATURES,NO 500GIGS HARD DRIVE SPACE,NO AAA 3RD PARTY SUPPORT,NO INNOVATION IN TERMS OF UNIQUE WAYS TO PLAY WITH THE GAME PAD.

    Non of the games released so far for Wii U have more depth then what was released on Wii and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

  18. pink0crystal0midbus

    I bought the console at launch and the console has changed DRAMATICALLY since I first plugged it in. There are far more games and the console runs FASTER (it’s been so long I almost forgot that the console ran abysmally slow at first).

    I can also connect better to wifi now using the Wii U and there is SO much more quality items to purchase on the eShop.

    The Wii U has come a long way. It is certainly NOT the same console it was 2 years ago. It is a true next gen system now.

  19. I was late to the party for Wii U. But after E3 2013 with Megaman joining Super Smash bros I knew I had to get one. My best friend begged me to buy a Playstation 4 but I knew it wasn’t for me. I asked him to get a Wii U but he said it was for babies. Long story short I love my Wii U and all the great games it has provided me. It is the only system I own and would never trade it for any other console out there.

  20. Sony Emperor Xperia

    Your best friend is correct the Wii U is for babies,should have listened to him,Bayonneta 2 flopped Big time because the babies couldn’t buy a matured rated game

    1. The Dragon Emperor IV

      You couldn’t be more wrong Sony Emperor.
      As the WiiU is at an incline the ps4 generate negative reviews as they are too glitchy.

  21. I bought my Wii u day one, it was actually the last delux version, and I’ve loved it ever since. It has truly become one of my favorite consoles of all time. I never would have imagine the gamepad would change my gaming life for ever; It has become really hard for me to swallow playing a split screen game when I’ve seen the magic of two screens working in tangent with two player mode. I’m not a big social media guy, but miiverse is a real cool place to interact with other people. Graphics have become a secondary thing for me; I don’t care if it’s 1080p, 720p, 480p, or even 360p, but man some of the most gorgeous visuals in any media are Wii U games. My mouth still drops when I see 3D worlds splashed on my screen. It’s amazing something most people right off as being underpowered can create such a beautiful picture; I’m really glad to see what Nintendo could create in the HD world and I’m really excited to see what new experiences they’ll be giving me in year three.

  22. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i got my wii u on july 5th 2013 on a friday around 4 four o clock. i was welcome to next gen :).
    1st: nintendo land
    2: new super mario bros u
    3:sonic lost world(traded in the first day i played it)
    4: super mario 3d world
    5: tekken tag tournament 2
    6: call of duty black ops 2.
    i really haven’t bought much wii u games due to how most nintendo game are always above $50 most of the times. i want to add ninja gaiden 3, batman arkham origins or mk8 to my list later on. am a welfie.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      i get bargin games on my 360 due to how hard it is to find cheap wii u games at my local target or best buy or even thrid party game on store selves.

    2. Captain HollowGrapeJ

      LOL you should just go back to trolling and making Youtube videos. It’s pretty obvious that by this point, no one is going to forgive you no matter how much you praise the Wii U. And besides, this place is way funnier when you do it anyway. Lmao.

          1. Selina Ruiz is real, it is said she created the first meme about “obi” after hearing him in the school saying he owned this site and the morons here. Remember their past, he stalking her and she destroying his heart.

  23. I got my Wii U day one and didn’t regret it one bit because I knew the games would come.

    The Wii U in 2013 had heavy hitting exclusives like, Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World.

    This year was even better for the Wii U with massive hits like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, the upcoming and amazing Smash Bros and the potential sleeper hit Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

    Now it appears that 2015 will be even more incredible for the Wii U with games like Kirby And The Rainbow Curse, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Mario Party 10, Project Giant Robot, Project Guard, Devil’s Third, Fast Racing Neo, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox Wii U and of course the grand daddy of them all the new Legend Of Zelda.

    So the question remains am I happy and satisfied with my Wii U? You damn skippy I am and I can’t for wait for next year which will be a masterful one for the big N and Happy Birthday to the best current gen console being the Wii U 😉

    1. He is “lord ghost : king of the federation” better known as “sasori” he is a narutard who used to troll here and failed miseably, he even had an encyclopedia dramtica article, but the guy who was working on it was kicked out of ED by the admins.

  24. The times swing by so fast.
    I purchased my Deluxe Edition at midnight launch from Best Buy as soon as I got off work, and on a rainy night too.
    I will never forget the satisfaction I experienced from turning it on and playing NSMBU with my brother, Dad and cousin.
    The exact same satisfaction I’ll get from playing Smash Bros Wii U with them. :)

  25. Yup. I think the Wii U will be remembered as Nintendo’s greatest generation. The quality of games they are putting out is unreal. Everybody complains about 3rd party support, but I have always bought Nintendo hardware for Nintendo games.

  26. Wow! Two years and it’s just NOW getting good games. Recently released and upcoming. I haven’t had my Wii U for even a year yet. I’m kinda glad I didn’t buy one at launch. I would have been very disappointed with the lack of games. But it’s picking up steam now. With Smash Bros. and amiibo only 3 days away, and Captain Toad in early December, things are looking bright for the Wii U.

  27. I was among the first people to purchase the Wii U at launch. 2 years have passed, and no good third-party titles have seen the light of day on the system, not even GTA V. I have lost faith in Nintendo as the system is still not selling well, and plan to give up all of my Nintendo games systems and merchandise. I will be open to emulation, however.
    Onward to PC I go!

  28. I bought the Wii U at launch!! and I Don’t regret it at all. I remember being so excited when Nintendo announced the gamepad. I don’t care what ppl say، the gamepad is my favourite controller. The Wii Us list of games so far is amazing and is going to get better next year!

    1. As much as I love the Wii U, the Gamepad hurts my wrists after holding it for too long. Especially when holding it in one hand and using the stylus with the other (like I am now). But oddly, I didn’t have too much problems while playing Assassin’s Creed IV.

  29. I bought mine launch day. For the most part it’s been a complete waste of money. I haven’t even turned it on since I got my ps4 almost 6 months ago…. Quite a bit of money for a couple Mario titles…

  30. I was wondering when that would be, happy 2nd birthday Wii U! I got mine for christmas in 2012 but it’s a launch model cause I saw the receipts purchase date. It did have a rocky start but it’s been getting better and next year is going to be amazing.

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  32. geez I could write an dissertation about what I think about the wii U.

    Firstly, I did not buy at launch but 14 months later despite knowing the console will struggle to atttract 3rd party.

    I am disappoininted in MK8 and hyrule warrior with those DLC (for reference I hate DLC business model). It’s one thing to add characters, weapons,parts via DLC but map or courses or additional mode is a big no no. My hope is that Zelda or Xenoblade chronicle don’t have any DLC at all.

    The lack of retail/new release/no indie game/no virtual console games during 2013 and 2014 has damage the sales of the hardware (does not matter if there is a good reaons for this) and allow the competition to take the upper hand.

    The console itself is a magnificient piece of hardware but after 2 years I am still amaze that nintendo Tvii does not work where I am. The machine has still lot of potentional and even if I am not interested in amiibo it’s just show you the creativity of nintendo and make you wonder what’s else they going to do.

    Nintendo have done a very good job for the 3DS and the new 3DS wordwide. They seems to have done the perfect marketing and sales part in Japan. It’s just a shame they have not done half job they did for the 3DS with the Wii U

  33. I bought my Wii U in the December after November of the console’s release & I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been more than happy with my console. I got a nice balance of both 1st & 3rd party games, so I don’t see why there are people bitching about lack of 3rd party games. More like lack of 3rd party games THEY want. lol Whatever. Haters gonna hate! I have other things to do & other things to enjoy, anyway, so the lack of games that interested me wasn’t a problem. Never has been & never will be.

    1. Chains of Ridley is a biased Nintendo fanboy. All he ever does is talk about how good Nintendo games are. And he constantly shits on anyone that likes and supports third party games that he does not. He prefers to call them “sheep”. He is naive and thinks that he knows what’s best for Nintendo. On the articles, he is usually the last one to comment and when he sees comments that he does not like, he tries to talk shit and get the last word. Chains of Ridley also prefers to make childish names of all the companies that he doesn’t like. A good example of this would be how he calls the company Ubisoft “Ubishit”. Also, when something that he wants to happen ends up failing or not going the way he expected, he just brushes it off with comments like “Doesn’t matter” or “fuck the haters”. Not to mention, when somebody says that they wish for Nintendo games to be on other consoles, he loses his shit. It doesn’t matter who that gamer is. They could just be a Playstation gamer that wants the games to come to their system, and he throws a temper tantrum calling them cheap and sheep because they don’t want a Nintendo system. But when someone tells him to get another system for third party games, he damage controls and just says “fuck the third party”. He is ranked as the second most retarted Nintendo fanboy on with the first being Stranga.

      1. Yay! I got noticed by a troll that’s upset I’m not sucking the 3rd party dick like a good little sap! Go dive off a cliff & hit every rock on the way down.

          1. I’m pissed but I don’t want to spend too much time on a troll either. So I got straight to the point. I forgot to mention one last thing: he should make sure the last rock is sharp & spiky so he’ll get impaled on the bitch.

              1. If nostalgia can get away with wishing a horrible death on Iwata & his family, whether she was trolling or not, I can damn sure get away with telling a troll to go jump off a cliff.

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