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Here’s The US TV Commercial For Amiibo

Nintendo’s brand new line of NFC figures will be released soon to the general public so it’s about time that Nintendo created some commercials showing off their new product. Thankfully, Nintendo of America has introduced two TV commercials for Amiibo which showcase just how easy it is to use the figures with the Wii U GamePad. What do you think to Nintendo America’s latest advert?

37 thoughts on “Here’s The US TV Commercial For Amiibo”

      1. Well, I wasn’t saying it from Miyamoto’s perspective, but that was bloody hilarious. Except, I reckon there’s one mistake that you made. *rauph

      1. It’s always the same guy posing as Sasori and replying to all his comments. Isn’t it sad, getting so obsessed over one person?

              1. More as in what? 30 million? And you should be completing your sentences, not leaving it hanging in the air. Just a tip.

  1. As collectibles, I LOVE amiibo! And I already pre-ordered 8 of them. But I still have a hard time understanding the point of using them in a game where those characters already exist. Except for the whole leveling-up stuff. But it still don’t fully make sense to me.

      1. Same. But I must admit, it’s going to be torture just looking at them and never opening the boxes. The life of a collector.

    1. Knowing the value will go up some day if they’re never opened. THAT’s what keeps me from opening anything I buy.

  2. @ nintendo good commercials and how he did that was he attacked the smash ball and pressed b to unleash his final smah @ anonymous u guys can type in a name u know, i wonder when they r going make naruto shippuden clash of ninja 4 revolution on wii u

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