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Here’s What The Next Hyrule Warriors Update Includes

Hyrule Warriors will be getting a rather large worldwide update on November 27th. The newly announced update will see the level cap raised and also support for Amiibo figures. It should be noted that the update is for everyone, not just for those who have got the DLC.

  • level cap raised
  • max amount of materials raised
  • new potions
  • new medals
  • amiibo support.

Thanks, Kimmy

21 thoughts on “Here’s What The Next Hyrule Warriors Update Includes”

  1. That level cap raise will come in handy as the healing with a level up is what kept me alive when doing the Boss Rush Reward Map. Then Link hit level 99 so I doubt I could do it again with him.

  2. Dont know if i will get the game,cause of buying ps4 with dragon age also smash next week.Also i need to keep some money for future games i want like xenobladeX,ff15,kh3,mgs5,splatoon,zeldaU..But i think i m gonna be complete with ps4,wii u and pc for this gen.

    1. I hear that MSG 5 is not that good. From what I can gather the game is 1h30 play and the rest is just cinematic. let me know if that true cause I will purchase it for two members of my family.

      1. There are two metal gear 5.

        1)Metal gear ground zeroes and 2)Metal gear phantom pain.

        The first (MGS ground zeroes) was like a test game,a demo that cost 30 dollars to purchase so you can support the true game.It is indeed 2 hours long.Not worth your purchase,just see the story from a youtube video.Already released.

        The second(MGS phantom pain) is the true MGS5 which will release sometime in 2015,will feature very huge maps unlike in any other MGS before.It will be truly next gen.There are a lot of trailers + gameplay footages to check.Will be truly awesome!

    2. Hyrule is SUCH A GOOD GAME THOUGH!!!
      I would splurge if I were you. It surprised me with how fun it is and the amount of hours Ive put into unlocking the maps.

      1. At Christmas I’m getting this and ORAS and I can tell you I’m significantly more excited about this than ORAS. Seems like it could eat up a lot of my hours.

      1. i havent bought it yet,i will buy it next week with dragon age+smash bros.All of them wil cost 500 euros.I dont want to spent more for hyrule warriors now.Maybe in the future.

        1. This right here is a perfect example why you should get a game that you might enjoy in the first month of release, if not on launch day.

    I was aiming to get every character to lvl 99 & I’ve already maxed out Link, Zelda, & Wizzro and was close to maxing out Lana, Ganondorf, Darunia, & a few others!

    But it will come in handy for the Master Quest map. ESPECIALLY the don’t get hit ones where you have to go through a full fledged battle! Getting over 1000 KOs while also beating it in less than 15 minutes is a real bitch! At the same time, this worries me about the Adventure map for Twilight Princess..! D:

  4. This update better come with making it easier to get gold materials when we have Materials+ equipped to our weapons. The Materials+ thing is pretty fucking useless most of the time.

    1. Even with the bloody Focus Spirit thing boosting your chances at gold materials.

      Damn! I forgot to mention silver materials for the characters like Lizalfos. Especially Lizalfos since you need a good 50 or more of them!

  5. Hyrule Warriors pissed me off so bad last time I played it that it’s been days since I’ve touched it. That Adventure mode is HARD.

    1. >.< I recommend a partner to co-op with if you have someone that will gladly help you… and won't hinder you. Hell! They don't even have to help you fight! Just get them to play chicken with enemies as the 1st player while you use a badass character as the 2nd player to blaze right through. I suggest Link with the Master Sword since you can use a strong attack for a quick spin attack.

  6. The whole leveling-up concept (and mixing items etc.) in Hyrule Warriors is what I don’t understand. I’ve tweaked around with different things in the Bazaar, trying to mix different materials and stuff. But I never really know what I’m doing. And I’ve never noticed anything I do making any kind of difference.

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