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Here’s The Black Friday Wii U Deal You Can Get From eBay

Popular retailer eBay has announced exactly which deals you’ll be able to get your hands on this Black Friday. The deals kick off on Thursday November 27th at 9pm PST. The main Nintendo deal on offer is a Wii U with a copy of Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for $259.99 which is 33% off according to the retailer. The company will also be selling the same bundle on Cyber Monday for $249.99. That deal kicks off at 9pm PST next Sunday.

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17 thoughts on “Here’s The Black Friday Wii U Deal You Can Get From eBay”

    1. Not a good deal at all. I bought my second Wii U for €150. BTW, it was the Wind Waker bundle with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate so this looks like scutter in comparison more than a year later. Sorry but ithas to be said. Last year there were far better deals to be had. When you consider here in Europe we get screwed over, that €150 would have been $150 because for some reason Nintendo never seem to factor in the exchange rate and just do a straight currency swap. I know you have to pay tax but even still.

      1. You seem knowledgeable about Wii u’s, do you know where I can get the best deal for a Wii u on black Friday? I’m also hoping to get super smash bros. and a game cube controller as well. Any help would be great, thanks. Btw, I’m in the U.S.

        1. Take it form someone who is knowledgeable on Wii U’s, and lives in the US – A wii U goes for 299.99$ everywhere whether you get it from WalMart, or Amazon.
          If I were you i would get the 249.99$ Bundle, it’s a great value and their basically givng you the game for free because it’s $59.99 brand new. Smash Bros is a great game. If you want to save money I would get a Pro Controller. Otherwise with the smash controller and game, the console bundle with 3D World = $349.99 which is the best deal you can get unles syouy want a used one. hope I helped.

      2. only the UK got this deal. the US most certainly did not get the same offer for $150. the wii u has sold abysmally in the UK and thats why you guys have gotten all the best deals.

  1. This is basically the same deal that on eBay already had not too long ago for this Wii U/Super Mario 3D World bundle. I know because I bought one for my niece.

  2. Nintendo has not dropped the price of the Wii U, so deals like these are really as good as it will get. They did have some Wii U’s for $199.00, but I think those are sold out. Still, $259.00 is a good deal with SM3D world.

  3. Who gives a rats ass if you have smash bros. That is a god game but still Smash bros, smash bros smash bros. Plus it’s fixed and completed…unlike AC Unity.

  4. Does this specific ebay offer for the WII U START November 27th 9pm, or is that when they will start selling random stuff? I want to get my body ready if I need to sit in front of a computer for 2 days waiting for the deal to pop up lol

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