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Miyamoto Announces Nintendo 3DS Pikmin Theme


Mr Miyamoto recently took part in an interview on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS social network, Miiverse. During the interview Miyamoto announced that there’s a Pikmin theme coming soon to the Nintendo 3DS theme shop. The charming new theme will be made available for users sometime next week.

Thank you too! Oh, one last thing. If you want more Pikmin in your life, we’ve created a Pikmin theme for the Nintendo 3DS system! It’ll be available from next week in the Theme Shop. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

42 thoughts on “Miyamoto Announces Nintendo 3DS Pikmin Theme”

      1. Is that a beagle? Becouse if it is, it will not be so cute when it’s barking non-stop in about three to six months.. I know, I had one.

  1. Just unlocked new challenge. I played Smash more tyan 10hours and my thumbs are still white…..unlike Dualshock. will back to Smash bros.

      1. Don’t worry Smash Will be there before you know it. I totally gotten used to the Pro controller. My right thumb is a little numb and irritated after playing 10 hours. I unlocked Dr. Mario, Wario, Dark Pit, Shulk. I also made some friends on Miiverse to play online and whip some ass with Olimar. The @people were shocked at Olimar’s final Smash. They didn’t Know I can control the rocket on the way down. I gotten 5 knock outs in under 2 minutes for that shocking suprise. Will let’s see what Hollowgrape is up to while I’m on break from the best game this generation. My poor Wii U been playing 1080p 60fps for over 10 hours.

  2. As a fan of the Pikmin series, I’m really happy that Pikmin is getting some representation, hopefully Pikmin 4 will be announced around next E3, at least this time development won’t be starting on the Wii so we will be having better looking environments in the next game.

    1. I hope Pikmin 4 is more lke Pikmin 2. They can get rid of the Rock Pikmin though. It would also be nice if Winged Pikmin were produced from flowers and not from Onions.

      1. Pikmin 4 definitely needs to be a mix between 2 and 3, having dungeon’s to explore while having food to expand the time you have on the planet. In terms of Pikmin species, knowing Miyamoto, I doubt they would get rid of particular ones, probably just have Red, Blue, Yellow and 2 new Types with Purple, White, Rock and Winged appearing in Mission Mode, I like all types anyway so they should make cameo on Mission Mode at least in a way, they could even pick 1 or 2 of those 4 though to put into the game while not making tons of Pikmin available during the playthrough, I’d put in Winged Pikmin and Purple Pikmin, otherwise it could be overwhelming which Pikmin does what, this is one of those games that really benefits from tutorials, they should put it in the main menu and gamepad screen in form of an encyclopedia.

        1. I don’t want a time limit, not the morning to nighttime one but the daily one. It makes me feel like I have to rush through the game and can’t explore it fully. Imo Pikmin 2 was the best in the series. It was long, there was sufficient difficulty, the bosses were memorable. But I would want Pikmin 3’s Pikmin AI + ‘go here’ command and Pikmin 1’s bomb rocks though…

          1. To me, I feel that the time limit is where the series has it’s charm and what makes it memorable, maybe if the time limit was extended from 13 minutes to 20 minutes could work, you get more time to explore the place while doing what you need to do, despite Pikmin being a game about beating your own score, I’ve never thought of the time limit currently as an issue, but that’s just me. To answer to your other comment, thanks for letting me know what that was called, interesting feature, bosses from past games also need to be cameo’d this way, especially the Plasma Waith. While I don’t mind Olimar and Louie returning for the sake of nostalgia for the first 2 games, I wouldn’t mind Alph, Britanny and Charlie either making a playable appearance in Mission mode at least, or even a side story.

          2. Pikmin’s time limit was fine in my opinion. I also found Pikmin 3’s “collect fruit to expand the deadline” time limit pretty smart and effective.

        2. Oh, Bulbapedia and treasure log needs to be added back. Olimar and Louie should return as the playable characters in story mode too!

  3. Well idk if they’re already in process or have plans but Wii u menu needs this more than the 3ds. The Wii u menu is dull as fuck. But I’m calling it now Wii u will have a custom menu aswell. If they don’t do this, a fucking major missed opportunity.

  4. I live this theme, and I really want more Pikmin games. I believe it’s my favorite franchise so far tied with Fire Emblem, which also needs some theme love.

  5. Awesome! I only got into Pikmin thanks to Nintendo Land and enjoyed it so much, thought it was hilarious doing co-op I got Pikmin 3. I got it and it’s sad I haven’t played it in ages. It’s such a beautiful game, I want to play it again. I may even restart again sure because I only got a few days done you know? :) I do the DLC and Movies of course for BOTH 3DS and Wii U! XD

  6. If I remember correctly, Miyamoto once had Pikmin running on a 3DS, but decided against it for some reason. This Pikmin theme is just sugar coated salt in the wound.

    1. I believe he said that he wanted it to be an experience you could get on a console, Pikmin is a detailed series with nice looking environments in HD, look at Pikmin 3, despite starting development on Wii, it did look like a great looking game, at least Pikmin 4 would start development on the Wii U so it would look much better.

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