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Devils Third Scale Of Story Mode Is Greater Than Ninja Gaiden

We haven’t heard too much about Devil’s Third in recent times so it’s nice to finally good to get some more information about the state of the game from its creator, Tomonobu Itagaki. Here’s what he had to say about the development of Devil’s Third via Facebook.

I recently received lots of questions about Devil’s Third from my fans.

I’d like to speak about development status of Devil’s Third in my own words, to the extent that I am allowed.

  1. Devil’s Third is a strong fusion between action games and shooters.
  2. Devil’s Third development is going smoothly. In other words, we finished editing the closing movie the other day.
  3. Devil’s Third will be released next year. Nintendo has already announced this in their press release.
  4. The scale of Devil’s Third‘s story mode is greater than that of Ninja Gaiden.
  5. Devil’s Third demolishes the standard of past console games in online multiplayer.
  6. Almost all specifications I wanted to do were implemented. I got an up-close look at the great forerunners Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, and my beloved Halo. On that basis, we added completely new level of playability that only we can create.
  7. Anyone can enjoy this game; from casual gamers to hard-core gamers. Let me put it this way. You guys can throw a fun party, or can kill each other in realistic war. You can play your heart out.
  8. This is all I can disclose to you today. I can’t tell you when the war will begin. It’s the way the world goes. I really want to tell you more, my fans waiting with crushing frustration.

It’s rough on a man!

Well, be patient just a little longer. Don’t miss it!

Thanks, Fbt

90 thoughts on “Devils Third Scale Of Story Mode Is Greater Than Ninja Gaiden”

      1. I hope they show some actual WiiU hd video soon and not this gen 7 build. I think this could be a popular game if they can play their cards right. The sooner the “real” graphics the better though.

        1. I thought you didn’t like Wii U because you prefer 3rd party over exclusives. That’s what you said 51hrs and 36 seconds ago.

          1. But I mean after I get a PS4 or another system for third party, then I’ll get another Wii U. There is NO way I’m getting another Wii U without another system. I got to have third party games out of the way then Nintendo exclusives come next.

  1. I’m not a Ninja Gaiden player so, may someone tell me how great is the story in Ninja Gaiden?
    Just to know to what they are comparing it to.

  2. really hope this gets the pilishing to make it great give me wii remote controls

    and il own online like the GOD remote shooter player i am lots of gamepad funk to so i can sit in the cradle and interact with it

    this game maybe just maybe is going to own ass,only time will tell

  3. Ninja Gaiden 3 story wasn’t that great. It was ok, pretty generic. I have been very critical on 3rd party shooters, and this game will be no different. It is refreshing to hear they have improved upon the broken multiplayer that exists today at least.

  4. Just what the world needs. Another gruesome, violent game involving guns, foul language and decapitations. Looks like typical Xbox and Playstation material.

      1. Come on Commander, this DOES look like typical Xbox and Playstation material. In fact, I always refer to the Sonyans and Xbots as gamers who are obsessed with violence. Because there’s such an overabundance of those types of games on those platforms.

        Maybe some day when Nintendo’s consoles has just as many of these violent third-party games, it’ll stop me from feeling this way. But for now, facts are facts.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Our people will never allow High Command to get away with that…

          If by any means they did, gaming will be dead and I’ll gladly see everything destroyed…

        2. That’s your OPINION. It’s not a fact. I would not buy a PS3 or a 360 to play CoD. Everyone that owns a PS4 and Xbox One don’t just play CoD. Stop generalizing! How about somebody says all Nintendo gamers play is Mario games? Wouldn’t that sounds stupid? Exactly. That’s exactly what you’re doing now.

          1. At least Mario games are completed and fixed before it is released. I hear on Unity game Ubisoft says ignore the main menu to avoid freezing. I also hear that on the main menu certain things you select doesn’t work. Everything works with Smash bros. I also hear that on Unity if the character is around too many people and you run toward them it drops under 20fps. What a damn shame.

            1. Who cares? You act like everyone that owns a Wii U cares about Smash Bros. I know several people here, on Miiverse, and in real life that could give a crap about Smash Bros. But I respect that because not everyone has to like the same games.

              1. Also Ignoring Smash 3ds is already over a million units. So those people on Miiverse are the minority. Also Ignoring Smash Bros. Wii U bundles and buying the game is hard to find.

            2. That’s just one fucking game. There’s Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow Of Mordor, Alien Isolation, all these games that run perfectly. Just because one game is buggy doesn’t make every PS game in the world that too.

                  1. There was a time when you tried to be gentle when complaining about Nintendo and everyone loved you. Now when you state your opinions people go ballistic and call you an Xbot. There’s the Nintendo community for you :p

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      When Xbots and Sonyans says:

                      “I hope Iwata and his family dies a horrible death”

                      “Nintendo is for fags”

                      “Nintendo is the reason to why we get no games, fucking faggots and fanboy shits”

                      “We bash Nintendo for something the other 2 can get away with”

                      “Nintendo Commander is the reason to why I don’t like games anymore”

                      “Commander is ruining my life”

                      “Stranga always fucking damage controls but I never do”

                      “Commander is worse than Hitler”

                      Etc etc…

                      Why should we ever be polite?…

                    2. 1. Half of those comments are from Nostalgia_w. Obvious troll is obvious
                      2. What makes you think they’re Sony fanboys?
                      3. Even so, by going down to their level it just makes you guys seem immature. Bullying 101

                        1. Well, they deserve it anyway. :P The amount of fanboyism on this site is unbelievable. I tried to avoid being mean and stay nice the whole time, but people said stuff that was so stupid that I could not resist replying. The first time I created this account on this site, I got into an argument with Stranga. Lmao.

            1. Variety is never a bad thing though. Giving gamers more options is always welcomed, at least with me. I personally wish the Wii U had more games like this. Doesn’t mean I would buy them all, but like I said, having more options is never a bad thing.

              1. I agree, the more variety we get the better.Games like this will never replace Nintendos IP, but it’s good to have options to choose from.

        3. whats wrong with those games?
          Bayonetta has foul anguage,guns,its gruesome and violent game and its still the best game i ever played.

          Its a game relax.

          So you will not buy a scary game because it has scary monsters?

      2. I did not have high hopes for this game when it was announced at E3 but for some reason I am now interested. I love that Nintendo is finally starting to move into more mature games (Bayo 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and this game.

        1. Not trying to argue with you here, but Nintenso has always supported mature games. Nintendo has never ‘not allowed’ a third party game on it’s system becouse of the games rating. There were plenty of mature games on the GameCube, Wii, and now Wii U.

              1. How would I know? I don’t actively seek out interactive porn. He mentioned “Nintendo has never ‘not allowed’ a third party game on it’s system becouse of the games rating”, and im just pointing out that that’s not true

      3. I’m looking forward to this game. It looks like it’s gonna be fun. This will sit nicely in my collection. 2015 is set to be one hell of a year to be a Nintendo fan.

      4. The multiplayer looks sweet as fuck. Guns swords, and some other shit. Unlike Call of duty, i think finally I can play a fucking shooter that’s worth playing.

      5. Better story that Ninja Gaiden, it better be referring to the 3rd one since it wasn’t all that great. I do have high hope for this however since I need more action titles for my Wii U collection.

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