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This Defective Samus Amiibo Has Two Arm Cannons


Lucky Reddit user Adamantium126 found himself in possession of a defective Samus Amiibo. As you can see from the images above the Samus Amiibo has two arm canons instead of one. Reddit readers have suggested to Adamantium126 to keep her wrapped in the packaging as she could be worth some serious cash in the future.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

132 thoughts on “This Defective Samus Amiibo Has Two Arm Cannons”

    1. I cant imagine anyone paying a lot of money for a amiibo that has two right arms. If you notice it isnt special the arm is just a right arm. The shoulder guards on the arm left of samus is backwards.

      Anyone could buy two samus amiibo and make this same one. It is fake or just a mistake in the assembly line.

      1. That’s the thing though, these ‘mistakes in the assembly line’ are worth a lot of money with collectibles like this. The value of these defects only grow with time, too.

          1. there’s a difference between a defect that causes a product to not work and a defect that causes an aesthetic difference that may or may not be interesting.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            You’ll have to excuse him and the rest of this base’s warriors, they do not have that evolved sense of things…

    1. Agreed, I believe that is the coolest Samus ever. I really wish they would release alt costumes though. I love the white Samus skin in Smash.

    1. hey, commander. take the time to analize my last comment “hollwgrapej the unbiased warrior”. hollowgrapej aproved XD

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I’ll soon defy the laws of physics in this universe, and then the Xbots shall experience the new Nintendo era…

  1. Who cares I have Smash bros. Wii u and it is a blast. And Hollow grape J says ” 1080p 60fps ain’t noticeable” yes it is if the other Wii U tittles I own ain’t 1080p. Also the Pro controller is epic. I’m really working it in. Later I may have a friend come over help me unlock more characters and play online. I got to get Duck Hunt. Big deal about these articles and what I got Smash bros. I got to really work stage builder. I suck at that. But I will get the best stage one day. Will enough wasting time with you losers who think PS4 is better because it has 3rd party. Me and my 1gb Wii U capable of 8 players and 1080p 60fps is about to go back to gaming on a fixed and completed game. Have fun with those rushed out broken 3rd party tittles.

    1. Wow! Go back to the Xbox One article if you want to participate in the console war. This article is about Samus! And don’t say “who cares”. This amiibo has two arm cannons while mine only has one. That is FASCINATING! I’ve never seen a two armed cannon Samus before!

      1. Why are you defending Samus? You don’t even like Metriod you said less than 48hrs ago. That’s why you think PS4 is better it has 3rd party broken and what and same thing other consoles can do. Big deal I got smash bros U. What you got to say now? And who cares about shit box outselling Wii U? They had to do like 3 or 4 changes to surpass Wii U. Ps4 didn’t.

        1. I don’t have to like Metroid to be able to like Samus. Samus is awesome. And her amiibo is awesome. And again, stop arguing about consoles. Just enjoy the article for once. :P

              1. The first time I bought Super Metroid, I played it for about 6 hours. It was really boring to me. I don’t like the boss fights and I don’t like the exploration gameplay. I don’t like the controls, I don’t like the music either. It’s everything I dislike. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Samus. I found out about her in Smash Bros way before I even bought Super Metroid. Why do I need to play the games? What kind of stupid logic is that? I also like Captain Falcon but I’ve never even touched an F-Zero game. I liked Pit before I found out about him in Kid Icarus. *grabs megaphone*SO I AM ALLOWED TO LIKE SAMUS WITHOUT HAVING TO LIKE METROID. Ok?

                                1. Who the hell plays a game for six hours bored? A normal person who is bored over a video game stops like 15minutes. By 6 hours you like spent have the day playing something boring. I played Smash Bros. Wii U for 16 hours 38minutes and 9 seconds running 1080p 60fps strong. Nothing is broken on the game neither. I’m just on here taking my break. PS. after 16hours my thumbs are still not black neither and nothing on my Pro controller is peeling off.

                                  1. My Pro controller is a year old now. The analog sticks are still the same as if I just bought it. And we all know when playing smash bros games. the player uses the controllers very heavily.

                                  2. I didn’t automatically get bored with it. It got boring at a certain point. I just didn’t want to play it anymore. But hey, at least now you can’t try and say I didn’t play it.

                    1. not just defective nintendo products are worth a lot of money you know. really any misprints and defects from anything like paper money, coins, really anything

                      1. Huh okay… Honestly, I don’t recall happening the same thing to the Skyward Sword poster of the Loftwing’s wing worth some money…

                    2. Not only is it defective, bit it’s defective in an awesome way! Also, as the guy abovesaid, defective stuff usually has a higher value.

                      1. Not really a defect just two right arms. The other cannon is backwards shows it is just the right arm of samus. Ill say it again that anyone with two samus amiibo could make this.

                  1. Why do people think these stupid toys that will end up flopping be worth anything?

                    This is him in 15 years “yeah I got this shitty toy that added items and costumes to my video game characters. Isn’t that sweet? But check it! This one is defective!”

                    God Amiibos are so fucking dumb.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Speaking of Skylanders, today while searching for Xbots, I saw a Nintendoling getting so mad at its parents for not buying him the Wii U Skylanders bundle…

                        1. Well, when I was in Target today, some guy asked me if they still had the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle and I said “Yes, I’ll show you”. Then he picked it up and bought it. Mission accomplished. ;)

                            1. You seriously just found that out? lol Hollowgrape was always a hypocrite and secretly a Nintendo hater from the start. Why do you think he no longer has a Wii U and went for that POS Betamax bundled with 2 broken games plus one that an Infamous ripoff that no one talks about anymore? lol

                              1. *EPIC FACEPALM* A Nintendo hater? WTF are you talking about?! XD The ONLY thing I hate about Nintendo is their decisions and how they handle their consoles. I’ve been saying this the whole time. Wanna know something? Back in March I had $250 and I had to make a decision between a 360, 3DS, Vita, and a PS3. And you know what HollowGrapeJ the Nintendo hater chose? A 3DS! LMAO And I told you the only reason I ain’t got a Wii U anymore is because of money issues. I’d still be playing MK8 and Smash Bros if I still had it! Hell, I even bought 4 amiibos and still plan to buy more. Yeah, I sure hate Nintendo, right? LMFAO.

                                1. You are aNintendo hater. Ignoring less than 48 hours ago you said you rather play 3rd party tittles over the Wii U exclusives.

                                  1. I said that I prefer to play a lot more third party games than Nintendo games. Learn to read please. Thank you. :D

                                    1. Learn to read? Ignoring you contradicted yourself 51 hours and 45 minutes ago. First you say PS4 is more valuable than Wii U because PS4 has the same games on PS3 and 360. Then you say Wii U is the better deal because of it’s exclusives. Like Judge Judy says, “You don’t have to have a good memory when you tell the truth.” Just admit you’re salty because Smash Bros. Wii U ain’t multiplat. You know damn will if it was you’ll be playing it on your PS3 or whatever you got. You’re a Nintendo hater.

                                    1. Ignoring 3rd Ignoring you don’t need a Nintendo console to play 3rd party. But you do need a Nintendo console to play Bayonetta 2, DKTF, MK8 3D World, Toad Treasure Tracker, Wooly Yarn, Starfox, Metroid, oh the list goes on and on i didn’t even bring up Smash Bros. So you rather play the same Broken rushed games you can play on Xbox 360 and PS3 huh? You will get that game and can’t even choose certain items because it’s broken.

                            2. commander, the unbiased known as hollowgrapej was owned ;)
                              and i am not talking about his ass getting owned in the store by the guy he commented

                              1. “Well, when I was in Target today, some guy asked me if they still had the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle and I said “Yes, I’ll show you”. Then he picked it up and bought it. Mission accomplished. ;)”

                                You forgot huh? Oldtimers diesease huh? You said that to try to justify people are interested in an Xbox One console dispite of Smash Bros. Wii U justarriving.

                                1. WTF are you talking about? He was already planning to get an Xbox One. He had no interest in the Wii U because he wasn’t even trying to look over there in that section. I just simply helped him get his stuff faster.

                                    1. “You can think whatever you want but I have no interest in men whatsoever”. no, you only have interest in one man, the guy you met at TARGET.

                                      1. And the reason you brought that comment up in the first. Place was because?

                                        I’ll fill in the blank.: With smash bros. Just coming out you had to justify people still wanting something not on Wii u.

                        2. This Amibo will be worth thousands of dollars one day. It may take five- ten years to happen, but without a doubt it will be worth a lot of money.

                          1. Take that back, it’s obviously a fake. I didn’t think MyNintendoNews would report on a fake story. It must have fooled them too.

                      2. I actually had a hard time unboxing my Amiibos. I got Samus, Fox, Pikachu, and Link. Haven’t opened Link or Pikachu yet though. I think I may save them for Christmas. I’m almost done with Iron Banner, and then I can move to GtaV, Pokémon Ruby, and SSBU.

                      3. Wow. For collectors that’s one production error you’d want kept safe and hope it’s one of a kind. He may have gotten it for a few dollars, but as mint in box, it could go up from hundreds to thousands.

                        I’ll definitely look for one when those arrive in my country.

                        1. Hundreds to thousands! You know nothing about collectibles if you honestly think these small plastic amiibo even with a assembly mistake like this will be worth that much money if this is even real. Hard to believe a mistake like this would even pass. Just observe the toy to notice it is only has two right arms it is not some special error they just put two right arms on it because one is backwards.

                          Unless you’re retarded no one would pay hundreds or thousands for something they could make themselves with two samus amiibo. They would be lucky to sell that for 50 dollars or 100.

                          1. If it was a real factory mistake, it would absolutely have the potential to be worth 1k, maybe more. Not right off the bat though, it would take time to get there, and not until after they stop production of the Samus Amibo. It would also depend on how many other defective Amibos there would be.

                            But it’s fake, so your right. It’s not even worth 13 dollars.

                      4. DAMN! Why do I have to be broke right now? *weeps*
                        I would have drove all around just to see if I could possibly find others with this same error. I’m always broke at the wrong times.

                      5. Damn. Now that’s a badass production error and I never praise a defective product before but..damn. :3 Makes me want one just like that now and if I find one, I’m buying it either it works or not.

                      6. I love it!!! This will be a HUGE collectible in the future. I wish I got one of these defective ones. Defections are ALWAYS worth more than the originals, because they eventually fix the mistake and then only a couple hundred are released over the world.

                      7. Reminds me of artwork from Prime 2 or 3, where she had to arm cannons, and another where she didn’t have one at all. Pretty neat.

                      8. So why is everyone getting mad at HollowGrapeJ for playing games that aren’t Nintendo? And why this Quadraxis guy so autistic?

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