Pokemon Rumble U Is Kinda Compatible With Amiibo

Intrepid Youtube user Kolma has proved that Amiibo work with the previously released Pokemon Rumble U. As you already may know Pokemon Rumble U does make use of Pokemon NFC figures, but it’s not be stated to work with Amiibo. However, Kolma got various Amiibo figures working with the game and these are the characters that are summoned by the user when the Amiibo is scanned in.

  • Pikachu – Mesprit
  • Link – Swinub
  • Wii Fit Trainer – Boldore
  • Marth – Weedle
  • Animal Crossing Villager – Victini

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and WhiteEagle


  1. Does it work the other way around too? Like that you can scan a pokemon nfc figure like it is an amiibo in smash

  2. It is different for each persons individual download game, you can scan the same figure on two different players games and get different results.

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