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Those Smash Bros GameCube Adapters Are Selling Like Hot Cakes In The US

It seems as though Super Smash Bros on the Wii U has been a success on Wii U in the US. We haven’t had any indication of software sales, but those Super Smash Bros GameCube adapters have been flying off retailers shelves. Amazon sellers are selling them for extortionate prices and eBay sellers too. You might have to wait a while before they’re restocked and then they’ll probably go again. Did you manage to nab one at a decent price?

Thanks, Khalidmr93

46 thoughts on “Those Smash Bros GameCube Adapters Are Selling Like Hot Cakes In The US”

  1. I got mines in the SSB bundle. I pre-order it to make sure I had one under my belt. Best of luck to those seeking one!

  2. Had called Best Buy the day prior to see if they’d had some – they said there’d be a limited number that they couldn’t inform me exactly how many. Had my brother walk over, they said they had it in stock but couldn’t find it. They looked all over, and behold, found it. I asked him to grab two. He grabbed one to be fair. He’s a better man than I. But we’ve been having a blast with the GCN and pro controllers and even Gamepad.

    Felt achieved/sad/surprised when we unlcoked a trophy and thought, hey why did we get that? And it said.. for having the game on for ten hours… oooooohhh. #TimeFlies

    1. Yeah me and my brother have always bonded over smash, its a special game to us. I think this one is far better than melee. it feels almost as fast but much more controlled and there is so much to do in this game I don’t think we’ll ever complete it!

      1. I’m almost done with the events (I think lol). My main fear is the hat collecting, that was a huge pain on the 3DS version.

    1. Finally someone else who enjoys playing Smash with the pro controller besides me. Quick question foe you: do you suggest I buy more Pro controllers or GameCube controllers for my friends to plat against? Also surprisingly the Gamepad makes a good controller too.

      1. I think the Pro Controller does work very well, but I do tend to hit the wrong r button from time to time and grab instead of rolling away. I suppose that it’ll go away the more that I use it, but I still love using the GC controllers as my top priority. I only have 3 fully working GC remotes though and 5 that are all slightly broken, which is why I started using the Pro Controller to compensate.

      2. I’d say go for the Cubes, some people may prefer them. I know I do :p and yea I can’t get behind the gamepad for smash, tried it one match and the back shoulder and front shoulder buttons and everything just feel wrong to me. Pro controllers are the next best thing but the Cube just feels like everything is in place and designed for smash. And I love the shoulder buttons lol. Clickety click man!

  3. I thouhgt I could pick one up at Best Buy when I went to pick up the game, but they didn’t even have them on the shelves! Were they online exclusive? I want one, but the only website that I buy things online from is Amazon and they are sold out -_-

    1. They hadn’t even stocked the games on shelves yet when i went to toys r us to get the game (because the free amiibo deal), and I didn’t ask about the GC adapter, because I didn’t think about it ;_;

  4. I must be the minority who prefers the Pro controller. Don’t get me wrong I live my Wavrbirds and kept them. But I’m not buying a GC adapter for them until it is confirmed to work on other games or GC virtual comes. Give the pro controller a chance.

    1. They said it’s only for smash, so as of now you gotta stick with the pro if you don’t want them otherwise. I am sure there are people who prefer the pro, I was at a party the other night and someone didn’t even know how to use a gamecube controller lol and someone there preferred to use a 3DS so there’s definitely people with different tastes.

  5. I was shocked by how many people kept looking for the adapters in my area and couldn’t find them. Every store I went to at launch to look for amiibos I’d see a jaded customer looking for the adapters.
    One guy said he preordered the bundle, but only they ony got one single bundle in at gamestop. And another dude at Walmart left without buying SSB b/c they didn’t have any. It was hilarious watching him try to explain what the adapter was to a Walmart employee. The employee thought it was so you could use a PS4 and or Xbox controller instead!!!

    1. God… I hate Walmart employees. They are as dumb as a sack of flour. Of COURSE they would think it would allow a Wii U owner to use a Xbox One or PS4 controller, because of that “Dude-bro” mentality…

      They must have it stuck in their heads that Nintendo console owners feel inferior.

    1. When I first the played Smash Bros for Wii U it was the first controller I played with. And so far it’s been the only controller I’ve used.

    2. No, I am currently, but I HATE it. I want the gamecube controller adapter. I lose battles all the time where I could have played much better had I had a GC controller in my hand.

      For now, though, I have to make due with the gamepad and some custom controls.

    1. Well I already own a bunch of GC controllers. This is just an adapter that allows me to use them… trust me. It is TOTALLY worth it.

      an avid gamer using a GC controller against an avid gamer using the gamepad (or some other controls) will almost always win simply because the GC controller is the best for Smash Bros.

  6. I was able to snag a bundle when I went into a GameStop 2 days before the game release to preorder it.

    they couldnt preorder the bundle for me, but they let me preorder the game and wrote my name on a slip of paper and taped it to the bundle box.

    when i went in on friday, i said they were holding a bundle for me and was able to pick it up.

    it’s too bad nintendo undershot demand on this. the GC controller – with the position of the smash stick – is the only way i can play competitively with my friends (who are way better than me!)

  7. I honestly regret not pre-ordering one. In NY city, there are NONE at any of the nearby retailers. My GameStop said that they have no more, even at their warehouse.

  8. I got one in a bundle and one separate, but there was a delay for the midnight launch, my friends and I checked the gamestop we were at and like 5 wal marts.

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