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Nintendo UK Store Adds Wii U Gamers Pack For £299.99, Includes Super Smash Bros Mario Amiibo Bundle

wii_u_gamers_packWith Christmas around the corner, the Nintendo UK store has added a new bundle for potential customers to join the abundance of gaming offers available this season. Due to release on December 5, the Wii U Gamers Pack will feature the Mario Kart 8 32 GB deluxe Wii U bundle, the Super Smash Bros for Wii U Mario Amiibo pack, a pro controller and an exclusive Mario red and black backpack. It’s due to retail for £299.99 – so that’s a saving of more than £30 in comparison to standard UK retailer prices.

Back in October, the NUK store detailed the super Mario Kart 8 Mega Bundle to entice new Wii U owners. Please remember that the online store only ships physical products to residences within the United Kingdom. You can pre-order the Wii U Gamers Pack now on the store’s website, here.

14 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Store Adds Wii U Gamers Pack For £299.99, Includes Super Smash Bros Mario Amiibo Bundle”

    1. Damn, you beat me to it by 9 minutes. (:
      But yea, compared to the regular prices in the UK, this actually is a good deal for them… Which is kinda sad, lmao.

      1. LOL sorry if beat you by 9 min, £300..well I can say it not really a bargain cause £30 is really nothing as saving. but yeah if you compare to the US it’s very expensive.

        Just for your information, the price of the Wii U and the games start to go up after mario kart 8.

        In a way if people have enough money to buy £400/£628 US $ console or the other one @ £329/516.68 US$ then I guess it’s fair. if Nintendo Uk believe they will be able to sell it at this price.

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