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GameStop Says It’s Worried That Digital Games Are Becoming Too Cheap

The digital business model was always going to be a sore point for GameStop which relies heavily on the sale of physical games. GameStop’s company’s president, Tony Bartel, has spoken about his fears that digital titles could become too cheap and deter consumers from buying the games at retail. Here’s what Bartel had to say.

“We want to help ensure that our industry does not make the same mistake as other entertainment categories by driving the perceived value of digital goods significantly below that of a physical game. When the free digital token programs end, we believe that the industry will need to work together to continue to price goods in a way that sustains profitability and encourages a great innovation that this category needs.”

Bartel also said that recent research indicated that the average price a consumer pays for a full, AAA game download is $22. When asked what price consumers expected to pay for a full game digital download, they said approximately $35.

51 thoughts on “GameStop Says It’s Worried That Digital Games Are Becoming Too Cheap”

    1. If their smart, they have several stores options around the U.S. They can remodel them for all sorts of other things, and already have to a point. I dont think game stop has to go under simply because people were to buy only digital games, they could also offer system repairs, hardware sales, maybe even board game stuff

  1. The real issue of value comes from customer service. I would gladly pay a little more for a AAA title hard copy at retail if Gamestop would hire helpful employees instead of huge lying douchey bags of dicks.

      1. Why? You want less options as a gamer? Gamestop is the only dedicated video game store in my State. If they “die”, then all thats left is Walmart and Best Buy. Please tell me how those two stores are better than game stop.

          1. Well Gamestop did have a buy two used games get one free deal. I remember I bought Uncharted 2 for five bucs and Dark Souls for I think ten. I got Super Mario Galaxy Two for free which was over thirty bucs at the time. That was a pretty good deal.. Three good games for 15 bucs, all complete with the original cases. Gamestop is not near as bad as people say they are. They are an easy target becouse they are the only dedicated video game store…. I personally would hate to see them close thier doors.

            1. That deal happens once every full moon (not literally but to make a point). They also give you a B2G1 free deal ONLY IF you go for their PowerUp Rewards program, to which I’m disappointed that I’m paying 10 bucks for 10 percent off of Used games, 10 percent more points for program-exclusive stuff, and then forced to received a ‘meh’ magazine in the mail. If I could get the Rewards for cheaper WithOut the magazine, it would be fine. And then they introduced a credit card to get with them…

              They’re making moves but at the moment, not ones I really care for. Though I don’t wish them death, either. Cause eff WalMart, lol.

        1. Actually both offer a buy back program for games. Even Microsoft store buys back Xbox games and resell them on amazon. Game stop has lots of options when it comes to what they can do next. Fact is that 60$ a game at game stop means that nintendo/Xbox makes maybe 40$, how ever a digital copy means that they make closer to 58$ so sooner or later games will just be digital. Gamestop has lots of options being a physical store, (net cafe, Hardawar and accessories, board games, NFC toys, repairs, pre order bonus on digits codes, tech products like 3D printers, tablets, phones, system updates and DLC, and much more.

    1. Yep – Gamestop employees are incredibly hit-or-miss. I’ve encountered 4 types:
      1. The friendly knowledgeable employee – my favorite.
      2. The unfriendly(sales-oriented) employee – usually a guy.
      3. The friendly unknowledgeable employee – usually a girl.
      4, The unfriendly unknowledgeable employee – time to run and hide.

  2. Lol gamestop is worried, maybe stop screwing people over and they will buy retail at your store instead of online, digital and other stores.

  3. digital is same price or more in Canada, but at least you don’t have to deal with cock hungry xbox PlayStation fucktards like you do at the Ebgames/GameStop

    1. And ESPECIALLY expensive digitally. In Britain you can expect to pay £10 more for an AAA game on the eshop than if you buy it at retail. This is great for retailers, and their repayment to Nintendo? Give them no shelf space, no advertising and hide their games at the back of the shop. Frankly, Nintendo should just undercut retailers on the eshop unless the retailers agree to treat Nintendo with some respect.

      I remember when I went to buy A Link Between Worlds from Game last year I got taken aside and asked to wait around for a bit (to then get an incomplete collector’s edition by the way) because “we’re focusing on customers buying Xbox Ones today”. If that’s the kind of customer service I get for paying £10 extra then no thanks.

      I’m sure all this equally applies to Gamespot in the US as well as Game in the UK.

  4. The only physical games I buy are for 3DS because they don’t have big enough memory cards for all the games. When I can get a 1 TB SD card I will stop buying physical. But the biggest concern for GameStop should be Amazon. They always have the best price, free shipping to my door, and on occasion I have got games early. No muss no fuss and no fat sex starved loser trying to sell me Minecraft.

  5. That may be the case in the States but in the UK, digital is always the most expensive, at least for Nintendo games.

    Retail prices drop and prices can vary quite considerably between shops, but digital doesn’t. It’s a flat rate that doesn’t change unless publishers put on promotions, which aren’t that common.

    Still, I wouldn’t lose any sleep for a company that won’t let you trade games unless you submit your entire proof of existence.

  6. I love how they call it a “problem” lol. Technologies advance and industry shifts from one model to other. Just like home phones switched to mobile, or candles to electric lights. So will internet shift to sattelites from cables and games from physical to digital with occasional merchandise. U wont stop technology advancement,

    1. Then why hasn’t it shifted from physical to digital yet? The techknowledgy has been here for years. Technically speaking it should have shifted when the music industry did.

      I’ll tell you why it hasn’t. Becouse gamers want physical copies. It isn’t techknowledgy that dictates things of these nature, it’s demand from the consumer. And until the majority of consumers demand digital over retail, then that shift will never happen.

      1. it’s true, but it is shifting each year gradually towards digital. people still wish to own something physical when having a game, this probably will eventually become merchandise: posters, statues and all kinds of stuff. kids nowadays dont really care about physical copies much anymore, because they grow up with tablets and smartphones and they start getting used to owning games “digitally”. it will take time definitely

  7. Hurry and go under. You’ve been low balling consumers for years for their used games. They buy it from you for $10 and sell it for $55. Hurry and go under. All your employees no nothing either.

  8. I agree. Of course Nintendo’s digital content is a bit over priced – £59 for NSMBU – lol what idiot paid that?! But digital content is causing all sorts of issues which seems to be growing into the modern generations Atari-shit storm. I think if things continue it is going to impact the quality of everything including AAA titles. Cheaper prices obviously lead to smaller budgets, less risks and more in game purchases.

  9. My local Gamestop in Stockholm wants $66 for a bloody second hand copy of Mario Kart! I bought mine new for $40. How is a store like that ever going to survive?

  10. Honestly I don’t care if game stop dies I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them. I also cannot stand how much they bug you about their programs and offers and then they ask for your number and address, just let me buy the game and leave!

  11. Physical media is slowly dying.

    A few years from now, it’s possible that only collectors will be interested in hard copies and that game stores will become irrelevant.

  12. Where can I get these $22 and $35 AAA games? THese aren’t new releases, right? These are 5+ year old games aren’t they. Oh Gamestop, you tricker, I love you!

  13. Digital is the only way to go. It’s the way I consume all of my media (newspapers, books, magazines, music, movies and games). I buy almost all of my games from the Xbox digital store. I just hate having any sort of physical media around the house. It’s also very convenient of course.

    1. Your not alone in your opinion. However I share the complete opposite opinion. I must have physical copies unless the games are indie or download only. You lose all resale, trade, or loaning options with a digital purchase. In fact, you don’t really own the game at all. If DRM requires you to be online, then you lose all rights to your game. The company that owns the game will allow you to play, only if all conditions are met.

    2. In your experience it may be the only way to go, and perhaps for some others. For the vast majority it isn’t.

      Neither physical or digital is better. It’s about personal preference.

  14. If possible, I always go with the hard/physical copy of anything. I feel jipped out of possible extra things that digital doesnt come with sometimes. Plus if you pay for something, you should be able to hold it. That’s just how I feel personally.

  15. Their not cheaper here in Australia either, I could get watch dogs WiiU from JBHiFi for $69 (still $10 more than on the other consoles) but on the eshop it’s $89.95, if I get it I’ll wait for a sale either way

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