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Sonic, Shovel Knight and Mighty Gunvolt 3DS Home Themes Available Now For North America

Nintendo of America has added a number of new home menu themes to the 3DS eShop. Available from the theme shop now, you can purchase four different Sonic themes, featuring the blue blur himself plus Amy, Shadow and Chao. All four themes can be bought for $1.99 USD, or alternatively in a $6 bundle. If you’d like a closer look at the Sonic themes arriving you can take a look at the video embedded above.

In conjunction with the North American release of Mighty Gunvolt as a standalone eShop title, you can now purchase two Gunvolt-styled themes at the cheaper price of $1.49 USD. Plus, for all the Shovel Knight fans, you can now grab the $1.99 theme to accompany your game, which was previously available for free for a limited time in Europe.

41 thoughts on “Sonic, Shovel Knight and Mighty Gunvolt 3DS Home Themes Available Now For North America”

        1. She IS a slut. An annoying, pink sore, stalker bitch of a slut. lol

          Thinks Shadow and Silver are Sonic…who is a blue hedgehog. Oh and speaking of which, she’s also a color blinded stupid bitch. lol

          1. That’s not true. Amy is an innocent girl. I don’t recall seeing her do anything inappropriate. She’s awesome. :)

  1. It’s been funny for the past few years that more and more of Sonic’s latests titles have been exclusives to mainly Nintendo Platforms, I think Nintendo bought Sonic and are planning on announcing a new Sonic game that’ll take place in the classic Sonic Universe and maybe even introduce some of the characters from the Comic Series.

    Nintendo would actually make Sonic better again.

    1. There’s only been three Sonic exclusives, Lost World, Boom games, and Mario &Sonic at the Olympics. It’s part of a deal that Nintendo and Sega made in 2013

  2. I hope they bring themes from Zelda Majora’s Mask. Also they should make other themes like Metroid, Star Fox, Ocarina of Time, etc.

  3. I might be addicted to the Amy theme. It’s the only theme that brought me to replace the Wood Finish Mario and its Sunshine a cappella music.

      1. Pfft, I wish. My Wii U doesn’t even work. I have to get it repaired. And if I was online, my name would most likely be “GrapeJ”. I don’t really go by Hollow. Not sure why everyone keeps calling me that. ._. And btw, I don’t even have internet access. I’m only here because I’m using my phone. Which has its own internet. Lol.

  4. The Sonic theme with Shadow, Choa, ect looks great but I prefer saving eshop money for games so I won’t be getting it.

  5. Hopefully not just Sonic but could also make themes off there classic arcade like titles like Space Harrier and Outrun. Whatever you do don’t make themes on Sonic characters Sega.

  6. Insecure PC elitist love to talk about 4k.
    pfft my gaming rig can’t max some games out on 1080p and it’s GPU is as good my PS4. My HD 7850 needs to be updated but not liking the new AMD cards or even the new 900 series. Till then I will enjoy online games on my PS4 at 1080p and single player games with shit load of mods on my pc. Not going to upgrade my TV, monitor, and laptop for 4k. What’s even funnier is 1080p isn’t even standard yet, it’s expect but not standard. 1080p will become standard when all laptops, phones, and tablets are 1080p. Most high end phones are at 1080p and higher but the over priced trash called Iphone has yet to catch up.

      1. But can you max out on 1080p? I seen benchmarks of that card, bf4 runs at alright on it on ultra but the drops give me cancer. Also the FX 8000 line sucks, Intel is the master race.

  7. i will NEVER pay for a theme. they should be free. it’s like that stupid Cooking Mama game on club nintendo. wtf. stop insulting your customers Nintendo!

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