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Zelda Wii U’s Visual Style Draws Inspiration From Anime

The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that the visual style of the upcoming Zelda for Wii U drew inspiration from anime. Before deciding which art direction the game should take, Aonuma and the rest of the development team wanted to make sure they would settle on a distinguishing look. Aonuma previously said that Zelda for Wii U looks “more amazing” now compared to when it was first unveiled. The title is expected to make another appearance at next year’s E3.

“I was told by many people that it was ‘beautiful,’ Aonuma said. “I thought about various ways to make the graphical style fit the vast new Zelda world; imitating the real world attached an important feeling of realism, and making it look different to the past [Zelda titles], this was done by drawing inspiration from Japanese animations. Now, compared to what we showed you at E3, it has become something even more amazing.”

240 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U’s Visual Style Draws Inspiration From Anime”

    1. But it’s competing against Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Halo 5, Uncharted 4… Eh whatever, 2015 is gonna be an amazing year no matter what system you own!

              1. Right you are commander. The sheep must continue to purchase the shit games, so that the gaming industry will survive. Then the evolved kin, such as myself, will purchase the true games from the Gods.

          1. 2015 games:

            The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
            Batman: Arkham Knight
            Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
            Star Fox
            The Legend of Zelda
            Xenoblade Chronicles X
            Star Wars: Battlefront
            Halo 5: Guardians
            Quantum Break
            Rise of the Tomb Raider
            Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
            Persona 5
            Until Dawn
            Triad Wars
            Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
            Tom Clancy’s The Division
            Let It Die
            Resident Evil: Revelations 2
            Mad Max
            Yoshi’s Woolly World
            Dying Light
            Mario Party
            No Man’s Sky
            Mario vs. Donkey Kong 10
            Star Citizen
            Homefront: The Revolution
            Tales of Zestiria
            Kingdom Come: Deliverance
            Just Cause 3
            Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
            Ratchet & Clank
            Fable Legends
            Mighty No. 9
            Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
            Mortal Kombat X
            Project CARS
            Gran Turismo 7
            The Order: 1886
            Dead Island 2
            Killing Floor 2
            Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
            Battlefield Hardline

            And not even counting rumoured and unannounced projects.

            1. Wait, there are already 9 Mario vs Donkey Kongs? :O
              I didn’t think there were that many. I only remember the first one, a DSi game and a 3DS one. Can’t remember what they were called though.

          1. No matter how hard it tries, it’s unlikely that Valve can ever bottle the Half-Life 2 lightning in Half-Life 3. This, above all else, is why I suspect we haven’t heard a thing about a follow-up to the ongoing and increasingly-bleak adventures of Gordon Freeman. The short stories that followed, Episode 1 and Episode 2, gave us a deeper insight into what was going on in this universe, and where we were going within it. And then it stopped, abruptly, and incredibly, on a gut-punch of a cliffhanger.

            Consider the pressure, not just to not deliver something with that title, but to impress the impossibly-excited audience that’s been aching for it for six years, since Episode 2 ended. Only now, 10 years after the original game’s launch, do I realize with some clarity the incredible weight of creating the sequel to Half-Life 2.

            Valve’s seminal first-person shooter is 10 years old. It has an astonishing Metacritic average of 96. The developer didn’t celebrate the anniversary in any fashion. No Steam sale. No self-aggrandizing series of Tweets. It’s 10 years old, it’s $10, and it’s there if you missed it.

            This speaks to how Valve has matured as a company. In 2004, everything about Valve hinged on Half-Life 2. The escalating excitement seemed to create a level of expectation that no amount of success could ever overcome. Half-Life 2 not only became the game to justify signing up for a still-struggling Steam, but it earned its hype by the time we heard “Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman.”

            Things only got better from there. Alyx and Eli Vance presented a promising new perspective on human interaction in action games. Half-Life 2 conveyed and demanded empathy, not only for the Vances but for Dog, City 17, and the rising rebellion within it. Ravenholm was a place we weren’t supposed to visit. filled with things that should not be, and it shifted the tone drastically but believably, before introducing dozens — actual dozens — of phenomenal set pieces, story moments, action sequences, and character interactions.

            This isn’t what Valve is anymore.

            Despite Half-Life 2’s influence across nearly every shooter since its release — its DNA is ever-present in Call of Duty, Far Cry, and more — the one studio it’s failed to affect since then is Valve. Episode 1 and Episode 2 rounded out the story of City 17’s collapse, and put Freeman and Vance on a dangerous new path with that devastating narrative cliffhanger, but the Valve that continues to make games is not the same Valve that concluded Half-Life 2.

            The running themes in Valve’s recent games — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2 — are their business models, competitive focus, and growing emphasis on eSports. This isn’t to say Valve disregards story and single-player altogether. Portal and Portal 2 are Half-Life spin offs, complete with connected mysteries in the same universe, that proved this is a talented team of imaginative individuals who care about single-player games. But, in looking at Valve’s portfolio and focus, I don’t know where Half-Life fits anymore. As much as we’d all love to have it, Valve doesn’t need Half-Life 3; it doesn’t fit what the company clearly wants to do.

            Expanding its digital marketplace remains a focus for Valve, notably by crowdsourcing/curating sellable items created by the community on Steam. Experiments with wearable tech, specifically virtual reality, remains a long-running R&D effort inside the studio’s walls. In recent years, Kim Swift and Clint Hocking, known for their excellent single-player experiences, left Valve for new things. Other higher-up employees left for Oculus. The advent of eSports, particularly with the success of the annual International tournament, and increased interest of CS:GO, point to a future where Half-Life doesn’t belong.

            Yet, I have no doubt in my mind that Valve is working on a new Half-Life, something that carries the jaw-dropping final moments of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 into the world of Portal, in surprising, creative new ways. Faith tells me that Half-Life 3, whatever it is, will make important strides for FPSs. It wouldn’t surprise me to wake up a day, a week, a year from now to find it suddenly and unexpectedly available to purchase on Steam. Surprise: It’s here, and it’s done, and it’s yours.

            I believe this because of who the new Valve is, because of what its digital, multiplayer, and eSports initiatives tell us about what it believes in. The skyrocketing rise of Dota 2, the growth of Counter-Strike: GO, and the continued success of Team Fortress 2 prove that, in adapting to what its community desires, Valve will improve — often in ways that benefit its business and its players. In the 10 years since Half-Life 2 mesmerized us, it’s become clear that this is a company within which single-player games don’t really make sense — but doing what’s absolutely right for the community does

            1. I only disagree on one technicality. Calling HL2 the “seminal” first person shooter is ignoring the original Half Life. That was Valve’s seminal shooter, and it was a bigger revolution to the genre than the second was.

        1. MGS V, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Halo 5, Uncharted 4…more cutscenes than gameplay, & @ least 1 will likely be full of QTE. “Game” of the Year in name only perhaps.

          1. More like cutscenes AND gameplay. Are you that stupid to say the stealth of MGS, the open world of Arkham Knight, the shooter aspects of Halo 5, the variety of Uncharted isn’t “gameplay”? Ignorance…

            1. It’s the amount that counts. Just because, say, Castlevania has RPG elements doesn’t mean Castlevania is an RPG. Just because cutscenes have gameplay sprinkled in doesn’t mean it’s an actual game, especially when those cutscenes continuously disrupt momentum &/or are unskippable. Even RPGs, which are heavy on story, typically offer a great deal of gameplay, however repetitive, than they do cutscenes. To sit idle for even 3 minutes watching a cutscene that isn’t the opening, middle, or ending is batshit crazy for a game. I completed MGS: The Twin Snakes several times, & tried progressing through Snake Eater 3D, but all that story stuff would’ve been better as an in-game readable or a cohesive movie. I like chocolate. I like peanutbutter. I like Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups. Together they are neither chocolate or peanutbutter but something else. The Last of Us is a good game example of an either or; be a movie, or be a game, but it is instead an interactive movie whose components hinder each other.

      1. As much as I love Zelda, I doubt it can match Witcher 3 in terms of aesthetics or open-worldliness. Jesus christ Witcher looks amazing, I highly recommend watching some of the trailers to those who haven’t done so. I’m sure the next Zelda will be a good game too nonetheless.


          theres open world and theres endless unfinished broken textured pated into a open boring broken world LO, te witcher broken unky slow BORING nonsense

        2. I think Zelda U has the potential to be the best open world game ever made. The Witcher 3 will not have the dungeons that Zelda wiil have. If Aonuma can create a way to tackle these dungeons in any order with a fully explorable open world, there’s no way the Witcher 3 will stand a chance. Zelda’s characters, npc’s, and just plain original side quests are on a level of there own. The Witcher 3 is really competeing against Skyrim in a sense. Every western rpg made after Skyrim gets compared to it. If the Witcher isn’t at least as good as Skyrim, then the public will forget that game very quickly. Zelda Wii U is not competeing against these games becouse of it’s original style. This new Zelda has the potential to be the best game ever made.. If it lives up to the hype, well, thats up to Aonuma…

          1. Don’t forget that it’s a Zelda game. Like as awesome as the Witcher is, it’s low fantasy, which means theirs pretty much nothing redeeming about any of the characters. Everything’s so dark. Zelda has that fantastical glimmer and that’s one of the reasons that it’s so prominent after more than 25 years

      2. Multiplats? You think a Multiplat can measure up to Zelda Wii U? Witcher 3 will be a broken mess like all 3rd party multpats are these days, Arkham Knight I expect to be good, but still not a match for Zelda. Halo 5 LOLOLOLOLOL Broken 5 you mean. Halo is dead, 343issues killed Halo with Halo 4, as a person who has played EVERY Halo (Except Halo 2) I quit with Halo 4, 343issues is a moronic developer. Halo MCC collection had bugs, and was a mess, they release a patch that not only didn’t fix anything but ADDED MORE BUGS. Halo 5 will be broken at launch. And Unchanged 4 aka (Uncharted 4) lol, again can’t stand up to Zelda. Starfox returning is the only thing that can measure up.

        1. “Witcher 3 will be a broken mess like all 3rd party multpats are these days”
          Then explain Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs, Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow Of Mordor.

          “343issues killed Halo with Halo 4”
          I’m pretty sure anyone with common sense would elaborate on their points

          “Halo MCC collection had bugs, and was a mess, they release a patch that not only didn’t fix anything but ADDED MORE BUGS”
          Yeah, the offline was a total shipwreck /s
          Ignoring the second update that was released?

          “Halo 5 will be broken at launch”
          I’m pretty sure the beta would solve most potential issues?

          “And Unchanged 4 aka (Uncharted 4) lol, again can’t stand up to Zelda.”
          There’s fact, then there’s obvious biased opinion.

          You’re just a sad little hater trying to glorify Nintendo :)

        2. And why can’t a multiplat measure up to Zelda? Some of the best games for 7th gen were multiplats. Bioshock, GTA, Batman Arkham

      1. You talking to me? And no. I’m talking about this year 2014 that I think Dragon age will get Goty. 2015 is a different year and that’s Zelda for me.

  1. This game will look like Nintendo Commanders ass compared to Uncharted 4,graphics Wise and sales wise,and the gameplay will be similar to Zeldas before it

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Unlike Uncharted that will be EXACTLY like the other 3 gameplay wise and hollywood garbage wise…

          1. The gameplay is excellent. Smooth and really fun, although there are some awkward moments where the controls get clunky

          1. You know how stupid you sound, right? It’s obviously backed up with great gameplay, but too bad you never got to play it seeing as to how you were ignorant enough to say that ;)

            1. It’s a good fun enjoyable game, but the cutscenes, graphics and plots overshadow the gameplay.

              And comparing it to Zelda is like comparing a decent burger to a fillet steak. It’s good but not as good.

              1. “And comparing it to Zelda is like comparing a decent burger to a fillet steak. It’s good but not as good.”

       says otherwise…

              1. Great job simplifying a game. Might as well say all Mario does is jump and run, and all Link does is sword fighting and shooting arrows

                1. Comment full of win.

                  I never understood these morons that simplify games to their core gameplay function and ignore everything else, yet praise another for how innovative it is when at its core, it hasn’t changed as much as the ones they put down.

        1. A shame Naughty Dog abandoned what made them fun and special back in the day. Back when they made Spryo and Crash Bandicoot I loved them, now…it’s just about “realistic graphics and having a gun to shoot people/zombies in” Naughty Dog is shit these days, they almost are like the current Rareware.

            1. Maybe so, but still nowhere near Nintendo’s caliber of high rated developments (game wise). There’s a reason why Nintendo is legendary and the pinnacle of the gaming industry. Without them, gaming will be dead or worse… *mobile-like gaming with shitloads of BS microtransactions everywhere”

                    1. Whatever you say. Naughty Dog *was* top dog in gaming after all. lol But that’s only for a while because of Uncharted and Last of Us aka The Walking Dead video game that should have been.

              1. What’re you talking about? The statistics from GWS were gotten from Metacritic, based on the average score of their games. Nintendo came in second place. Your “true facts” seem to be complete shit

          1. Wait a second… Did you just say they made Spyro? LOLOLOL, you just made a complete fool of yourself. Says enough about how much you know about ND

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      -Sonyans: Oh look, Nathan Drakes hair looks so realistic, this game just became the best game ever in history!-

      Foolish laughable children…

    3. Most games look like ass compared to Naughty Dog games. Then again all over games have game play and Naughty Dog games never do. Last Of Us, for example, is incredible in every aspect other than a game. It’s repetitive and tiny game play is tiring after half an hour. Their Crash titles, Jak and Daxter play Uncharted all fall down to gameplay. It’s a shame as there’s some magic in Naughty Dog, they just have no idea how to make a game to match their vision.

    4. Uncharted four will look exactly like uncharted three with a little better lighting, and slightly better textures. You’ve already seen the best this console generation has to offer with Dragon Age. I hope you don’t think the graphics will get any better on consoles than they already are, or your going to be disappointed.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And yet nowhere near as great gaming experiences at all and never will have…

          We don’t care about silly CPU powers when we have a more effective means to utilize our sacred technology…

          Go back to Fantasia Xbot Land and stay there until it crumbles from arrogance and deceit…

        2. A phone is a phone. A new one comes out every year. It beats PS4 and Xbox One as well. To compare a phone to the gaming industry is to expose yourself as the lowest of the gene pool of humanity.

          1. I beg to differ

            iPhone 6: $199 (16gb), $299 (32gb), $399 (128gb)
            Wii U: $299 (32gb)

            As usual, Apple provides the most value for your money and will continue to make the best smartphones on the planet

            1. Two year contract you fool and aside from T-Mobile’s contract free service, you still gotta pay full price for the phone so here’s the actual bottom line:

              iPhone 6 16GB: $650
              iPhone 6 64GB: $750
              iPhone 6 128GB: $850 (the model I have in white)

              While the 6+ is $100 more than those base prices. Do the math.

              $300 Wii U with Gamepad and 2 bundled games > all iPhone 6 models in prices.

              Don’t even try me on this debate because I’ve done my homework and not sound like a misinformed idiot with a big mouth and ego to act smart.

        3. That has nothing at all to do with gaming. Thats like saying Mcdonalds hamburgers taste better becouse they are cooked on a bigger grill. CPU has no relavance in gaming quality. This comment, and Yoshida’s approval is the main problem with gaming today. People think power equals quality.

          1. I wasn’t even agreeing with that guy, I was simply saying that Wii U’s hardware is a complete joke.

            Power DOES equal quality. You can trust make a console that has shitty specs and expect software development to take a hit. You know how Bayonetta 2 managed to look so good and have so much content? The developers had to work really hard for it to run well on Wii U. There are reasons why third party developers don’t develop on Wii U. It takes TONS of resources, cutting corners and figuring out how to stuff so much stuff into weak hardware and into 8gb AT MOST. I mean, this is ridiculous. The PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and even the Xbox One has 500gb of storage. That’s huge, and it lets developers do whatever they want without wasting time constantly thinking about the damn storage space. It’s small things like that, and big things like CPU’s that do affect software in the long term. Games like GTA V will NEVER release on Wii U because it’s almost impossible. Hell, on last gen consoles they had to release a separate disk for the damn game. Example: Watch Dogs doesn’t run well because of Wii U’s CPU. Yes, you might argue that Ubisoft didn’t optimize it well for Wii U, which is true, but a game like this should have ran easily on 8th gen hardware. People have to cut corners to have it on Wii U, and THIS IS JUST THE FIRST 2 YEARS. I don’t know how Nintendo didn’t think of this when designing the console, but in the end all its gonna do is to make hell for developers, both first and third parties, to make their games for Wii U, and that WILL affect the resulting quality of the game.

            But hey, I’m open for a discussion

            Tldr: Power equals quality

            1. But the Wii U’s hardware is not a complete joke. It’s an improvement from the generation before. Ps4 games don’t look that much better than Wii U games. Very miniscule differences. And when you think of games like Golden Eye, or Ocarina of Time, you do not remember how powerful the hardware was that these games launched on. You just remember the quality of the games.. C’mon man. And yes GTA 5 would run buttery smooth on the Wii U, without a second disc. It would look and play identical to the other versions if ported properly. Must I remind you again that the Wii U is more powerful than both the Ps3 and Xbox 360? And the CPU was not the reason Watch Dogs ran poorly on the Wii U. It was a lazy port from Ubisoft. Period.(although it ran better than the ps3 version) There is not one “next gen” game that could not run on the Wii U. The textures and lighting may be slightly downgraded, but thats it. Several games have already proven this. So there are two points you are incorrect on. Factually incorrect. And just for your information, a console that has 8 gig of memory can still play 10 gig game. You do realise this don’t you? If just means you couldn’t download the game onto the hard drive. And most all Wii U’s are 32 gig anyways. So I don’t see your point.

              But Nintendo doesn’t make thier consoles with third party developers in mind. Now that could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. It was a good thing for the original Wii for example. Nintendo builds their consoles around thier software. They know exactly how much memory the system needs, and they use the most cost effective technowledgy availabe at the time. This is the reason they are turning a profit with only 8 million consoles sold in two years. The opposite is the reason Sony lost money on the Ps3. People are too concerned about hardware now-a-days and have lost track of the most important thing, the games. And I disagree with you that the Wii U’s memory makes it hard on developers to make, or optimize games. Thats just not true. If developers thought they could make money on the Wii U they would be spitting out games left and right. Nintendo messed up with the Wii U at launch. There were no good launch titles. And also the Wii U was a horrible name. The Wii U was doomed for third place from the start. But I assure you the power of the system has NOTHING to do with it. I don’t know how many times I have referred back to the gamecube as an example of this. And I also assure you whoever doesn’t own a Wii U will miss out on some of the best games of this generation.

              1. “It’s an improvement from the generation before”
                Of course it is, it’s been SIX YEARS. What I’m trying to say is that if you compare it to the PS4 or PC, it’s really, really weak.

                “Ps4 games don’t look that much better than Wii U games”

                “And when you think of games like Golden Eye, or Ocarina of Time, you do not remember how powerful the hardware was that these games launched on.”
                Lol, you don’t get my point. Both of those games required lowering the music quality, making less content, because it wasn’t powerful enough, according to a couple of interviews from the devs. They had to cut corners. Can you imagine OoT/GoldenEye being even better games, only to be shackled by the hardware of the N64?

                “And yes GTA 5 would run buttery smooth on the Wii U, without a second disc”
                The PS360 versions required a second disk. You’re nuts if you think the Wii U version won’t. The Wii U is only SLIGHTLY more powerful than PS360, I don’t need to give you evidence, I think you should know by now.

                “And the CPU was not the reason Watch Dogs ran poorly on the Wii U.”
                The CPU made the game lag, A LOT.That’s why third parties won’t bother to invest on Wii U, the Wii U will be doomed to have games with mediocre framerates because of the slow CPU

                “There is not one “next gen” game that could not run on the Wii U”
                Of course there isn’t. With enough corner-cutting, content cutting from the games, anything can run on Wii U!
                “slightly downgraded”

                “a console that has 8 gig of memory can still play 10 gig game”
                Yeah, you have to purchase a certain third party accessory. Very intuitive move from Nintendo.

                “And most all Wii U’s are 32 gig anyways”
                That’s not even close to an excuse. Even if 90% of Wii U owners ave a 32gb model, there will be that 10% that needs to be catered for.

                “But Nintendo doesn’t make thier consoles with third party developers in mind”
                That’s a seriously bad decision imo. But that’s also not the point. First parties also get affected, because they don’t have much of a canvas to paint on. Why can’t we have a SM3DW with even more content, with better graphics, better everything? Because the Wii U is spectacularly weak.

                ” This is the reason they are turning a profit with only 8 million consoles sold in two years.”
                The PS4 is also turning a profit with every console sold, so yeah? Btw, 7 million* AND they’re turning a profit because of 3DS SALES.

                “The opposite is the reason Sony lost money on the Ps3”
                They lost money on the PS3 because of the complicated CELL architecture and overpriced hardware. like, $599 hardware.

                “and have lost track of the most important thing, the games.”
                There are plenty of games available on PS4, what’re you talking about?

                “And I disagree with you that the Wii U’s memory makes it hard on developers to make, or optimize games. Thats just not true.”

                ” If developers thought they could make money on the Wii U they would be spitting out games left and right.”
                But they know they won’t, because it’s hard to develop for Wii U.

                ” Nintendo messed up with the Wii U at launch. There were no good launch titles”
                That’s not true. In fact I personally think that Wii U had some of the best launch titles in years. You seem to forget that in the past, with PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, all these consoles had games that absolutely no one cared about. With the N64 there were, what, 2 games at launch?

                “I don’t know how many times I have referred back to the gamecube as an example of this”
                Huh?? The GC had some of the strongest third party support in Nintendo’s history. It also had the best versions of multiplats, example, Res. Evil 2

                “And I also assure you whoever doesn’t own a Wii U will miss out on some of the best games of this generation.”
                That can be said for anyone without a PS4, without a PC, and to a large extent the Xbox One

              2. Yep. Diminishing returns in graphics should be so evident this gen. From what I can tell, power hasn’t really mattered since the 6th, @ least to really enjoy 3D gameplay.

                The 4th gen & back were all about 2D gaming. The improvents did increase a game’s size, speed, & complexity, but really it was the visuals & sounds that ultimately saw the most significant improvements. & of course, to create a true gem, devs were pushed to think outside the box after hitting the specs ceiling of consoles, which, compared to any other art form (literature, film, painting), was already limited.

                Then the 5th gen’s 32 bits & 64 bits brought console gaming into a fully 3D realm. However, even @ 64 bits, the clarity, detail, & scope wasn’t enough. Fog, muddy textures, blocky shapes; games could be real messy. The visuals could easily hinder gameplay.

                But once 6th gen consoles hit, the fog cleared, the details increased to a visually comfortable point. Yeah, the size, speed, & complexity increased too, though there was no paradigm shift there. But, 3D games were no longer messy & that was the paradigm shift. Sure, it wasn’t perfect or even HD, but everything was recognizable. I for 1 haven’t been awed since. Their hasn’t been a real visual leap, rather a hop. & complexity seems excessive or still underutilized. More NPC, more enemies, but it’s essentially the same thing, if not less focused than before. & thee bigger the environment, the emptier the game (in most cases).

                It’s a given that visuals will improve, but quality is never a given. & to say current games fail because they don’t reach the same graphical, even æsthetical criteria as the “strongest” spec contender is to condemn all games “below” &/or before. 3D gameplay is no longer hindered by fog or a lack of visual clarity. Complexity can increase, but it must compliment the experience & maintain focus. Yet even games w/ such flaws can & have transcended because they’re quality shines through.

                Creativity, on the other hand, has mostly taken a backseat due to having so much power. It also costs more (or is it that devs are going too far?) Either way, cutscenes have increased, becoming filler to the more important but harder to dev gameplay. & photorealism is easier than conjuring more abstract æsthetics. & as costs rise, quality & what constitutes a game decrease. Devs & consumers now focus on what’s least important: graphics, which have already reached a very playable level. As long as it noticeably upgrades every gen (if the æsthetics call for it), I’m happy on that point. If it doesn’t do that, then charge less & tout the fun gameplay. Devs can lure graphics whores all they want, but they keep throwing money & effort into what’s essentially a dull & atrophied game. Really, it’s a fat & shiny interactive experience.

                There are 2 branches of gaming now:

                The more natural evolution that maintains gameplay as the main focus, uses technology to improve interactivity, & adds variety in both gameplay & æsthetics.

                & the other is the devolution into a more static & visual experience, like the movie industry, which diverged in the 7th gen.

                  1. Disclaimer: I am imperfect & tend to generalize sometimes. Sorry for being a lowly human.

                    Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but I don’t have the time, money, or youth to live in the gaming world searching far & wide 24/7 for every title. If anything, the games representing the mainstream of the 8th gen have yet to impress, as do the few niche games that blip my radar.

                    Yet, my point about how power & graphics relate to gameplay remains unchallenged. What big improvements have PS4 or X1 made to gaming? What’s their edge aside from visuals? Did PS4 revolutionize the gameplay for the port of The Last of Us? Did it add anything like Wii U did for Wind Waker HD (which was not that impressive either)? Which PS4 & X1 games exhibit gameplay that absolutely could NOT be replicated on Wii U? Or on PS3?

                    Oh, you can add SEGA consoles, pre-PS3 Sony, & the 6th gen climate to what’s allegedly making me blind to this revolution of gameplay due soley to PS4 & X1’s hardware specs. I’d love to get my hands on as many purer, 8th gen gameplay experiences as possible. I don’t care what platform, as long as the cutscenes are short (& skippable) & the genres & æsthetical variety is there. I’m fond of turn-based (Strategy) RPGs, ‘Metroidvanias’, Adventure, real Survival Horror, Arcade Racers, & hybrids, especially if they are imbued w/ Japanese sensibilities. But something akin to the original Tomb Raider, or the Prince of Persia trilogy would really hit the spot. FPSes & Sandbox games don’t really appeal to me. & pretentious antagonists annoy.

                    Sadly, only Wii U, Wii, GameCube, PSOne, N64, Saturn, & Super NES offered me the most obvious choices in great games, mostly 3rd party. My experience w/ Atari was too limited. So I’m very eager to see a list that puts PS4 &/or X1 in the same, if not better light. Keep in mind that I’d need @ least 5 retail titles & another 5 future titles to justify a purchase, & please include @ least 2 exclusives either way. I’d also like to friend someone who has the same tastes as I do. All my PS4-playing friends are mostly into shooters & sports SIMs, so they’re out. Odd, they also ignore all the cutscenes in favor of gameplay momentum. Anyway, I don’t know anyone who has an X1.

                  2. Oh, & that Last of Us comparison… I think you need to tell me what the differences between the PS3 & PS4 versions are, because apparently I’m blind. They looked identical, unless tjere’s something wrong w/ my S4 Active & Chrome app.

                  3. Getting mad that he’s not sucking up to your opinion? >.< It's okay. You'll soon remember that power doesn't mean shit when you think back on the games of the PS3 or PS4 & power is never once in your head about why the games were so great. Do you look back at games from gens before 7th gen & think how great the power made the games?

        4. You forgot that the clock speed on Wii U was updated years ago and comparing Apples and Oranges with different specs, optimization sand purposes doesn’t support your BS bashing.

          And people say I’m an Apple fanboy. lol

        5. Oh and BTW, you wanna say iPhone 6 is faster than Wii U? Then how come it’s battery life is close to being abysmal while playing AND why the games graphics still looks like it’s from 2005?

            1. Correction: iPhone 6 has a range of 12-24 hours of battery life depending on usage, Wii U Gamepad (a game controller I must add) has about 5-6 hours of battery life.

              Don’t be like that other fanboy idiot comparing an orange to a mango.

      1. The App Store is an incredibly vibrant place for developers to make their apps on. From pick-up-and-play games like Jetpack Joyride, to immersive, memorable experiences like Year Walk, it is truly a great platform to have the best gaming experiences.

        Number of Game Center accounts: 50 million
        Number of XBL accounts: 30 million


            1. It doesn’t matter if I do or I don’t… it is just a stupid thing to spew on here trying to say that the Wii U sucks because a phone as more CPU power, or perceived power… it just doesn’t matter if it does or not

        1. Will of course more accounts are on I phones than Xbl moron. Why would in case of an emergency people would use their Xbox for help?

          1. Actually you have to make a separate account for Apple’s Game Center if I’m not wrong. So that’s not a valid reason

          1. The userbase of the App Store is wonderful, with an astounding average of 17 apps per iOS device. We’re really proud of the numbers.

            1. No shit. It has billions of downloads and not so garbage selection like Android’s Google Play store which is a fucking joke. But seriously, you’re getting yourself nowhere with your lame ass cosplay BS. lol

      1. I’m sorry, but that problem has only affected iPhone 6 Plus users, and only 4 people have reported a bend issue to our stores. We’ve promptly replaced the devices. Our tests also show that the 6 Plus is capable of significant stress, contrary to various propaganda

        1. Hey idiot go compare a iPhone to Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Altel, T Mobile etc. Because if the IPhone is stronger than Wii U, then so is it stronger than P S3, 360 too. But funny how you not comparing the IPhone to Wii U’s competitors. Why is that?

  2. This Zelda game is going to be amazing!! Anime style graphics work perfectly for the Zelda Universe. in my opinion these hybrid anime/realistic graphics look way better/will stand the test of time, compared to those of The Witcher 3.

    p.s. Love how trolls who hate the wii u come onto a nintendo dedicated site to bag it…who’s the loser now??

        1. Maybe you’re talking to B&W? If that’s the case, ignore my previous comment. =) I’m getting bashed left, right, and centre just for standing up for the Wii U. lol







    1. Love how you generalize people who speak negatively about Nintendo into one single section, trolls. Maybe, just maybe, they were simply providing an honest opinion and some constructive criticism? You mean we, as Nintendo fans, can’t “hate” on something that we feel Nintendo has done wrongly?

      1. Joe P. I was referring to this comment “Wii U sucks, Its a console only sad and pathetic losers play on. iPhone 6 Plus beats in every way possible fact.”

        Thanks. K. Bye!

  3. I still would’ve preferred an HD version of the Twilight Princess art style but it does sound like this game will be great.

    1. The advantage of Anime graphics over realistic is anime games don’t have to obey the laws of nature and can actually still look beautiful. Realistic graphics has to obey the laws of nature. Pretty much realistic graphical games reached their limit when it comes to introducing new gameplay. As long as the new technology for guns or flying jet packs aren’t introduced to the American armies, FBI, criminals or the police next year then that next future game taking after real life won’t change much in future gaming. Why else are children in Splatoons able to change from human to squids?

        1. That’s a lie. Anything they want to? OK why on Ghost was everyone in space have a space suit? Yet Mario didn’t? On ACreed why does the user falling from a building have to land in hay basket. In real life hay breaks a person’s fall. Why on GTA when breaking the law, you have to try escaping the police and bone of the cars you own or steal can’t fly? Still escaping on a car that must stay on the streets until the first flying car is avalible for purchase in 2050 then GTA will introduce flying cars.

          1. If realistic graphical games tried to go outer space with no equipment the game would look cheesy. I remember the game Big Wiily. I loved it because it wasn’aimed toward realistic visuals. So it could break the laws of nature. I loved the Zombie gun that changed people into zombies. Before you knew it, there would be a bunch of people changed to zombies by being touched by another Zombie. Also Big Willy never got damaged no matter how many times he got shot up. Yet a bullet prove vest will give eventually just like realistic graphical games.

          2. You are wrong. In CoD, you can get shot up in the leg, arm, or whatever and then go somewhere and wait. Then the injuries heal like nothing ever happened. In Assassin’s Creed, you can jump off the top of giant buildings and land directly in a haystack. You will most likely die attempting that in real life. And GTA? Really? Have you ever seen a person’s car do a full front flip while they fall out directly on their face and get back up in real life? Lol no I didn’t think so.

            1. GTA flips when hit by a turtle shell? In real life cars flip over when they get in an accident. As going to heal somewhere when you get shot automatically healing? Wow no death in COD anymore?

            2. Yeah if you jump off a building you will die. But in real life you jump off in hay it breaks your fall. So why don’t they just remove they hay and let him jump off? Because in reality people know and can understand the hay is a way of safety. If you were on top of a building, and you were forced to jump, would you rather jump on hard ground or aim to hay? And why the hay? Because it’s soft and can break your fall and have a bigger chance of surviving just like AC.

        2. In anime games, some games allow the user to go underwater without needing any air. The anime games that require needing air doesn’t need underwater equipment. D K and Sonic just look for bubbles. Mario collects rings for Oxygen while in COD, Activision couldn’t collect rings or look for bubbles in the ocean for air. Because in real life that can’t be done. In anime graphics a human or animal can be the star. In realistic gaming 9/10 humans are the user.

        3. In realistic graphics the COD dog must obey the laws of a dog. Yet Duck Hunt can fly because of the duck always on his back. Although COD Dog and Duck Hunt Dog are about the same size, in COD world a duck cannot pick up no dog and fly. Hell a bird can’t fly with a bear neither. The laws of flying wouldn’t allow that to happen because of weight.

    2. Anime sucks only a few Americans like it? Ignoring Shrek, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Toy Story made millions at the box office. Also ignoring MK8 sold well being the fasting selling Wii U game until smash bros for Wii u dethroned. Another game that doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. After all name me a realistic fighting game where the player can go through flooring? Or relies on a colorful ball that floats to do a final smash or if you through someone far enough, that player will explode? Or how can a big ASS Pocket Monster come out of a tiny red and white ball? Realistic visuals can’t do such things. Unless the next realistic racing game wants to imitate Mario Kart. Though a green shell in real life isn’t the size of a car and if hit want cause the vehicle to pop up in the air. Also in real life no turtle shell is automatically going to hit who ever is in first place. If Fifa ever tried to do what Super Strikers did every player would have scraped knees and elbows. Every time Daisy made a goal, she cheer on her knees skidding on them on the ground. If EA did this not only would they need to show scraped knees but they would have to add blood because they have to obey the laws of nature.

        1. Those movies are not based off real life neither. If a fish was in the toilet and chemicals all over the place that fish would be dead before it made it back to the ocean. Which I was really basing it between real life based vs. Non realistic. The advantage is non realistic visuals often time doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature.

  4. N Commander why do you like calling black people Apes,that’s racist,Derogatory,immature and very homosexual in behaviour

  5. @timcook As usual, Apple provides the most value for your money and will continue to make the best smartphones on the planet. No they don’t, but they know how to make simple things cool and how to advertise to the masses.

    1. We have the greatest app selection, iOS 8.1, the best operating system by far, the overhauled iSight camera, with optical image stabilization and an astounding sensor, coupled with the amazing A8 chip, this is easily both simple and elegant, yet powerful and uncompromised

  6. I hope Aonuma doesn’t get too carried away with the Anima style. I like what I saw at E3, so hope he doesn’t try to push the envelope too far here. I wonder what he means by better looking? Does he mean the overall graphics, or the Anima style?…. I get nervous when he starts messing with Zelda. It’s my most beloved franchise, and personally I didn’t think it needed much of an overhaul to begin with…

  7. I saw the E3 trailer and it looked a bit like an anime graphics so its most probably looking better like Aonuma said.

  8. Now I remember why I atopped reading the comments. Instead of it saying “___ Thoughts on the Article,” it should say “___ comments full of trolls and fighting”.

  9. Speaking of anime I was just watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood which is amazing so far! I thought mostly every Nintendo franchise bases art off anime normally considering Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Pikmin, and more look like anime more than realism in their art which I like.

  10. *Notices the keywords “Inspired by anime”*

    Oh dear, here comes the anti-weaboo squad saying “We don’t want more anime shit in our Nintendo! It was fucking painful enough have more anime shit in Smash!”.

    I can already tell that it will be Wind Waker’s pre-reception all over again.

      1. But in a way, the Zelda characters always had an anime sort of art style. With the big eyes and pointy noses and chins etc.

  11. As much as I am excited for this next Zelda, I found the last one boring.
    It didn’t help that I was going back and forth from place to place which got annoying pretty quickly.
    As for the anime influence… “sigh” seriously Anouma, I just hope I can distinguish men from women in the game… anime has the unfortunate side effect of making characters look androgynous. I mean Link already looks like a girl…

      1. That they would be either suffering from “viewer gender confusion” or just be questioning their own sexuality.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          So in other words, primitive thoughts and confusion among the apes that are insignificant to my superiority…

    1. @spooky,
      I completely agree. I hate the way Link always looks a little feminine. It’s almost as bad as when women plays the part of Peter Pan in live plays/movies. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE A WOMAN?PETER PAN IS A FREAKIN’ BOY.

  12. This situation reminds me of the Wind Waker. The only real thing that matters when I purchase any game is if the gameplay is good.

      1. Anime is EPIC. If I could, I would buy the complete box sets of all my favorite animes. SO GOOD. I could watch it all day.

        1. Same. Unfortunately, I will only do that with certain anime. I intend to do this with Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, & Inuyasha some day.

  13. yall sony fanboys are a joke if power equal quality why did atleast 3 ninty GAMES outsell all of sony 1st party franshises? I like sony but thier ignorant fanbase needs to do some research. Just imagine if the Big n made a console like a ps4 or better. and yall ninty fans shut up too:}

      1. one of the first things haters do is downplay. thanks for reading my comment;] It gives me satification knowing you know a little bit of the truth. Do more research venture in the truth and you wont be so bitter all time. If you truly want to continue to be a ignorant sony fanboy.I highly recommend you go to the notoriously bias good day:)

  14. Aonuma didn’t mention specific anime, but seeing as he has professed to be a Studio Ghibli fan, I think I know the one.

    Speak of the Devil:

      1. I saw Princess Mononoke for sale on Bluray at Walmart yesterday when I went to get The Hobbit 3 extended edition, a Link amiibo, & Pokemon Omega Ruby.

        1. In fact, maybe I should have went ahead & bought it just so I can play Zelda for Wii U next year & see if it has any other homages to Princess Mononoke.

          1. Whatever the reason, Princess Mononoke is a beautiful film to have in your collection. I think it’s my favorite Studio Ghibli film, next to Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, & Grave of the Fireflies.

            Oh yes, Zelda U already seems like the best Zelda yet.

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  16. Wasn’t The legend of Zelda Always inspired by Anime? Since the first game the art for the game always seemed to be stylized after Anime.

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