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You Can Purchase This Lovely White Official GameCube Controller From PlayAsia


Popular importer Play Asia has a gorgeous white GameCube controller available for pre-order. It’s an official controller from Nintendo and looks classier than the traditional black controller that’s currently on sale. You can get the controller for $27 which is a steal given its rarity at the moment.


Thanks, LordZedd

22 thoughts on “You Can Purchase This Lovely White Official GameCube Controller From PlayAsia”

      1. ^^This. Why the fuck can’t I get a wireless bluetooth Gamecube controller. In other words, a Pro Controller modelled after a GC controller (i.e., Pro controller on the inside, GC controller on the outside). That would have been the simpler approach, Nintendo would have made more money, and the controllers would be compatible with the entire Wii U library. Would have been awesome.

        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          I’ve been saying exactly this for years. It would have made Nintendo so much money. Now people just reuse their old controllers for one game. This would have got people to buy NEW controllers to play all their games. It was such an easy decision IMO.

      1. Because a lot of people grew up using it. I tried Pro and Gamepad for SSBU and neither feel as responsive and satisfying as a GC controller. Who the hell cares what controller you use though, you don’t need to be #team anything. Just play the game however you like.

        1. Yeah, I bought the Pro controller to tide me over until I get my hands on a GCN adapter and I must say, I’m really liking it – that said, nothing can replace the GCN controller in my heart.

      1. Gamecube controller most comfortable controller ever!!! It wasnt perfect by any means however. DPad could have been bigger. Could have used one more z button. A slightly bigger B button or the same size as the x and y buttons(as it was in the prototype). I had no problem with the c stick.

  1. Am I the only person who wishes these special controllers had pictures/designs all over them instead of just one on the front?

  2. I wish that all of these special controllers were wireless like the Pro Controller and Wavebird. I thought that the days of tripping on cords was over with.

    1. The Gamecube controller is wired because it’s much less prone to input lag than a wireless controller and you’re not going to want to worry about your battery life in a Smash Bros. tournament.

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