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That Factory Defect Dual Cannon Samus Amiibo Sold For $2500 On eBay


Remember that defective Samus Aran Amiibo that has dual cannons instead of one? Well it’s just sold on eBay for a staggering $2500. Not bad for an item which was picked up at retail for roughly $13. I’m sure there are others out there, so it will be interesting to see just how much they go for.

Thanks, Bison

76 thoughts on “That Factory Defect Dual Cannon Samus Amiibo Sold For $2500 On eBay”

    1. That’s $2,499 more than the amount of brain cells they have. How much enjoyment can you get staring at a defective $13 plastic doll? I imagine this will be back up for auction shortly when they come to their senses.


          you don’t seem to understand how collectibles work. This guy was the one who was willing to pay the most on Ebay, where people who are into lame stuff like this actually hang out seeking these kinds of things. That means that the chances he ever finds someone who is willing to pay double or triple or even 25 more than he payed for it are very slim.

    1. There would of been no point though. Anyways with the money this person got from that amiibo, they can buy all 4 next gen consoles, a decent gaming PC and a new smartphone.

    1. What makes you think it’s fake? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in assembly occasionally mixed up parts on purpose just to manually create one-in-a-million “factory defects” to raise brand awareness.

    1. Not if it’s actually a working product and its defect design is THIS badass that the general public loves how it turned out by accident. :3

      Seriously, this fool should’ve waited a lot longer for the rarity and price to increase.

            1. Its no surprise that crazy ass North Korea hacks the US everyday, same for China and Russia. Its like they have nothing better to do than pissing off another country to start WW3 so eagerly.

      1. Yes he will regret selling it. It’ll only raise in price and it’s unlikely he’ll buy it again. If only he held onto it.

  1. its not a defective amiibo, just a manufacture mistake, if it was defective then it would not have worked, get your facts right. second, while that looks cool and all, its not worth $2,500, thats basically 2 iphone 6+ (minus tax). if i had bought that for $13 i probably would have started the price @ $2500 and shipping would be $2500, jk, free shipping. in reality i would have kept it in the box and have bought another to use.

    1. Its defective it doesbt work aa it should because it can open the door from the moscow underground… Why you people stupid asshole dont read before comenting! This has been said and prove by videos and images in all over the internet fucking retards.

  2. Why the fuck didn’t this site report it was on sale? That would have been good news. I would have fucking bought it and sold it for more.

      1. “The retailer has reported that Nintendo’s latest home console sold 4,000 units in less than 14 minutes on Black Friday”

  3. I’m not sure many people on this website really understand the rarity and value of product defects…..products defects, due to how they usually are dumped in the factory when they don’t match the regular figure, often don’t end up making it past the inspection phase….so when it does occur, it is an extreme rarity, even moreso than prototype figures in some cases. Often times the better looking or simply the most different looking defects result in higher value, and as this was both, it makes sense as to why so many people bid on it to a point where it reached the final price that it did. To all those saying it was a complete waste of money and it’s just a useless figure, buzz off. Collectors pay money for collector’s items, and this is definitely what this is, so calm your tits and stop getting so pissy about someone else’s purchase that you weren’t able to afford.

    1. Yea I agree. This will more than likely be the only Samus Amibo with that defect. It will only go up in value. Maybe to even extremely insane numbers. Nintendo has a huge, dedicated collectors base thats willing to spend big bucs on these type of things…

  4. Obviously a collector. With most of the Samus ones being opened a misprint unopened will only increase in value and it’s a standalone character more than likely. Meaning its not like Pokemon where we have Pikachu and Jigglypuff etc and Mario and Peach etc.

  5. Wow really? $2500? I would have kept it for another decade to sell it for a lot more money than that. Idiot just gave away his bigger moola for selling a piece of rarity too soon.

    1. You seem to be the only one in this site who understands that this was a horrible deal for the seller. Yes 2500 is nothing to scoff at, but this could be a one of kind in the whole world, and this idiot just gave it up for peanuts.

      1. Exactly. If I ordered something that looks oddly defected in design but also cool like that Amiibo and if its the ONLY rare Amiibo on the planet, I would’ve kept it as a treasure or save it for a few years until the rarity increases for higher bargain price.

  6. Thats pretty amazing, defects are very rare and are cool and $2500 isnt a lot for a defect i would expect $3000-$4000

  7. Things are worth what people are willing to pay for it. I personally find the item to be a great collector’s piece.

  8. Man, if a person knew how to open the Samus amiibo package without damaging it, they could just put another right arm on Samus and somehow seal the plastic back to the cardboard and make it look the same way. Which this seller probably did in the first place.

  9. Sad part is there are at least 3 more of these that sold for $99 on ebay. Search amiibo in sold items and it pops right up.

  10. Yea, the person did sell it for too cheap. Not only is it a misprint, it’s an awsome one. A Samus with two canons? And it’s a true factory defect? Yea, the person that sold this Amibo will be kicking themselves in the ass when they find out how much it’s really worth.

  11. Some of these people on here calling the buyer an idiot clearly don’t know how stuff like this works in the eyes of collectors. If he’s a collector, he, or she, is extremely happy that they bought it regardless of the money they had to spend to get it. If they aren’t a collector, he or she will be able to sell it to a true collector that will probably gladly pay them twice, 3 times, or even 10 times or more for it.

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