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Sonic Boom Wii U Demo Coming December 4th

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric hasn’t been met with the warmest responses from video game critics and Sonic fans. However, SEGA has announced that it’s planning a playable demo for Wii U owners which will be available to download on Thursday, December 4th in Europe and North America. So if you fancy giving it a try then you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

30 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Wii U Demo Coming December 4th”

  1. I was excited for this game at first, but not too much anymore. The 3D levels seemed fun but they’re too linear, and the change of character design is a bummer too. :(

    1. Sanzaru Games have done a much better job making Shattered Crystal. Big Red Button (despite the firing, etc.) haven’t done a great job making Rise of Lyric.

  2. Both versions of this game are complete crap and not worth a single dime, ESPECIALLY the U version. Sega really has to make sure they don’t allow the release of any more rushed Sonic games. Why can’t they learn? Nintendo at least knows how to treat the main-line games of Mario with top tier quality. Meanwhile Sonic gets treated with bullshit like this. I didn’t mind Lost World much, but will there ever be an amazing Sonic game again? I really don’t think they’ll ever outdo Sonic 3 at this pace.

  3. SEGA should really partner with Nintendo to develop a Sonic game, even if it’s just one and when I say partner I mean with both of them taking part in the development process.

  4. Could they not release a patch that fixes the slow down and glitches and maybe add an equipable ability to run a little faster to where it’s not Sonic fast, but a noticeable speed change and maybe a few more abilities as an apology for how the game turned out? If they do that, then the game can be salvaged from it’s bad reputation…

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