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Nintendo Is Asking NicoNico Creators To Help Promote Their Games

Nintendo Japan is currently looking for NicoNico video creators to help promote their games and get a slice of the advertising revenue. The promotion started today in Japan and is called the Creator Encouragement Program. There’s currently 250 eligible games which range from Wii U titles to NES games. Those NicoNico users that register for the program will be able to earn incentive money if their work proves to be popular.

Thanks, Michelle and Kallum

70 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Asking NicoNico Creators To Help Promote Their Games”

      1. You guys always have excuses

        “Oh these charts are fake!”
        “Oh US have bad taste!”
        “”Oh just wait till Zelda comes out!”

        1. Dunno if your singling me out but, please don’t lump me in as a fanboy making excusing for nintendo. Im just saying that is just a poll that was taken by regular folks like us. Im well aware of ninty major faults >_>

        2. We are Nintendo fans, we love Nintendo, so it’s obvious we are gonna defend it and support it. While you instead of being in a Sony or Xbox website, you are trolling Nintendo and hating and attacking its fans for your amusement, which is sad, but of course that you are a Nintendo fan, you just do this for fun, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like them too…

          1. You fanboys need to understand that most of us do like Nintendo (or did) but we are getting tired of Nintendo’s incompetence. I know you’re young but try to understand that just because somebody says something negative about Nintendo does not mean they hate Nintendo or are trolling.

        3. You call it excuses, we call it optimism. Although vgchartz does have the sales very low for the Wii U the week of Nov. 22.

        4. Wii u wont sell well its a fact.Thatd not making it a bad console because the masses ignore it.Casuals moved to xbox, ps4 and mobiles wii u is only for hardcore gamers.

      1. Most of the things on this site are actually Copy and pasted, The only things writen are the reviews, and they mostly all come from Collette (SilverShadowFly)

  1. This website has just about the most obnoxious piece of shit commenters from the internet. All of you people never have anything positive to say, ever. How the hell do you go through life being such whiny bitches your whole lives? Seriously, tell me, I want to know, how do you guys live with yourselves? I really wish you guys couldn’t and you’d just commit suicide and let the world be a better place.

    1. LMAO! Don’t be so angry at them, they are just immature kids or adults, idk, that roleplay to have fun and troll to have fun by making others mad. They are all Nintendo fans, that’s why they are here every day, the trolling is just to entertain their sad lives…

        1. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and etc. are the definition sad…

          Anyway, please don’t be a hypoctite…

        1. Why? He just so happens to be right about some of the trolls here. You are actually a prime example of someone that does sometimes make posts just to agitate people but is a Nintendo fan at heart.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I think it’s more Lord Reggienator’s fault than Lort Iwatas…

              Just take a look at Lord Shibata, despite the lowest support for our empire in Europe, he still manages to give great deals…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Without his invitation to the civilian masses, our empire would be in an even bigger crisis today if it wasn’t for the Wii…

                          Too bad that he and the rest of High Command got arrogant and ignorant enough that they believed the Wii brand would automatically give them victory…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              It must be called:

                              -The Nintendo Commander-

                              It will be as powerful, ruthless and just plain no mercy console like me that destroys the other abominations…

              1. All you really got to do is make more commercials advertising games and the system itself, get the big shots in gaming magazines and gaming events, and do any other creative forms of promotions. Just 3 days ago Toonami advertised the Master Chief Collection for X1 with Tom himself (and i think his female partner) playing the game in commercials. Nintendo has a chance at the Video Game Awards this Friday to show something great

              2. Nintendo better start doing something about their stupid marketing team. I remember them saying that they’re going to have an all year campaign for MK8 but that never happened.Also, Ads for SSB Wii U should be everywhere.

              3. I too have to wonder who the hell is in charge of marketing in each region. Whoever they are, they seriously should be fired. Ugh!

                  1. They could do no wrong having advertisements during WWE Raw & WWE Smackdown. Especially WWE Raw since there are tons of viewers of it across the world.

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