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The Metal Gear Rising Mechanical Designer Helped Create Mechs For Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi has revealed that the Metal Gear Rising mechanical designer has helped the team create the massive mechs which feature prominently in the game. Takayuki Yanase has worked on a number of high-profile projects including, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Tenkai Knights, and Metal Gear Rising.

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75 thoughts on “The Metal Gear Rising Mechanical Designer Helped Create Mechs For Xenoblade Chronicles X”

    1. Gosh your such a fucking idiot. You wiitards even don’t care about your own damn exclusives, even ones that could possibly be in the top 10 of the whole console generation. “WE HAVE SMASH, WHO CARES” “we have mario, im such a faggot i even talk down our own exclusives that isn’t a the typical nintendo game” nintendo fans don’t deserve bayonetta 2 or this game. Have fun with the same old shit clown.

      I can’t stand people like you, i wish people like you would just go play on tablets where you belong.

      1. Agree with ya! Games like XenobladeX,Bayonetta2,W101 should be a truly HIT games imo. I mean the games are good but they deserve Zelda/Mario like success sales wise or something close to that. Those games deserved more, heck Nintendo deserved more by going all the effort to try different and cool exclusives that werent the same old shit from the freaking 80´s. But these fanboys just like to think that games like Smash that has been here like forever and has predictable series is enough LMAO!

      2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        As much as I enjoy watching you abuse the anonymous users, I think it would make more sense if parents stopped being the lazy 20th century parents they are; who give their children tools, who’ll treat them like toys, and never learn to value any tech in their lives. And people like me end up working over time in an attempt to re-educate the youth about how dedicated gaming consoles are are good for gaming. In any case, keep up the good work. Anons are the worst.

      3. You BOTH need to shut up.
        All the games mentioned are fantastic titles that Nintendo fans have shown support for.
        Not in massive numbers, for some of them, but after all the times third parties have betrayed them, expecting 1M overnight for anything non-Nintendo is nonsensical.

        I don’t see NON- Nintendo fans picking up a Wii U for these games, so they have no right to criticize when they’re using their fucking console loyalties and their hatred of the system to not only avoid supporting a good game, but to also justify the insults thrown at the system and the games on it, same as the Nintendo fans that never picked up Bayonetta 2 because all they want is Smash and other Nintendo titles.

        There’s stupidity on both sides of the debate, and NEITHER OF YOU ARE FUCKING HELPING MATTERS.

      4. You really know how to let loose, huh? I’m looking forward to Splatoon. Still playing through Xenoblade Chronicles, the moment i finish that I’ll be all in for X. I want to get Persona Q but I am playing through EO4 and might be bugged by the similarities. I really want to get Bravely Default or Fantasy Life before that, give or take FE Awakening and Rune Factory 4. So I’m up for plenty of stuff right now. Not everyone leaves pointless comments like that, just ignore them.

      5. Calm down dude! Lol… I know what you mean though. When Nintendo had a Bayonetta 2 Direct all of the Smash Bros fans kept talking about Smash. It was annoying as crap! That’s like Halo fans saying let’s just play Halo and nothing else.

        Too many Nintendo fans are limiting themselves to a small number of franchises instead of expanding to the new Wii U exclusives. Xenoblade is powerhouse! Buy both!!

        Their is not reason Nintendo fans should over look this game because of Smash Bros or any other game out there. Why limit your experience to one or two games on the Wii U. I will own both! I already have Smash Bros for Wii U, and I will be buying Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    2. No offense to Smash, but Xenoblade will be the better game. I like Smash just as much as the next person, but I enjoy a story line. An adventure game with dialog and character development..

      When this game releases it will be the best game on the Wii U.. in my opinion.

      1. Smash and Xenoblade are not in the same genre it’s like comparing Mario Kart to Metal Gear; both are great games on their respective genres but you can’t compare both games like the same

            1. I never said it had a plot and no, Brawl’s subspace is just average at best or worse depending on reviewers. But that’s not why Brawl took a step backward from Melee. The gameplay was slower and the fucking tripping…

              1. Please don’t bring Project M or Melee into this i’m tired of people dismissing Brawl because it wasn’t compatitive enough
                Besides Melee was an accident the greatest accident in figthing gaming history but an accident none the less

                1. Project M?
                  Oh You mean that mod the bad players made when they realized that they could no longer win any fights since they couldn’t exploit the physics engine anymore?

                2. Accident? LMAO Wow…I have never seen a Brawl fanboy ever saying some randomized dumb shit opinion like that before. lol

                  Melee is everything Smash Bros. is. Smash Bros. 4 (still hate that fucking stale subtitle of the new games) is a mix of both but without Brawl’s BS slow down gameplay, shitty online matchmaking (even 2 players lag horribly despite having good connections), the FUCKING TRIPPING!….and an averagely dull and predictable Subspace story mode.

                  Brawl’s drawbacks was an accident. Melee, is a masterpiece for hardcore fighting genre.

                    1. @thestangablog
                      Really mature dude
                      Second i do like challenging games( i didn’t put 200 hours on DMC 4 on Legendary Dark Knight Difficulty for nothing or Bayonetta on Infinite Climax Mode) but you know what i Also like? Having Fun that should be top priority of any game of Any Genre Brawl was Fun not Perfect but it still was a great game and i’m tired of the STOP HAVING FUN INQUISITION saying that games are bad because aren’t competetive enough
                      Smash Is Suposs to be accecible to everyone both HARDCORE and CASUAL gamers
                      Besides all the so call Harcore Melee gamers were just exploiting the engine psychs of the game to win kind like what Happened to Street Fighters II gamers played the game how they wanted but the developers never intended the game to be play like that Like some Speedrunners do with Mario 64

                    2. It was never meant to be a hardcore fighting game, your right. But most good things in life evolved in some manner to become what they are today. Smash evolved becouse of melee, and it evolved for the better. Nintendo acknowledged this by the removal of tripping in Smash 4, and the increased speed.

                  1. Tripping was the worst thing to ever happen to Smash. The randomness of it punished skilled players. I’m glad Sakuri came to his senses and got rid of it.

      2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        I was one of the people who actually liked the Subspace Emissary. I started and completed my second playthrough this year too. Smash 4 feels rather empty without it. Sakurai’s reasoning for not including it didn’t make any sense which makes me think he just didn’t have the time to do it, which isn’t a good excuse either.

        Xenoblade’s in my top 3 games of all time and if XCX is even remotely close to it, I’ll love it.

  1. I doubt that people who are here like,”WOOOW AWESOME NINTENDO WON!!!!” havent even played MGR LOL Or any game from Platinum considering MadWorld or Bayonetta2 sales numbers.

    1. Madworld/Bayonetta just aren’t my cup of tea. But- I enjoy playing Smash Bros. I don’t see why there should be hate on people that don’t support games that they don’t really want to play. Bayonetta and Smash sre very different beasts, and some people enjoy playing certain genres opposed to others. I’m no Nintendo fanboy (and I really like your comment above), but some people just prefer different games than others.

      But bashing games that you haven’t played is not cool. You’re definitely right, there. Fanboys really have that tendency to judge books by their cover and not try new experiences.

      Really looking forward to Xenoblade X and SMT X Fire Emblem, though.

    2. I’ve bought most of Platinum’s titles, with the exception of MGR and a couple of others.
      I owned the original Bayonetta and Vanquish on the PS3, Mad World on Wii, and now Bayonetta 1&2 and The Wonderful 101 on Wii U.
      Platinum rarely if ever gets huge sales numbers anyways, but I supported Platinum regardless.
      I’m saying Nintendo’s a winner with titles like these.

      So there you go; you’re wrong.

  2. wii TARDS

    hmmmmmmmmmm says the guy with no mouse pointer no controller choice no touch screen no dual screen and no AAA games

    yes wii u is the retard console

    run along play the order CASUAL

    1. You’re saying this because you are a retard. Super Smash Bros. is Nintendo and Bandai-Namco’s AAA title for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Not to mention the fact that the Wii U version had sold almost 500,000 units in just two days

      Yes… the Wii U is a console for everyone who enjoys playing high quality first and second party games.

      Run along and play Knack, you fucking FRUITCAKE!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          You were excited for that pathetic garbage?…

          As soon as I saw it I already knew it was horrible…

    2. Actually there are no casuals on the Wii U… Ironically the tables have turned and all casuals own an Xbox now…

      Games like Smash, Xenoblade, Zelda, DK,.. these games are not casual.. Casual filth is CoD rehash, Fifa and Madden..

        1. True. Phone gaming is such a bottom of the barrel gaming market, i’m not sure I would even consider it part of the gaming universe..

          1. I swear to god if that is how console gaming is gonna be like on a grand scale because people are so goddamn stupid to keep throwing cash at obviously exposed BS from companies because “they’re just games and I wanna play what I want” nonsense, I’m gonna quit gaming and hope Nintendo sends themselves off positively and never let anyone touch their IPs period.

  3. Sometimes it’s funny looking at these articles, and wondering how many of these comments have to do with the actual article.

  4. Peace to all console fanboy! Now back on the subject, this game is the reason why I bought a Wii U and I think I won’t regret it! Anybody who’s not exited about this probably didn’t play Xenoblade.

  5. The mechs have an awsome design. I cannot express in words how amazing this game will be. I have played through the original twice, with a total of over 300 hours…. I am so ready for this to release..

      1. Ohhhhh Jesus…
        Bring 2 to Wii U with an upgraded port of the first game, just like Bayonetta 2.
        Can you IMAGINE the RAGE?!
        That would be so damned funny…for a while…
        Heck, I’d support it, though. I’m already considering getting the original MGR because my best friend has recommended it to me.
        I’ve played some of the Metal Gear games before this but didn’t find them interesting enough to invest in long-term.[normally stealth games aren’t my strong suit]
        But this, this looks interesting. A bit shallow but interesting.

        What I REALLY want, though, is a sequel to Vanquish on Wii U, with a remake of the first packed in.

          1. I wouldn’t say Vanquish ruined shooters for me, but if Nintendo sponsored a follow-up to Vanquish, and it had a multiplayer mode with all the fun drop-kicking and shit, I think CoD would be hard-pressed to be more entertaining.XD

  6. You know what’s awesome? Apples. Oranges are awesome too. And I have them, I’m gonna eat some right now

    You know what else is awesome? Smash. And Bayonetta. And Xenoblade. And they’re all on the wii U. And I’m gonna own them all.

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