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EA Was Working On Sim City For Wii U But Canceled It

Well it turns out that EA was previously working on a Sim City title for the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but decided to cancel all versions. It’s not readily apparent as to why the game was canceled, but EA obviously decided it wasn’t fit for purpose so cancelled it.

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80 thoughts on “EA Was Working On Sim City For Wii U But Canceled It”

      1. what not played any other maddedn b4 it’s the same every year except they take ut one or 2 things then put 1 or 2 so called new things back in that were in before under a different name if you played 3 different maddens 2 years apart from each other you played all the ones ever made an all the ones they ever will make just not all the same stuff will be in the game at the same time but you will have seen everything they will ever put in a madden really does anyone ever purchase more then one madden per new console nowadays? no reason too cause none the following going to have anything different really maybe litle tweak here an there be bout it. if you buy one per console skip the 1st year an buy the 2nd year one then you’ll have the best version for that console. mean come on it’s football how much can they really change? you can’t edit your own players an fix numbers to have a updated roster or are you just so damn lazy you rather spend 60 bucks for a updated roster thats all you really getting. but seriously no sim city on wii u sucks the wii u would have been the best console to date to put simcity on ea screwed the pooch as sc on the u guaranteed would been the highest grossing sc to date.

  1. Good. Nintendo doesn’t need shitty ass games from shitty ass developers anyway. All we really need is smash bros, and we have that. So, the Wii U has won the console race.

            1. Don’t forget Madden 15. Also, nothing wrong with multiplats. It just means that they typically have less content than exclusives and are bogged down by glitches and DLC. The actual story is usually engaging and/or revolutionary

                1. Madden is too awesome not to be used to be honest. I could play that game all day every day. Also, don’t throw EA in with those two guys…it’s the Master!

                  1. You’re trolling aren’t you? lol There’s no way you can just bend over to EA’s BS that easily. Remember Madden 14 on “next gen” consoles, promising more life like interactivity? It was never there. XD Ya paid $60 on BS false advertisement like that and then followed by Watchdogs, Destiny and even COD Ghosts when they promised “next gen” engine with fucking fish AI that’s still not as smart as fish AI from Mario 64 and the dedicated servers that never happened. lol Its a good thing Wii U and 3DS never has to worry about getting fucked over by BS games like those.

                    1. There is no Madden 14 o-O

                      I’ll assume that you meant Madden 25. If so, I’ll have to take your word for it since the latest one that I got is 13. I always wait until they’re in the 10 dollar bin to pick them up so I’ll get 25 as soon as 16 is out. I’m always about 2 years behind this way, but I really save a lot of money. I don’t troll about Madden, but I was a bit about the Xbox and Nintendo doom ;0

                      1. Whatever its technically called, I don’t care. Its still a POS spam series that innovated a piece of turd with polish spray and a bow on top to try to look pretty and different, just like Call of Duty since 2008.

                        1. That’s why I loved how they jumped to Madden 25. It’ll trick people into thinking that it’s not Madden 14 and that it’s something completely new. You have to admit that it’s pretty ingenious right?

                                1. Eh, I was never cut out to be a troll. I’ve gotten the same comments from other sites so I typically just play it straight now. Some days I tend to go back to trolling purposefully or accidentally, but then I go back to normal. I’m still just a big video game fan at heart so I love to defend all of the companies.

                                  1. You’d defend them, even after they pull BS stunts like launching the stale half of Destiny at full price or broken at launch games like Halo, COD and even AC?

                                    1. I just don’t take it personal. It’s not cool that they do things like that, but I’ve never had a problem with a game coming out unfinished as long as it’s still a great game. Naturally, within reason of course. Also, it helps that I don’t play any of those titles so something like that has never personally happened to me.

                        2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                          You say that like realism is a bad thing.

                          Yes, the PS4 and Xbox One are saturated with realism. It’s necessarily a bad thing though. Gamers have always wanted better graphics. If Wii U was the most powerful console of this generation, you people would be flaunting the fact around, parading it as the strongest, most high-tech console.

                          The Wii U on the other hand is over saturated with cartoons. There is, what, two realistic games on it? Bayo 2 and ZombiU are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.

                          You need both. There’s nothing wrong with either of them, so don’t act like there is.

                          1. And thre you go exaggerating Wii U demographic. You overlooked AC, COD, Darksiders, Injustice, Devil’s Third, even Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t “cartoony” as well fool. lol Goes to show nobody here knows shit about Wii U period.

                            1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                              It wasn’t exaggeration. Two Assassin’s Creed games, Darksiders 2, Injustice: Gods Among Us (which I admittedly own for Wii U), sure. Devil’s Third and XCX aren’t out yet so they don’t count.

                              Ironically, you fanboys scream, “EW! UBISOFT AND ASSASSIN’S CREED ARE REHASHED AND STUPID!” and “EW! COD IS CASUAL AND GROSS!” and then say those three games that didn’t sell at all represent the Wii U demographic. They don’t.

                              The fact that you didn’t respond to any of my actual comments goes to show you know I’m right.

                                1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                                  You didn’t disprove the “theory.”

                                  My original comment said that realism isn’t negative concept even though you make it out to be. Cartoons aren’t either, but the Wii U is full of cartoons while the PS4/XB1 are full of realistic games.

                                  It’s exactly why you see so many people saying PC + Wii U is the best combination: realism on the best hardware + Nintendo’s cartoon AAA IPs.

                                  1. Too much realism used too often can be a bad thing. What you call “cartoons”, others call it imagination, creativity and personality which is what video games should have. All you see on most other platforms are realism, one after another with an endless orgy of shooting elements done far too much and its why the gaming industry now is a joke.

                                    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                                      Exactly what I was trying to say 31 hours 15minues and 25 seconds ago. Games based on reality has very little creativity vs. Cartoon like games. In GTA if you kill someone the cops will run after you. Hop in a car and if you crash the car flips over. Also re healing in a secret area according to Hollow grape J that just seems fake since we know that game is based on reality. They should make the player go to the hospital to make it seem more real than that BS reaping on GTA.

                                      Now Banjo Kazooie or Mario doesn’t need to obey the laws of nature. We know a bird can’t fly with a bear attached to it. We also know there ain’t no plumber that can turn into metal. GTA6 needs to make the recovery more realistic since the concept of the whole game obeys the laws of nature. Either keep the whole thing real or don’t make it reality based anymore.

                                    2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                                      May I also add about AC games. To Hollow grape about jumping into hay. Sure people can die. But it isn’t 100% that a person will die. All Ubisoft did was take the small percentage of a person jumping 7 or 8 stories into hay and took that percentage of the person surviving and made it a 100% chance of surviving 7 stories into hay on a video game. On Mario 64, Mario can jump off a cliff and stay in water in recover. So AC still obeys the laws of nature it just made the small percentage of surviving 7 stories to 100% to live in the game. That’s all. Nothing special.

                                    3. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                                      Also someone questioned me that the COD dog doesn’t obey the laws of nature because it can fly and Kill? Will first of all wolves and dogs killed humans before.

                                      Now as for flying? I saw it on YouTube and because COD is a realistic type of game, that flying was not impressive. Duck Hunt on smash is impressive because it’s not reality based. The COD dog looked broken and fake like that wasn’t supposed to happen.

                                      And this is why reality based games are better off sticking to the laws of nature than a man spitting fire out his mouth. A orange flying lizard coming out a red and white ball, a mouse that can electrocute you or a young boy dressed in green who can control wind, and with a sun with a flute.

                                      I prefer games that don’t obey the laws of nature like Ray man Legends.

                                    4. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                                      And speaking of reality based gaming. The SIMs? Big deal. All it is is another person you feed, pay bills, just like real life. Now Mario 64 i s different from Galaxy. You have a total different experience. People commented they want a Mario 64 sequel or Sunshine 2 or Galaxy 3. Yet I never seen people ask for a COD Ghost 2. I wonder why that is? Is it because COD is the same shit just different tittle? Yet want to accuse Mario games being rehashed. Games that doesn’t obey the laws of nature are more creative.

                                  2. i agree there wii u an computer gaming the way to go ps4 an xbox loose they need to go away since can get same games on the computer but betterexcept for maybe a select few like mlb the show which is usually so broken i cant get through a franchise season without simming half the games i’m currently working on a computer rig set up on a budget though any suggestions on one? i’m ready to trade up an drop the piece of sh.. 4 for computer gaming but need my nintendo and my mario adventures like i’ve had since the very first super mario on the nes especially now some my old favs hitting the virtual console some from artari even nintndo made my childhood fun i’ll never give them up after going pc gaming cause they still make my gaming fun even though i’m a oldman now i still love my nintendo. playstation i’ll admit ps 1&2 yeah loved em were great 3 not so much 4 made me say pc gamer time more unfinshed games then the 3 i don’t know what happened to sony but back in the days of ps1 an 2 you wouldn’t have the crap they pushing out now it’s like they thinl we’re stupid an will buy whatever they push out.

                          2. We didn’t flaunt the gamecube graphics around. At least I didn’t. I remember when Luigis Mansion came out, the world never saw lighting effects like that in a console game before..

                    2. Before people jump the gun here I don’t think this was due to Wii U or Nintendo. I think this was because EA was told to f*ck off with Sim City with the DRM.

                      I hope people tell EA where to stick Battlefield next.

                    3. EA did a didnt and made up they did then trolled on twitter

                      poor no profit dead drm liar scum EA now pretending they did things then didnt SURE EA off course you did

                      nintendos profits and AAA reviews getting to you poor fucking EA

                    4. the twittered wiiu as part of the ps3 x360 gen to IMPLY its no more powerful REVERSE PYCOLAGY EA do you ever stop with the nonsense

                    5. Probably would have made me stop calling the box ‘Indii U’. But, then again it was a good idea to cancel it to cut costs of something that wouldn’t sell on Indii U.

                    6. EA went on stage with Reggie, shook his hand and said they were partners. EA promised support. The second they saw low numbers they jumped ship faster than you could say snake in the grass.

                      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                        you notice strangablog the only 3rd party tittles missing are reality based games? I mean monopoly is reality based. You can buy the real game at ToysRUs for $5.99 saving you $55 for a game that won’t have the visuals on PS4 anyway. Tetris isn’t reality based but Nintendo has their own Tetris called “Dr. Mario” or “Dr. Luigi” and free online. So what exactly is Wii U reallying missing? Madden? A reality
                        based game? Big deal I rather try a football game with shells, power stars, banana peels, etc than buy a Madden every year and changes teammates according to the changes in the NFL. Then the game you have is outdated because the names for the players are no longer accurate. Then no one will no longer buy it because it ain’t worth much.

                    7. NOOOOOO!!! I would have bought it. :(

                      I like the Sims. They don’t come out with them anymore… I can only get the iOS versions and those ones suck.

                    8. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                      No Sims? Big deal just wait for Animal crossing to come to Wii U. Hell they may make it where you can build your own house.

                        1. Only difference between Sims and Animal crossing is one must obey the laws of nature and the other one doesn’t That’s why Animal crossing is more creative than Sims.

                          1. What is with you and this “obey the laws of nature” thing? Have you not seen how the Sims change their clothes? Do you know how little time it takes for them to cook something as opposed to real life? Have you not seen how unrealistic they look when they fight? Lol. Anyways, Animal Crossing is good, but I definitely prefer The Sims.

                          2. Have you ever played a Sims game? Sims and Animal Crossing aren’t really similar. Tomodachi Life has more in common with Sims than Animal Crossing does.

                    9. I have the original SimCity for the SNES, and it’s the only SimCity game I ever liked.. One of my most played games growing up..

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