Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Averages 79 On Metacritic

Reviews for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker have already come pouring in from online review aggregation site, Metacritic. Toad’s adventure currently has a metascore of 79 with Destructiod stating that Captain Toad is an experience that doesn’t attempt to really wow you, but instead delivers consistent puzzle experiences at a rapid pace. On the flip side Games Radar said that while it’s good to see Nintendo stepping out of its Mario comfort zone, Captain Toad just isn’t versatile enough to compete in the big leagues. What would be a budget eShop no-brainer is a little too slight at a higher price.


      1. 1. Software that is hastily made, without proper testing, and ‘shoveled’ down consumers throats in order to make some quick cash.

        2. Software that is preloaded onto a computer, that does nothing but slow down performance and does nothing beneficial, but is added in order to increase price or add appeal into purchasing a computer.

        1. Battlefield 2: Special Forces Expansion Pack is a recent example of shovelware; it causes CTD’s, system failures, massive performance decreases, and addresses NONE of the original game problems.

        2. Frank bought a computer just because it had a lot shovelware preloaded onto it, and now it takes 45 minutes to start up.

        Started a long time ago on the C64.

      2. Oh I get it now. So shovalware means call of duty. Now I finally understand.

      3. Yeah. Rushed, unfinished, crappy software: Call of Duty fits the bill with flying colors which it lacks anyway. Its usually almost orange, green, black/grey, brown, fuck it has the most boringly stale use of colors imaginable. lol

      4. Yes, because everything involving pirates is derived from a movie franchise based off a Disney ride.

      5. Can you stop feeding the obvious troll? It’s annoying to see teenagers desperately trying to get attention by posing as others

      1. Actually it’s a 80 now, the same score as that overrated ass Infamous Second Son that these Sony fans hyped up

    1. Haha take a look at these metacritic review scores for PS4 exclusives

      Killzone Shadow Fall -73
      Knack – 54
      DC Universe Online – 75
      Driveclub – 71
      Little Big Planet 3 – 79
      Infamous Second Son – 80
      MLB The Show – 83

      And now the Wii U’s exclusive metacritic scores

      Super Mario 3D World – 93
      Super Smash Bros for Wii U – 92
      Bayonetta 2 – 91
      Wind Waker HD – 90
      Mario Kart 8 – 88
      Pikmin 3 – 87
      New Super Mario Bros U – 84
      Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – 83

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a pathetic you fucking loser 😝

      1. Ignoring
        Tank! Tank! Tank! -49
        Sonic: Lost World -62
        Wii Party U (LOL)- 65
        Rabbids Land- 52
        Game & Wario- 61
        Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games- 55

        And it’s cute how you add a remake into your glory list of Wii U exclusives.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a social degen you fucking loser 😝

      2. Great way to list some casual games (which always get low scores regardless) and some Sonic games but what I did was name the biggest PS4 and Wii U exclusives and as you can see the Wii U wipe it’s ass with the PS4 when it comes to quality exclusives point being if you have a Xbox One, Xbox 360, or a PS3 you really have no reason at all to buy a PS4 unless all you care about is it’s specs and since you wanna go there here are some more Wii U exclusives metacritic scores to make you cry even more

        Shovel Knight (home console exclusive) – 88
        Stealth Inc. 2 – 83
        Art Of Balance – 83
        Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (home console exclusive) – 82
        Pushmo World – 80
        Lego City Undercover – 80
        Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – 80
        Wonderful 101 – 78
        Nintendo Land – 77
        ZombiU – 77

        None of these games are on the PS4 nor the Xbox One and it’s a goddamn shame that the Wii U has 3 games that have the fucking score as that overhyped repetitive ass Infamous Second Son that you Sony guys were hyping up. Now what you shitfaced moron? LOL

      3. Who hyped up Second Son? Oh wait, NO ONE. Try harder baby girl, damage controlling Nintendo like a sad little fan girl 😝😉

      4. You pathetic Sony morons hyped it up that’s who. ” Wait til Infamous Second Son comes out, wait til Infamous Second Son comes out. ” That’s all I heard you ponies say. You wait and see if The Order 1886 and Bloodbourne get bad review scores then what excuse are you Sony drones are gonna have

      5. Uh, Sony didn’t make it out to be some AAA game, so your point?

        Most people already know The Order’s gonna be okay, and the jury’s still out on Bloodborne*

      6. How old is Wii U? Two years old. Two years and that’s the only games available for it? That’s so pathetic lmao. And yet the PS4 already has tons of great multiplats AND exclusives, in ONE year. It’s gonna destroy the Wii U next year, can’t wait to see your butthurt ;)

      7. Repetitive? You realize there are new powers for the protagonist every chapter in the game? Sheep like you never played it anyways though. EXPOSED

      8. >criticizes casual games
        >lists Pushmo, Nintendo Land, Lego City

        Love how you try and talk up Shovel Knight (an INDIE game mind you) and MH3 to be an exclusives. BTW, Monster Hunter 3 was on Wii fucktard. Try harder

      9. And maybe your dumbass didn’t get the memo when I said ” since you wanna go there “. Welp listed casual games so I listed indie exclusives. And btw the Wii did had Monster Hunter Tri not Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which clearly has a lot of changes unlike Last Of Us Remastered did……..dumbshit

      10. “And btw the Wii did had Monster Hunter Tri not Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which clearly has a lot of changes”
        …yeah, that’s when you know you ran out or arguments

      1. To be fair there are things in Destiny which do require planning carefully

      2. Face it it’s better than most of Nintendo’s trash

        P.S. If you never played the game, you shouldn’t be running your mouth. Makes you look like a dumbass, just the tip

      3. I have it on the Xbox 360 and I can tell you it’s dogshit. A complete Halo clone with some Titanfall elements thrown in. Repetitive, boring, and bland as hell. Hell Nintendo Land got a better score than that piece of turd did LOL

      4. Yeah, on the 360, one of the worst systems to play the game on. There’s a reason they called it an MMORPG, and I don’t know how in the hell you thought its like Titanfall

      5. Yeah thats true, though Hyrule Warriors is lot of fun regardless of its Metacritic’s score.

      1. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is amazing, maybe you just prefer games with a story.

      2. The real Sasori actually said that it was really fun. Don’t feed the troll, it’ll eventually starve and go away

      3. i don’t believe in that Sasori, he likes to talk crap about the people who comment on this blog and months ago he was exposed as the one who had been trolling with other accounts attacking the nintendo commander guy and others. i bet this is sasori as i said i don’t believe in his change of heart.

      4. Sorry but i don’t believe him, he just wants attention. I don’t believe any word of those guys who keep complaining and talking about how boring is their life on internet and that Sasori is one of those people.
        But we are here to talk about videogames and that is what really matters.

      5. Actually, he has no friends……. that´s why he says Nintendo games are boring. Too bad.

      6. But now he’s praising nintendo after all the bullshit he said. he only wants attention because he has no friends!

      7. You mean that Forza 4.1 with a cardboard for audience detail or the broken ass Halo: The Master Rehash (to save the dead Xbox DOne) Edition…or Advanced Rehashfare number #20 with the same, unchanged and unbalanced decade old engine?

      8. Hahahahahahahahah…

        Our little buddy destroyed Destiny, I love the butthurt…

      9. xD Sheldon just compared the Xbox One to the Xbetamax & the PS4 to the VCR. Sounds about right.

      1. I’ll buy it when it’s cheaper, although I always wanted a Toad game, this doesn’t justify the price right now, unless there are hidden things in the game…

  1. Bufaensfittehu! klag på at det er en ny serie! Det er en rein ny IP! Skrik mario kopi! Kaptein Soppe er bedre enn Naruto!

    1. Uh, no, it isn’t a new IP, it isn’t a new series, it’s a continuation of the levels from SM3DW. Still fun though!

      And why are you comparing Mario to Naruto in Norwegian again? :p

      1. Not trying to be racist or anything but Norwegian looks like a damn chicken came up with that shit.

      1. Uh, because they deserve to be called out for their mistakes?

        And WHEN did I say they weren’t important enough? I simply said that there won’t be a huge earthquake when Nintendo leaves. Don’t put words in my mouth. lol

      2. Like PSN’s continuing hack attacks and shut downs? lol

        You already implied that they’re not important for the gaming industry to care when they’re gone because “they’re Nintendo” BS. Say and think what you want. I’m so praying that if the crash happens, Nintendo should leave with their properties and dignity as the market implodes itself with laziness, greed and stupidity.

      3. Yeah, it’s fairly clear that Xbox Live is better than PSN.

        There are plenty of talented developers in the gaming industry that aren’t Nintendo, not that no one cares about Nintendo. You read it wrongly

      4. Didn’t you just said “Nintendo leaving won’t affect the industry” thus also implying that no one will care if and when they’re gone? Contradicting yourself much?

      5. There sure as hell ain’t any in the Sony camp judging from those mediocre underwhelming games

  2. It’s funny how people act like a 7 is a terrible score. You do realize the scale goes from 0-10, with 10 being perfect ? And a 7 is only 3 points from perfect ? It’s silly to act like everything below 8 is bad.
    Also, I think everyone knew that Toad’s Treasure Tracker wasn’t supposed to be a full fledged, 100 hours long, heavily story driven game with lots of in-depth content or anything of the sorts, but more like a “small” yet charming game (thus, the lower price tag). And for what it is, it seems to be a good one. Comparing it to other games from entirely different genres and saying it has a better/worse score is absolutely pointless.
    Either way, I most likely won’t buy it, but good for those who are into games like this.

    1. Exactly! 7 is “great” in my books. It’s not the next Halo or Zelda, but it’s a fun little spin-off of 3D World that I’m fine with playing

      1. I absolutely agree. 7 means there are some things that could have been done better, but all in all, it’s still a pretty good game. By no means is it a bad score.

      2. You’re just saying that because that dogshit Destiny game got a 7.6. You’re just trying to save face that’s all

      3. Uh, maybe if you actually READ my comments, I’ve been saying this since the start? Love how you keep using Destiny as your only excuse, it’s funny how weak of an argument you actually have

  3. I realise what it is, just a short spin off puzzle game. However I wish it had more levels. I was hopeing for at least 100 levels. I’m still gonna buy it of course…

  4. And btw, it’s sitting at 80 on Metacritic now. If Games Radar and Giant Bomb didn’t both give it a 60, it would be sitting at around 88-90.

  5. i love captain toad.
    it was almost the best on 3d wörld.
    its a new franchise and with the next game it scores maybe the 90.
    remember smb 1, metroid etc.
    was not perfect when they started with their first game.
    something great will come :-)

  6. WHAT?! Why so low? The game looks really good…. I don’t believe the score. I bet you I will love the game.

  7. Anybody else notice that nintendo have the lowest selling console but the highest rated and highest selling Eclusives? I guess you cant keep a real N down:)

    1. And how’s that speed of those games being released?

      Emphasis on EXCLUSIVES. No one wants a console that doesn’t even have a game like COD. And by the time 2015 ends, the PS4/Xbox One’s gonna crush Wii U

      1. And that’s the only games you PS4RONs can play are the sales game and power game but when it comes to must have exclusives you asshole trolls know the PS4 is at a complete disadvantage when it comes to the Wii U. Desperate much?

      2. Bloodborne
        Silent Hills
        Uncharted 4
        God Of War
        The Order
        Let It Die
        Until Dawn
        Deep Down
        Ratchet & Clank
        Tearaway Unfolded
        Infamous: First Light
        No Man’s Sky
        Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
        Gran Turismo 7
        Omega Quintet
        Primal Carnage: Extinction

        Who’s the desperate one again?

      3. Ok my turn

        Affordable Space Adventures
        Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
        Fade Into Darkness
        Fast Racing Neo
        Ex Oblivione
        Kirby And The Rainbow Curse
        Mario Maker
        Devil’s Third
        Mario Party 10
        Project Giant Robot
        Project Guard
        Mario vs. Donkey Kong
        Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
        3 exclusives courtesy of Sega
        Xenoblade Chronicles X
        Star Fox Wii U
        The new Legend Of Zelda

        Ummm…….you were saying?

    1. Can you actually READ the flaws they explicitly stated in their reviews? Stop generalizing other games, because it makes you look ridiculously immature

      1. Says the moron with the username ” Shuhei Yoshida ” who trolls on Nintendo fan gaming sites……smh

      2. I could also say how the PS4 has shitty exclusives and that the only reason you hang out on a Nintendo centric site is because you’re envious of Nintendo fans and you’re asshurt over the PS4’s abysmal lineup 😜

    1. Why did a PS3 game get re-released on the PS4……cough, cough Last Of Us Remastered…..smh lol

      1. That’s a dumb excuse but yet you Sony fans try to shit on Nintendo for releasing Wind Waker HD and Wii Sports Club for the Wii U

      2. That’s not a dumb excuse, it makes perfect sense. And the PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility. Anyone like myself that didn’t own a PS3 and jumped straight to PS4 would’ve had the option to play the game. And btw, I wasn’t one of those people. I was glad about that because I never got to play Wind Waker before. So now I have Wind Waker HD for Wii U. And I bought Wii Sports Club because I enjoyed the original.

    1. OMG! The world must be coming to an end. I actually agree with HollowGrapeJ. This game looks SUPER fun!

      1. I can tell this is a UK based site (or Europe in general). Because it was only 11:38 p.m. when I posted that last comment, but it said 6:37 a.m. on it. So 7 hours later than where I am means UK time.

  8. That’s a good score. I would have bought Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker along with Pokemon Omega Ruby but I completely forgot it was coming out soon & now I can’t afford to buy it! If only I wasn’t wanting to go see the 3rd Hobbit movie in theaters like I did the first two games. Oh well. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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