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Wii U Basic Trade Price Has Apparently Been Slashed In The UK

The white Wii U basic 8GB model has reportedly had a trade price cut in the UK. According to MCV, the basic model’s price was slashed by £70 in late October allowing for retailers to sell the console at discounted prices without diluting profit margins. Over the past weekend we’ve seen many Wii U basic bundles between £160 to £200 at Amazon UK, GAME and other retail outlets snapped up by consumers, while the Wii U 32GB premium model still sits at its regular price.

MCV’s retail source says that the £70 trade price cut was due to Nintendo trying to “clear out” existing stock of the basic 8GB model. With the Wii U deluxe premium promotion ending soon, which has allowed early owners of the console the ability to get 10 per cent back on their digital purchases, the Wii U basic model appears to be the easiest way to jump into Nintendo’s games. Let us know if you managed to find a bargain on the basic Wii U model in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “Wii U Basic Trade Price Has Apparently Been Slashed In The UK”

  1. Why an 8GB console with no upgrable internal HHD exists in this day and age is beyond me. Nintendo should never have released this model. 32 GB should have been the minimum and made the premium model at least 120 GB.

      1. Except if they used even SATA II controller for internal storage, it would be about about 6 times faster than USB 2.0.
        USB 2.0 is the only problem I have with the console, though even with that the console works well.

  2. I got my basic along with a luigi remote, Mario U and 3D World for $229. Then I bought DKC TF, Zelda WW HD and MK 8 for $40 each. Most of it pre owned but in mint condition. Not bad!

      1. It really depends on the color you want to be honest. The black Wii U only goes for like $300 new and includes a game, so I wouldn’t really go for basic. Unless you really like white.

        1. Don’t really like white but there is a bundle for the basic that has sm3dw and mk8 as well as a wii remote, nl and wii party u for £200 (about $300 I think).

          1. That’s a really good deal. If the white color doesn’t bother you that much, I would definitely say go for that one. Keep in mind though that basic only comes with 8GB, so if you plan on downloading any games, you’ll need an external hard drive.

            1. Yeah I think I might go for that one.

              I really want to play 3d world, smash and kart but biggest reason for me to get a wii u is for Zelda. Zelda is the biggest reason I stick with nintendo though I do love their other games like metroid which I also hope we get.

              1. Zelda is next year, but you’ll have plenty to play before it gets here. I’m not sure when Metroid will be here, but it’s definitely coming though.

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