Amazon UK Apparently Cancelling Remaining Super Smash Bros For Wii U With GameCube Adapter Due To Stock Issues

Several people have contacted me to say that they’ve been notified by Amazon UK that they have seemingly cancelled most, if not all, outstanding pre-orders on Super Smash Bros for Wii U with the GameCube Adapter. The retailer initially said that they would have more stock in on December 19th, but now the retailer has been cancelling the orders stating that this is due to insufficient stock. Seems like Nintendo neglected to manufacture enough GameCube adapters. There’s also a shortage of them in the United States.

Thanks, Jason and others.


  1. Got mine. But I pre-ordered early for the GC adapter and off a different website. I have a friend who now has a GC controller and an Amiibo and no game because he used Amazon.

  2. It’s a shame. To those having this problem, buy the game. The Gamepad is fine as a controller, as is the Wii U Pro Controller and classic controller. Buy the GC adapter separately when it is in stock.

  3. wow i seriously thought they would sit on the shelves and never sell. how many did they make? a few hundred?

    1. They probably thought the same thing. I’m surprised Nintendo still underestimates the Smash fan base so much.

  4. Why cancel over a shortage problem? Do you see Apple canceling their products over shortages? No because it’s a fucking stupid and also affects their business.

    Way to go UK for fucking Nintendo over just like the entire country who keeps buying rehashed 3rd party garbage.

    1. Your funny. Entire country buying rehashed 3rd party. Who is the usa any different when every year its the same game released and every year they are huge sellers. Sound s like usa does the same

      1. USA is strikingly similar alright..because its exactly where Americans came from. British found the land (not first, Natives from Asia did) and just took it away like bastards.

  5. If the retailer had ordered more even this few things could have been avoided(voice of doom 3 scientist)

  6. How come when Bayonetta 2 came out we saw sales but at first full week but nothing for Smash Bros. It must be selling good or the media would have reported it by now. This is the same with 1st with 3D world at week 1 no info on sales. Yet we saw first week sales of DKTF and those sales were not as high as 3D World. So the media would only report sales of Nintendo right away if the sales are low.

    1. Don’t get mad at me because it a fact every time Nintendo hardware sales and software sales are low the media reports that ASAP. But took forever on MK8, 3D World and Smash Bros. wii u, yet low selling Tropical freeze came out first full week and Bayonetta 2 sales results right away.

        1. It’s only for one game (as far as we knew). They also are offering a wide variety of control methods. They were right to underestimate the demand, as a business. If there were no demand, they would have wasted money producing them to let them sit. Who knew so many people would opt for a controller and adapter meant for one game rather than use the controls they already have? That’s why I preordered everything, along with 2 adapters. This was bound to happen, no surprise at all.

  7. Nintendo needs to get on this. People will eventually just give up on the adapters, and they’re throwing sales away by not getting more into gamer’s hands.

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