Nintendo has now updated the Wii U firmware to version 5.3.2. Before you go expecting anything grand it should be noted that it’s simply a stability update with no additional features. Hopefully it resolves the error messages that some Wii U owners have been getting on their console regarding system memory.

Increased stability and convenience of the system

Thanks, Ben



  1. The only difference I noticed is that it played/stream video on standard quality smooth, but still struggle a little on high quality, not as much after the update.


  2. I successfully updated to the newest firmware. Then when I entered my Wii Fit U disc, it said “Preparing update” and went to “Downloading update to system memory” with options “Wii U Menu” and “Start software”. So I actually could still go to the game itself. It happened again when I changed the disc into Mario Kart. But it didn’t happen to Sing Party. It also didn’t require the power to stay alive. But I’m afraid of turning my Wii U off and now it’s still downloading. Can you please tell me what update it is and if I can turn off my console? Thanks.


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