New Wii U Firmware Update Is Available To Download

Nintendo has now updated the Wii U firmware to version 5.3.2. Before you go expecting anything grand it should be noted that it’s simply a stability update with no additional features. Hopefully it resolves the error messages that some Wii U owners have been getting on their console regarding system memory.

Increased stability and convenience of the system

Thanks, Ben


  1. The only difference I noticed is that it played/stream video on standard quality smooth, but still struggle a little on high quality, not as much after the update.


    1. No dear
      The power of a console is all in the hardware
      Its not possible for nintendo to make it even more powerful than it already is with just an update.


      1. Why iz no possible? I hear if they update to have no gamepad it´ll unleash hidden power of WiiU, other fans have told me that with no gamepad WiiU more powerful than Ps4? Is it a lie or truth?


      1. U like it, bully! U like it! Herz some apes, you like so much, insulting people on here playing so high and mighty, well heres some apes for U like so much!


      2. Is that a sex tape of yourself and Obinna? Good for you expressing you intimate homosexual love…


      3. U people are mean. I just wanted to ask questions and know answer to learn but you people start insulting and gang up on me.


      4. Welcome to My Nintendo News. Where all and everyone here are broke down bitches. Welcome to the club.


  2. I really hope it’s fixed and if it is without another issue to come with, kudos to Nintendo for responding on a timely fashion.


  3. I successfully updated to the newest firmware. Then when I entered my Wii Fit U disc, it said “Preparing update” and went to “Downloading update to system memory” with options “Wii U Menu” and “Start software”. So I actually could still go to the game itself. It happened again when I changed the disc into Mario Kart. But it didn’t happen to Sing Party. It also didn’t require the power to stay alive. But I’m afraid of turning my Wii U off and now it’s still downloading. Can you please tell me what update it is and if I can turn off my console? Thanks.


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