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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Have Now Apparently Sold More Than 7.7 Million Copies

Well it turns out the latest Pokemon title on Nintendo platforms has been nothing short of a success. Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have now sold more than 7.7 million copies since the game launched in Europe. Europe was the last territory to get the game after the United States. Hopefully we will hear just how well it has performed once the all-important holiday season is over.

60 thoughts on “Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Have Now Apparently Sold More Than 7.7 Million Copies”

  1. Just more proof that Nintendo are failing and just need to go out of the hardware business and go third party! Right people?

      1. No. I so don’t want to see Mario on another console that doesn’t fit in and if any of the BS predictions happen that only hating morons want to happen because they’re retarded and ashamed to even own a Nintendo console, I quit video gaming.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Nintend will never put their IPs in other platforms even when they are extinct so I don’t care…

        1. thestrangablog from the future

          Can you imagine the potential, if pokemon were in Sony’s handheld? Taking the advantage of the hardware. Plus Nintendo is very weak in hardware. You’re too narrow minded.

      1. Its actually shipped. Multiple news sites have stated that those numbers are the number of copies shipped. For some reason its seems as if the authors here don’t know the difference between shipped and sold.

        1. Ninety percent of the time when sale numbers are announced it’s shipped. ORAS will sale much more than 7.7 million.

          1. Eh… I dunno if that’s true. It really depends on the case. But there is no doubt that it will sell more than 7.7 million copies.

        2. Its a constant problem on the site, they reported earlier this month that the numbers for Xbox one had sold 10 million, when Microsoft had said its plans to ship 10 million units by the end of the year.

          Its a technical thing between “will” and “have”. I don’t doubt that the current Pokemon games “will” sell that many.

  2. I know a lot of the Sony drones on this site are upset and butthurt about this wonderful news. Yes it is shipped, but about 4 million copies have already been sold. It is nice to be Nintendo, you make profits of games, Consoles and amiibos.

  3. I’m still on the fence with this one. I wanted to get Pokemon Omega Ruby, but I already played X and Y and I don’t really see any significant differences for me to get it. I’ve seen the screenshots, watched the trailers, played the special demo, etc. It just looks like the same game set in a different area. I hate how these Pokemon games are so similar all the time. I think I might just skip it and wait for the next new game…

    1. you basically summed up my thoughts on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Pokemon is like the CoD of Nintendo, yearly released, almost nothing different, and no heart put into it.

      1. You’re an idiot. Bet you haven’t played any game since 1998. Genwunner. It’s still Pokémon, it doesn’t need to change everything.

  4. 3DS is popular but Wii U isn’t. Nintendo should probably go handheld-only, but make their handhelds super powerful. Isn’t that a good idea? Nintendo would be cheaper than iPhones, and we’d still get the console experience on a handheld without removing features because o’ low power!

    1. 3DS is popular because Nintendo actually did work and marketed the heck out of the product, and showed how different it was from a regular DS.
      They did nothing with the Wii U since launch, and it’s struggling very hard to keep up with everything else.
      If you’re playing a team game and your own team does nothing all game then you will fall behind for the rest of the game trying to play catch up. While the enemy team who is putting forth the work and effort stays ahead of you.

    2. Nintendo is already cheaper than iPhones, here a fucking iPhones costs you 1000 dollars, with that I can buy 2 Wii U’s here and like 5 Nintendo 3DS’s.

  5. I’m not against Pokemon. I just can’t figure out why so many people are so obsessed with it? Especially when it’s just a remake of an old game. Throw in better graphics and a few new Pokemon and suddenly everyone goes hog wild! I only played one Pokemon game (Diamond) and loved it. But every game I tried afterwards just felt like a continuence. How can people not find the series extremely repetitive and redundant?

    1. me too man ok first gen was something fresh in game world. 2 gen (added morning and night, 100 new pokemon, colors, 2 map kanto and jotho)and continued the best game ever but now….. both game sold more than 50 mln copies. Now i only continued and a i dont understand why peopples still buying it. That game are infinity that same COD and AC
      OK OK each generation has something new but it still is not as new as in the first years.

  6. As much as I appreciate Nintendo and wish the best success for their hardware and software, I know this estimate is a shipped number.

  7. I’m surprised by ORAS sales. Just when I thought Pokémon’s recipe was starting to get old, people prove me wrong. Again.
    I’ll be passing on this one personnally though, I’ve played through the Ruby version as a kid and loved it, but… yeah, not willing to play a remake that early after X/Y.

  8. Nintendo seriously need to fucking force gamefreak to release a damn Pokemon game on the Wii u. The game is a handheld experience is getting fucking old. Thats why you have a fucking internet connection. And oh there’s ways to make a 3ds version and Wii u different from each other. You can simply put pokemon blah blah version the 3ds and Pokemon blah version for wii u, instead of releasing them both on a console. Like fucking smash bros. Fucking idiots.

      1. If you thank about it in a way. Pokemon is no different Call of duty. That don’t want to evolve. They keep doing the same shit with minor changes and a boost in graphics. I realized this after black and white.

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