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Nintendo of America Rep Says Amiibo First Wave Figures Won’t Be Discontinued, More Stock Arriving Soon

A Nintendo of America representative has reportedly debunked rumours after reports came filtering in that select Nintendo Amiibo models – such as Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Villager – would be discontinued. In a bid to quash those statements, NoA’s assistant PR manager David Young has sent notification to fans saying that Nintendo will not be discontinuing these figures and that more are on the way.

Amiibo are fast becoming popular in the US and UK gaming markets with GAME UK hiking up the price and Amazon saying they are currently in short supply. Whether or not this is the case of Nintendo underestimating demand during the Christmas season, or if it’s the case of retailers pulling stock back for select models is not yet known. Though not official confirmation from Nintendo of America itself, David Young’s email has been passed around social media, which you can see below.

“David from Nintendo jumping in here. We have not discontinued any of the amiibo figures. Naturally some are more popular than others, and stores will need to reorder these once they sell through. That said, I don’t know how long resupply will take, so I encourage people to pick up their favourite characters when they see them in this busy Holiday season.”

71 thoughts on “Nintendo of America Rep Says Amiibo First Wave Figures Won’t Be Discontinued, More Stock Arriving Soon”

    1. Well it was pretty obvious. Why would they discontinue a product that literally just released a few weeks ago. I wonder how many people when out and paid over the asking price for Marth and Wii

      1. Why feel sorry? Nobody’s forcing them to pay such high prices, it’s all a simple matter of market price with respect to quantity supply and quantity demand. If there’s an option for them that they’re willing to pay, they should be feeling sorry for those of us with no option that we’re willing to pay.

    1. It was a marketing ploy by retailers, and it worked very well for them. Who knows how much extra cash they raked in over a silly rumor.

    1. Depends on what you like, I got Samus, Link and Fox.

      All I can say is take your time looking through them if they have a lot of stock of the characters you want. Unless you don’t care about detail, I guess it doesn’t matter.

      The Amiibo’s aren’t bad looking for the most part, but at least for me I went to several stores looking for a decent Link and Fox. I searched through tons of them, at multiples stores to still end up with Ambiio’s that all had some weird defect, albiet small on some, still annoying how hard it was just to find ones less defected.

      Every Link I looked at had chipped paint in the same spot on the shield or noticeable bubbles, or horribly crooked swords. Same with fox, paint put in places that wasn’t supposed to be there. For instance most of my Links hand holding the sword is blue from the hilt of the sword being blue, because whoever or whatever is painting these things isn’t doing that great of a job of keeping the colors where they should be. They need a cleaner factory too because their are too many chips, particles and bubbles in the paint.

      I just realized a couple days ago my Samus left arm is put on crooked also, her shoulder is literally touching her mask which isn’t right. I was wondering why she looked like she was leaning sideways compared to the others, lol now I know why.

      Good thing I haven’t opened any of them, so I’m still on the look out for more perfected models of what I have. Hoping the second wave doesn’t have these issues.

        1. I saw plenty of Villagers, I just would prefer a female Villager, I almost just bought a couple to resell. Best luck I had was at a lot of Target’s, they had a lot of the more rare characters.

          I’d say the only one I haven’t seen in person is Marth, he seems super rare. Out of all the stores I wen’t to, none had Marth.

          1. I didn’t see a Marth at all. But I saw one Wii Fit Trainer. Luckily, I already bought them at launch. Villager was nowhere to be found at my Target. I hope they restock him. At this point, I’m just gonna order all of my amiibo online like I did with Link, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, and Marth. But I need that Villager!

        1. Yea some of them are pretty bad. I mean the fact some of them have serious defects like the Samus with two arm cannons or the Peach with no legs is pretty damn ridiculous, how that passes quality control is beyond me.

          Took me forever, just to find the best looking ones I could get for the time being.

      1. I picked up the same 3. Still waiting for Little Mac. I’m not killing myself collecting these. Just getting the ones I really like and think I may use.

        1. I’m either just keeping them in the box or going to put them in a backlit display case is why I’m killing myself over their detail.

          I was tempted to get some extra stuff in Hyrule Warriors by opening my Link, but I think they look pretty neat in the boxes, plus, as I said mine all have weird little defects. So I’m still looking to replace the ones I have with better looking ones I can find.

          I have them hung on my wall in a row and they look pretty cool like that.

          I’ll be getting more but not from the first wave, I plan to make a little art piece on my wall with all the boxes lined up perfectly for now. Until I can find a case maker and see how expensive that is, but I’ll need all the Amiibo I want first.

      2. Lol all that text for what? Its 13,99 toys with a chip inside what do you want them to do? Give you a toy that is worth 50$? That wouldnt sell.

        Appreciate what the world is offering you . stop complaining .

        1. I can buy a 16 gb external storage from my local stores with that money. Use some logic please, not everyone wants to eat Nintendo’s steaming shit

        2. Well coming from a company like NINTENDO, which has a history of high quality products, I think its safe to say we expected more.

        3. “Appreciate what the world is offering you . stop complaining .”
          Typical fanboy mindset right here folks, just keep on buying Nintendo’s products and don’t complain.

      3. You noticed that too? I went through several Links before I found one that looked “mint”. One had a smudge of black on his leg, the other had a smudge on his sword. One had his eyes a little off. So yea, your right to say look at them carefully first. I was also picky with my Mario and Samus. The others I wasn’t so picky with…At least not as much anyways..

        1. Lol yea, my Link has a black smudge on his pants as well on the knee. Sadly that one, was the best looking one I could find and after driving to so many stores that day, I couldn’t bear looking through anymore. So I settled for the best looking one I could find at the last store I went to.

          My fox has black specks on his jacket also and his white hair paint is kinda on the brown hair in some places.

          I just really hope they pay more attention to the next batch, I even emailed Nintendo about it, since it was such a damn pain just to find a good looking one and they still aren’t close to perfect.

          I know, I know, they’re only $13 but just saying they could quality control these a little better and they wouldn’t be so bad actually.

        2. All of you talking about checking the amiibo for any defects has got me a little worried about my own Link & Samus amiibo. From what I’ve inspected of Samus, she looks just as good as her prototype. I’ll look at her & Link more closely later next time I use them to get rewards for Hyrule Warriors. Which will be later today.

    1. is that seriously all you care about?

      And PS they can get info by theselves, maybe that’s how they got this perhaps???????????/

    2. Blame sickr, the sexy author has explained plenty of times how she does not always get who the tip was coming from.

    3. Hi Gamerprince,

      Thanks for sending this in to us. I can only apologise as I don’t see any of the emails we receive at all, only Sickr handles those. So any tips you send in go directly to him – unless you let me know in the comment section or via my Twitter handle. Again, thanks to you and to any others who may have sent us this tip. :) – Colette (Silver)

            1. Why do you need your credit? All your doing is looking at articles on the internet. It’s not like you are actually having to “dig” for this information.

      1. Heey! NFG is still around, does she still do videos? I use to actually looked forward to her new uploads a few years ago.

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  2. AWESOME! I was SO afraid that I was never gonna get the Marth amiibo. He’s the only first wave amiibo I missed out on. I hope I see some in stores soon.

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